More evidence emerges of Chilly on the hot seat

Earlier this week, Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports suggested that a loss two weeks ago to the Cowboys could have claimed the job of Vikings coach Brad Childress — and speculated that a loss today to the Patriots could have the same result.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN raised a similar point today, saying that Childress is in “big trouble” and that the team’s failure in a “now or never” year could claim Chilly’s job, even before it ends.  Leslie Frazier is regarded as the guy to replace Childress.

But here’s the catch.  Childress got an extension last year.  Ownership would have to be willing to buy out Chilly’s contract.

Then again, with a new stadium riding on the public perception of the team, paying Childress not to coach the team could end up being the best investment the Wilfs ever have made.

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  2. As I said days ago,Chilly is in the hot seat. I know this for a fact,was told by some in the Viking circle.Ziggy will do what it takes to win,including paying Childo off. Today is a very big day for Chilly and his future.

  3. He deserves to be canned. His team is the laughing stock of the NFL. He sold his soul to #4 and that should be the end of him. Childress is a joke!

  4. oh, and mike, i have to give you credit for a term that you coined a while back…
    you seem to be forgetting that the way every game has gone this year, and the close margins of victory either way are reminiscent of “chillyball.” going into the half against green bay was a perfect example.
    he REALLY didn’t like all of that wide margin of victory crap that went down last year. WAY too exciting for his tastes.

  5. OK, #1, this is not “evidence.” This is an ESPN analyst with an opinion. The guy is not getting fired. Why would he be….because of a bad start to one season? He’s got the third highest winning percentage of all Vikings coaches.
    His records thus far? 2006: 6-10 2007: 8-8 2008: 10-6 2009: 12-4. That’s a consistent pattern of improvement. Had it not been for the fumbles, they would have certainly beaten N.O. last year and would have won the Super Bowl, in my opinion.
    And remember…all of the above is from an Eagles fan. Peace.

  6. Leslie Frazier is such a good defensive coordinator that the run defense was the best in the league for 3 years before he even got here. Now THAT is influence. You have to be an awesome coach to affect things that much before you even get the job

  7. I have been a Vikings fan since 1962 and I have never hoped for a Viking loss. . .until today.
    If a loss to the Pats would result in Childress being fired, I’m hoping for a blowout loss to the Pats.

  8. Actually I don’t think Leslie Frazier is that good of a defensive coordinator. Very vanilla cover 2 defense. Works when the front four provides pressure, but when they don’t he doesn’t go out of his comforrt zone and provide much blitzing or do much to confuse the QBs.
    However if Childess is fired, Frazier needs to give up on becoming a head coach if he interviews for the Vikings job as the token Rooney Rule candidiate, and still doesn’t get the job.

  9. So … to pay off a fired Childress, a more overpriced Favre, and anyone else on the franchise’s highest payroll ever equals the cost of an arm and a leg … and a spine, a set of male private parts, and Zygi Wilf’s integrity.

  10. Unbelievable really. Guys done nothing but get better every year, team has been way more absent from the police blotter and people want his head. He’s a peculiar guy that a lot of the mouth breathers don’t get, but in no way should he be fired…..yet. He was right to call out favre in the media. Somebody needed to do it.

  11. I have been a Vikings fan since 1962 and I have never hoped for a Viking loss. . .until today.
    If a loss to the Pats would result in Childress being fired, I’m hoping for a blowout loss to the Pats.

  12. Oh yeah! Then I bet it’ll be a straight shot to the Super Bowl! Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Just like Joe Webb is going to be a franchise quarterback!! Ahahahaha!!!! Lets face it, another Minnesota team is about to move to LA. Wouldnt it be ironic if they called them the LA Northstars? Pathetic. The self proclaimed “state of hockey” can’t even keep their NHL franchise. How in the world are they ever going to keep a second rate team like the Queens?

  13. Yeah …. Chilly pretty much sealed his coaching legacy when – in the space of three days – he went from having an interception throwing, two-fractures quarterback whose a$$ needed to be sat down, to having this same guy publicly announce himself that he was going to start in New England.
    Brad Childress …. possibly the most irrelevant head coach in NFL history.

  14. Cowher in MN? Thought he was trying to obtain the soon to be open Panther job…. Anyhow, if Klink indeeds obtain a firing for cause today, by being his usual Pop Warner, square peg in round hole, decision maker, then please Mr. Wilf, make it so. And do it in classic style by visiting the locker room right after New England once again rubs Klink’s face in it. Why Klink insists on pouring gasoline first, then jet fuel onto that fire is the dumbest act possible.

  15. I think Brad Childress is a genius, misunderstood at times, but really a good, good football coach.
    Please Ziggy, ignore this nonsense, even Vince Lombardi couldn’t have coached any better.
    If anything, give him a raise to keep Brad Childress here another 10 years. Please, pretty please.

  16. You know i feel really bad for you guys, first # 4 loses that play off game, then he toys with you all during training camp and has to be pleaded with to play this year, then you lose randy. your 2 and 5 season just went down the toilet. possible ways to fix this mess. 1 fire chilly and get a coach with some gonads.
    2. start Jackson and put #4 out to pasture or sell him to a glue factory.
    other than that just chalk this season up as a complete loss. maybe you should all become fans of a real dynamic football team and switch to the patriots side. it’s great being from New England. looks like you could learn something from our awesome coach and players, oh and we dont take pictures of dried up snails and send them to females for god nows what. he a freaking pig. lay down already brett

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