Shanahan, McNabb talk about the benching

Late in Sunday’s loss to the Lions, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan yanked quarterback Donovan McNabb and inserted Rex Grossman, ostensibly because Grossman knows the team’s two-minute offense better than McNabb.

The more we think about that one, the less we believe it.

Here’s Shanahan and McNabb discussing the loss to a team that is 2-36 against the rest of the league and 2-0 against the Redskins since December 2007.

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76 responses to “Shanahan, McNabb talk about the benching

  1. Well. well, well…….It would be nice if we had a QB that gave the impression during the game that he actually cared about winning. But I’m afraid Rexy isn’t the answer either!!!!!

  2. Rex Grossman?Really?
    McNabb does not know the 2 minute drill?Wow!
    Lot of picks for McNabb-not the “norm” for him.
    When Philly let’s somebody go they are usually right!

  3. Ut oh. The Redskins are about to get a lesson in pouting. No one does it better than McNabb. Rule #1… no matter how awful he plays you can’t take him out. If you do he sulks, demands an apology, and spirals the team into drama.
    Bend over Skins fans… here it comes.

  4. Priceless. Say what you want about the Birds but they’re usually right when they give up on a player. Mc5 is toast and has nothing left in the tank. Nice get up 5, maybe you can get a job as Craig Sager’s assistant. Can’t wait for the classic passive aggressive Mc5 quotes about how it’s not his fault etc. Nice move Shanny, we’ll take those picks and give you are trash. Keep up the good work “genius”.

  5. What a day to be an Eagles fan. You get a bye week and watch the Cowgirls help David Garrard mimic Tom Brady while Shanahan benches McNabb for Rex. I must admit I rolled on the floor laughing at Shanahan. Rex Grossman rather than McNabb with all his late game flaws? Maybe he wants to bench McNabb so the Eagles pick drops to a 4th rather than a 3rd next year.

  6. Slow reads, consistently inaccurate on short throws, awful in orchestrating the 2-minute drill, and suffering from the odd lapse in concentration. His new coach is losing confidence in him and his new team does not seem overly inclined to extend his contract. Meanwhile, the Eagles offense has more or less rolled right along regardless of who they have playing QB.

  7. Andy Reid somewhere smiling??? McNabb should have been a starting pitcher in MLB, so he can have someone else close out close games. He comes up so small late in games where a score is needed…

  8. Hmm, where are all of those that criticized the Eagles for getting rid of McNabb? Where are all of the “LMAO’ers” at now?

  9. I just lost all respect for Shanahan, I could understand benching McNabb at halftime of any game because he is inconsistent and really not that good of a QB…..average at best but to bench him with 2 min left for Rex friggin Grossman? Are you kidding me? WoW, i guess McNabb knows there are two teams who won’t sign him next year……..

  10. I think it’s safe to say McNabb won’t be back with the Redskins next year. When Shanahan loses confidence in you, he’s done with you. Just ask Brian Griese and Jake Plummer.

  11. McNabb is a bum. Im not sure u bench him at the end of the game, but he needs to be benched. The O-Line sucks, but McNabb’s play is awful. I wish the Eagles would take him back.

  12. Only idiot Eagles fans are dumb enough to gloat that McNabb is the problem.
    The Skins have the worst O-line in the league, had their top 2 RBs injured, and have no WRs outside of Moss and Cooley, who was also injured today.
    Peyton Manning might be the only player who could succeed on this team right now, and that’s a stretch.
    McNabb isn’t the biggest problem on our team anymore than he was when he was on Philly.

  13. I wasn’t too stressed about the decision to pull McNabb. Sometimes a change can spark the team. But, not when your O line is more porous than SpongeBob.

  14. Oh baby, let the whining begin!
    We tried to tell you ‘skinners about McNabb and why he was not what you thought you were getting, Did you listen?
    Now you will see some first class blame passing, he does that like no other.
    BTW, Martin Short should have stuck to the movies, as a football coach, he sucks

  15. where r all the 4skin lovers now? lost to the lions again……lets face it…if you look at every game this yr you really have not dominated anybody and could be 0-7. Now shanarat has benched mcchoke in favor or grossman…meanglo and co got their asses whipped. offense is horrific…horrible.
    love all the drama yr to yr from this dysfunctional org and can go to work this week listening to the 4skin base saying..we suck…how do we lose to the worst team 2 yrs in a row…blah..blah..blah…
    its over johnny……

  16. Bet McNabb wishes he was in Oakland for the 4-4 Raiders starting and with a better rushing offense and better TE and a way better pass rush defense.
    Darrius Heyward Bey – 5 for 105 – TD
    instead he is stuck with the 4-4 Redskins and his job is in jeopardy with Shannahan.. I doubt he will resign.
    Doubt the Redskins pass the Giants,Eagles and make the playoffs..
    While in Oakland he would be striving in the AFC WEST
    Raiders will be in the AFC Championship
    McNabb will wish he was in Oakland..
    LMAO at McNabb

  17. True, despite what SkinsFan21 and BigMike claimed all summer…the Redskins offensive line does stink.
    But the Eagles had a GREAT offensive line for McNabb over his tenure, and he couldn’t run the 2 minute drill there either.
    He just can’t do it, and apparently hasn’t learned over training camp, preseason, and half an NFL season.
    There are things McNabb can do, and do well. In fact, I’ll be the first to say that his running is back and as good as its been in a while. But you need to be realistic – he cannot run a 2 minute drill.
    But I would have left him in. Too bad your coach – AKA “The Decider”, is more interested in proving how smart he is.
    And here is another thing I know from watching and cheering on McNabb for 10+ years – get ready for 2 weeks of passive-agressive whining and thinned-skinned finger pointing.

  18. and i forgot that the 4skins gave up a number 2 for this chump…..JC is rocking and rolling in oakland. What a class act that guy was too. could be SB bound the way he is playing… know he is loving being away from that weasel owner and fickle fan base…..losers love co though…..

  19. It’s amazing how the Eagles fan version of reality differs so drastically from everyone else’s. Notice how you guys are the only ones bitching about McNabb? The rest of us are smart enough to realize that an offense consists of more than one player.

  20. @skinsblowpole…your team is 1-6 there is no reason for you to speak for the rest of the season…just stfu already

  21. As an Eagles fan, I am just disappointed the Redskins didn’t sign McNabb long term before they figured out he was a bum. Trading him to a division rival was genius.

  22. Rarson, I agree.
    Which is why it was probably dumb to give up a 2nd and 4th rounder for him.
    PS – Campbell looked AWESOME today. Maybe you should have kept him since 1 guy doesn’t matter. And you could have kept the picks too!
    PPS – if the QB can’t be expected to make a difference, why not trade McNabb now and start Rex Grossman?

  23. McMartyr never learned how to run a two-minute drill. And not that it was all his fault as King Andy has no clue how run one either.
    And once again, McMartyr pronounces himself “a leader” on a team. True team leaders do not say “I am a leader.” Still trying to convince yourself, eh Donnie? We heard that enough times as an Eagle.

  24. @Skinsblowpoles/boysroll/Skinsblow1
    Skins fan here. We don’t run away like you do, or change our usernames like you do fool.
    Take a good hard look at your 1-6 record before talking smack about the Redskins or any team. You just got beat by the Jags!
    I must say, although I do agree that McNabb hasn’t been playing well lately, but benching him on a potential game-winning drive in favor of a player that hasn’t taken a snap all season is quite the head scratcher.
    And the Lions deserve a ton of credit for the win, they have an offense that can rack up points, and Calvin Johnson is legit.

  25. This is one of the biggest head scratchers of the day. You gotta wonder. Did Shanahan throw the game?

  26. Lol you really are quite the baby Skinsblowpoles/Boysroll…..
    The Cowboys get crushed at home and you still talk smack about the Redskins, when your team’s record is 1-6. Pretty lame buddy.
    Why do you even root for the Cowboys anyway? You live in the DC area too which makes things even more bizarre. Are you one of those “bamas” that grew up in the area but always liked the Cowboys? Oh geez what a loser!

  27. Where are all the cockroaches under the floorboards again? All those cockroaches who BLASTED the Eagles when they got rid of McNabb. The majority of you on here are roaches and you have have no guts to admit it.

  28. skinsblowpoles says:
    October 31, 2010 10:39 PM
    wha….wha…wha. ..wha…wha…..wha. ..wha…LOSERS!!!!!! !
    I don’t see anybody crying.
    Skins got beat today and deservedly so. We’re not gonna make excuses or jump off the bandwagon like Cowboy “fans”.
    I understand you Cowboy followers are suicidal nowadays but best you just stay on your own boards.

  29. @Mo Lombardies
    It sure looked like he was throwing it, I was pretty perplexed when I saw that happen. Shanahan should have at least let McNabb finish the game, and then assess the QB situation during the BYE week, not create a QB controversy now.
    I’m sure Eagles fans have endured the lethargic 2-min drills more than us, and know what they’re talking about. The only thing that does frustrate me about McNabb is his inability to throw those short to mid-range throws above the ground.

  30. “PS – Campbell looked AWESOME today. Maybe you should have kept him since 1 guy doesn’t matter. And you could have kept the picks too!”
    Mooch, I take it you’re the typical Eagles fan, who assumes that since I state the obvious (that Philly fans are morons), I must be a Redskins fan. My team never had Campbell, so “we” couldn’t have kept him.

  31. Never blasted the Eagles for getting rid of McNabb, it’s a business and the Eagles had all three Qb’s on 1 year deals at the time. They made a decision and moved on.
    The only thing I can hope as a Skins’ fan is that McNabb gets things in order and starts playing a little better, but the O-line needs to improve too. I don’t think (I would hope) the front office envisioned renting a player for a season at such a high cost in the form of draft picks, and then lose him in free agency to Minnesota/Cardinals.

  32. No, it was the fact that your argument was childish and silly.
    But, please, defend your idiotic point that QB’s don’t matter in the NFL and cannot be expected to influence the outcome of a game.

  33. Not spinning it anyway Skinsblowpoles/Boystroll…
    I gave the Lions credit for their win, and I gave you a reality check. COWBOYS are 1-6!!
    Why do you act like such a baby? Ha ha it’s very easy to hide in the comfort of your mom’s basement and talk smack on the computer. Real tough buddy…

  34. Andy0426…
    Here is the irony, though. One of the reasons I (as an Eagles fan) backed the dealing of McNabb (and taking a step back) was that I felt our OL was incapable of protecting him. And that he could not score enough to compensate for our rebuilding defense.
    My feeling was that McNabb would get killed here – and therefore unable to be successful. I was told I was crazy, that he was the best we ever had and I should be grateful. I was told I was a “hater” who was running him out of town.
    Bottom line, I didn’t think the Birds were good enough, so a QB on a one year deal who was likely to get slaughtered behind a substandard OL was a foolish plan – especially when picks were to be had for him.
    What you just posted was what I was posting back in Aprl. I think you are correct, and this is a perfect “out” for both McNabb (he benched me, he doesn’t believe in me) and Shanahan (he can’t play my system). He’s gone.
    Not gloating, just struck by how similar your thoughts are to mine back in April.

  35. skinsblowpoles says:
    amazing you even comment on the skins. Say what you want but we all are laughing at you wishing your cowgirls were 4-4

  36. The funny thing is people are saying McNabb can’t make short throws. Cooley and Moss do not go deep and he’s been completing 64-67% of his passes to these two
    It’s also amusing that Philly fans are saying they are right. Perhaps you should make sure that Vick & Kolb are actually legit long term 1st?? Another question for Philly fans..what if you lose to the Redskins again this year? Will it still be considered a good move? That would be 2 losses on your schedule that should have been wins
    As for people saying Campbell played awesome…really? Is that how we judge Qbs now? I guess that since Brady and Rodgers stats weren’t as good as Campbells today…he’s better than them too huh? lol
    McNabb should leave the Redskins for the Cardinals or Vikings. He would do much better with them….When you have to throw to Joey Galloway and avoid a sack on every play you’re going nowhere

  37. Donovan McNabb is class, did you see the way he stood up for the coaches? Philly fans are morons.

  38. Worst decision I have seen in yrs… Almost as bad as the fake fg against giants last yr on Monday night… Shanahan u suck I can coach better than u and ur son…

  39. The pathetic Redskins O Line turned into a Lions asset. The Skins center couldn’t keep from stepping on McNabb’s feet, the line couuldn’t control the Lion’s blitzes, and for a while, McNabb spent more time on his back looking at the sky than Jason Campbell did last year.
    The OL fizzled. McNabb was forced to hurry almost every throw, and the receivers didn’t have the chance to finish their routes.
    Throwing low balls? That keeps from having interceptions, and getting rid of the ball in situations where he had a choice, McNabb could either throw in the direction of a receiver, get a penalty for intentional grounding or get sacked.
    Place the blame where it really belongs – – for years, Snyder and Cerrato turned blind eyes on the need to build up the OL. If Payton Manning had been behind center today, he would have looked like a journeyman QB.
    Football 101: Ya’ gotta’ have a decent Offensive Line and the capability to keep the QB vertical rather than staring at the sky.

  40. How many times u gonna change your name skinsblowholes/boysrole/skinsblow1? Yes Skins kinda suck but Cowboys are the biggest bust in the league. Even sorry Farvers beat u. Cant wait for the sweep on Dec. 19.

  41. “But, please, defend your idiotic point that QB’s don’t matter in the NFL and cannot be expected to influence the outcome of a game.”
    I never said that quarterbacks don’t matter in the NFL. Not sure where you got that from, but my guess is a severe reading comprehension deficiency.

  42. Mcnabb showed class in defeat. He didn’t blame anyone but himself. And for that reason I think he can right the ship. I still predict playoffs this year for the Skins. Hail!

  43. Mooch,
    If McNabb does in fact end up in Minnesota or Arizona, the reasoning behind it will be exactly what you are saying. McNabb will say he lost confidence after getting benched, and Shanny will say that he never quite fit in the system.

  44. “Bottom line, I didn’t think the Birds were good enough, so a QB on a one year deal who was likely to get slaughtered behind a substandard OL was a foolish plan”
    You want to talk about irony? That exact sentence exactly describes Kolb. And probably Vick, too.

  45. Tanning Bed Rat Boy is an idiot. He is competing with Brad Childness and Wade Fattums for worst coach of the year. Still in the game and bringing in Grossman for the 2 minute drill is incomprehensible. When has Grossman ever won a game in the 4th Qtr from behind? He has now lost the locker room and any respect that Elway bestowed upon him. I wonder how Lil Danny Boy will take all of this.

  46. “Im the Captain Im the Leader of the Offense the Team”
    There goes Mcnabbs ego passive agressive self again. Thats his way of saying ” This is my team how dare you put Rex in Im the Leader im the QB Im the 1 you traded for Im the franchise. Im the best player on this offense scratch that Im the best player on the team and you better realize that” Donovan will throw subliminal fits from here on out for the rest of the season. He did it any and everytime someone disagreed with him in Philly.
    Thats why he had to be traded. The gap between him and all the young kids was to big. He earned the respect of all the players he came up with on the team. But his ego got big and he stopped doing the things that earn you respect which was fine bc he had already earned the respect of his teammates. But then all the teammates he came up with left it was no longer Dawkins’ team it was Mcnabbs. Then the locker room started to fill up with fresh young players who had no connection to Donovan. Mcnabb would welcome new veterans to the team with open arms but did nothing we it came to the younger players.
    But they all still did the right thing and gave Mcnabb his respect. They knew that Mcnabb did his time in the league and in the orginization and deserved it. But he still treated them like strangers in his house. It was his team and only his opinion mattered. If anyone said something that wasnt 100% on par with Mcnabbs beliefs he would chastises them in the media. Or when the team lost he would say its on me but then passive agressively say things like “We showed our youth today” or “You cant expect so much from a rookie”. He would act like he was saying it as a way to take pressure off the kids. But he really would say it to deflect the blame off him and focus on someone else.
    Donovan became so obsessed towards the end about everyone knowing that it was his team and no one else, he began doing anything he could to prove it. From chastising his teammates in public to questioning his coaches it didnt matter as long as everyone knew it was Mcnabbs team.
    He pretty much destroyed any chance of a relationship with his younger teammates. By spring time this year the team was mostly comprised of players with 4 years or less in the NFL. The tension Mcnabb’s ego brought to the team was to much . He destroyed so many of his relationships with his younger teammates that it would have been impossible to get rid of all the ones he alienated. So the only thing to do was to let Mcnabb go.
    And even though hes better then all 3 of the Eagles quarterbacks the team is better without him. The young players are finally welcomed as part of the team and are playing better bc of it.

  47. McNabb is a sensitive type and Shanahan just lost the emotional commitment of his offensive captain. Hope McNabb gets to go to Arizona (where he lives) and pulls a Kurt Warner there. Wisenhut is somewhat less of a weasel than Shanahan.
    How close is Shanahan to losing his entire team. As Maxwell Smart might say, Thiiiiiiis close! Oh, and how did Grossman do with his chance? Thought so,

  48. boysroll…
    You have skin envy. You cowpukes are in the basement. You changed your name boysroll because your a punk loser thats ashamed of his own team and boys are not rolling, they are falling. Out of desperation or blatant stupidity, you come on our boards flapping yer bejabbers like the pukes are actually rolling. No punk they are getting rolled and rolled and rolled again. I bet u got your azz beat evry day in school, got your lunch taken cuz you couldnt shut your pie hole. Do your self a favor loser and STFU.
    There is only one consolation for yesterdays loss. We still have a better record in the NFC and in the NFC east then the pukes. Choke on it sucka then swallow.

  49. I’m surprised that Shanahan didn’t do something to compensate for that sieve of a line, like maybe roll him out of the pocket to keep him away from the rush. Joe Montana in his prime wouldn’t be successful behind that line!

  50. Mo_Lombardies says:
    October 31, 2010 10:40 PM
    This is one of the biggest head scratchers of the day. You gotta wonder. Did Shanahan throw the game?
    No.. he didn’t throw the game. He’s just not that great of a coach… he’s at best a .500 coach without Elway and Terrell Davis. He had one other good year in Denver, when the AFC West was at one of its lowest points, and he lost in the playoffs to Pittsburgh at home as Plummer decided he liked throwing to guys in Black and Gold more than he liked throwing to guys in Blue and Orange. The next year, he went 8-8. I have never understood why the media, why the fans outside of Denver ever thought Shanahan is some great genius. With the exception of the last 2 years of Elway’s career, when they finally gave him a running game, Shanahan has been pedestrian at best. And personally, with Elway having a running game at that point in his career, my wife could have coached them to the Superbowl. Shanahan sucks, and Washington fans will find that out sooner than later… the mismanagement of Haynesworth… now the mismanagement of McNabb…. This has implosion written all over it….

  51. “Bottom line, I didn’t think the Birds were good enough, so a QB on a one year deal who was likely to get slaughtered behind a substandard OL was a foolish plan”
    “You want to talk about irony? That exact sentence exactly describes Kolb. And probably Vick, too.”
    Not apples:apples…because of the money / years involved in any re-signing among these QB’s.
    McNabb was gong to get, and deserved to get, a top $ contract. For multiple years. That was a fact. It was his last score financially. And he earned the right not be franchised repeatedly.
    Vick would not command the type of $ McNabb would. So if he succeeded, the dollar hit in future years is less. Also remember that Vick was named the starter precisely BECAUSE the OL was so bad, not in spite of that fact. And no one believed he’d play this well. Eagles clearly expect a hometown discount because they gave him “the shot”. We’ll see about that.
    Kolb is an expensive proposition, but he’s young. So the original plan of throwing the new QB to the wolves and seeing if he can survive made sense. The team may not have been perfect, but you had to find out if Kolb was NFL caliber this season. Floating him a long-term deal makes more sense, provided he can play.
    I’ll agree that the Eagles QB situation is an odd one, and that it looks better short-term than long-term (which would argue for Kolb).
    The point Eagles fans are making is this – the theory that losing McNabb would make the Eagles a bad team and gaining him would make the Skins a great one…that ended yesterday.
    My guess is that the two teams will finish around 8-8 and miss the playoffs.
    What take issue with is the classic argument that, when McNabb plays bad “it’s a team game”. And when McNabb wins, “he put this team on his bak and won”.
    McNabb and his fans have no issues taking more of the credit than deserved when he wins. They get personally offended when asked to take more of the blame than they deserve in a loss.
    But that’s the nature of the position.

  52. “McNabb and his fans have no issues taking more of the credit than deserved when he wins. They get personally offended when asked to take more of the blame than they deserve in a loss.”
    That’s not the way I see it. For instance, Donovan is taking responsibility for the team by saying he’s the captain (like any other starting quarterback), but the armchair psychologists claim that he’s being passive-aggressive and complaining. How one gets that from what he said, I’m honestly not sure.
    I wouldn’t call myself a “McNabb fan”, but I think he’s a pretty good QB, and I’ve never stated anything remotely similar to “he carried the team”. If anything, it’s the Eagles fans who never gave him credit he deserved when the team won, but always blamed him when the team lost. And the ridiculous psychologizing is just so far from reality it’s absurd.

  53. Rarson, I lived it for over a decade with him. Saw it every season.
    You saw it at the end of the Skins-Eagles game. He played lousy and took the credit, made it all about himself. Took more of the credit than he deserved.
    Watch him for as long as I have, you’ll see it.
    I agree that he’s a pretty good QB too. But you know the QB gets more blame. Eli Manning got KILLED in NYC. Peyton can go 16-0 and if he doesn’t get a ring his season is viewed as a failure. They were ripping Brady’s haircut as a sign he was not committed earlier this season. It happens. Everywhere.
    NFL QB and NHL goalie. Those are the two highest impact positions in sport. One touches the ball at the start of every snap. The other is the last line of defense for a score.
    If you are happy accepting a disproportional share of the credit (and McNabb always has been), you have to be OK taking an unfair share of the blame.
    McNabb has always accepted the laurels, gets offended when asked to take blame.
    And as for “I am the leader” – that harkens back to the T.O. circus that probably most non-Eagles fans didn’t see 100% of.
    What proof do you have that McNabb accepts blame – PERSONAL blame? Please.
    I remember his signature quotes here:
    “It’s easy to blame the QB, but trust me…I wasn’t the only reason we lost that game.”
    “We showed our youth out there today.”
    Now, can you imagine Brady or Manning saying that?
    Odd that Reid lost faith in him, and now Shanahan has. Of course, Mike is now spinning it that McNabb was hurt – more excuses for Poor Old Donovan.

  54. I don’t doubt that you Eagles fans are seeing things. What I doubt is that what you’re seeing is actually based in reality. Example:
    “You saw it at the end of the Skins-Eagles game. He played lousy and took the credit, made it all about himself. Took more of the credit than he deserved.”
    Armchair psychologizing.
    “Watch him for as long as I have, you’ll see it.”
    You DO realize that people outside of Philly get to watch Eagles games, right?
    “Eli Manning got KILLED in NYC. Peyton can go 16-0 and if he doesn’t get a ring his season is viewed as a failure. They were ripping Brady’s haircut as a sign he was not committed earlier this season. It happens. Everywhere.”
    None of these situations are even remotely similar to how Philly fans talk about McNabb. The guy got booed when he was drafted! McNabb couldn’t do anything right, ever, in the eyes of Philly fans. The fact that he was able to be as calm and collected as he was for so many years is amazing consider how psychotic Philly fans are.
    “McNabb has always accepted the laurels, gets offended when asked to take blame.”
    You’re delusional. It’s in your head. Seriously, this is why people give Eagles fans crap. Because everyone else is wondering what the hell is going on in your head when you say something like this.
    “Now, can you imagine Brady or Manning saying that?”
    “We didn’t do anything on third down. We couldn’t get anything on first or second down. We couldn’t run it. We couldn’t throw it. We just sucked.” -Tom Brady
    When Tom Brady says “we sucked”, it’s cool, but when McNabb says “we showed our youth”, it’s not. Psychotic. Absolutely psychotic.

  55. What I doubt is that you have the access to the Eagles info I have as a lifelong fan and resident of this city. What I doubt is that you have and are “living it” as we fans do.
    Fandom is a 24/7 exercise, I would never pretend to know every single things that goes on with your team (whoever that is), and it is silly of you to pretend you know what goes on with mine. Watching the game is only a small part of it. And you have to know that is a silly comment you made.
    Armchair nothing – that was a fact. He played like crap, apologized to the defense for 2 seconds for sucking (of course he threw in the whole offense as well while he was at it, because McNabb never takes personal responsibility) and then took all the credit for the win. In the locker room. On tape. Too bad you have no response to it. Perhaps you need to watch it again.
    The rest of your post is you bailing out and reverting to ESPN generalizations about what 30 fans did. You quit on the argument. You offer no facts. No reason behind why #5 was the most popular jersey, or why fan polls always had McNabb as the best QB in franchise history. Why no one at the draft party at D&B on Delaware Ave booed.
    You want a guy who has been unfairly treated in Philly? Cole Hamels. A guy with REAL accomplishments instead of bloated / meaningless stats. A CHAMP who has been questioned. And he’s handled it like a professional and a man.
    I offer facts, specific instances, exact quotes. You offer opinion based on nothing aside from Trent Dilfer soundbytes you heard a few months ago. Because you don’t know.
    Brady says “we sucked”. McNabb says “they sucked”. Time and time again. Thanks for making my point yet again.
    And yesterday. They take him out and he says “we had a chance to win the game…they’ll learn from their mistake”. Yep, that’s taking blame – they would have won if only he had been left in. Because they all suck. And he’s awesome (with, what, a 70 QB rtg?).
    You just don’t have a set of facts to support your argument. This is like arguing politics with a Limbaugh listener. All opinion and something someone else told you to say.
    No facts. But lots of shrill emotional outbursts based on some issues you have.

  56. Yes, fandom is more than just watching games… hence the reason that we’re reading articles on this web site.
    “Too bad you have no response to it.”
    You’re absolutely right, I have no response to something that you think happened.
    “You offer opinion based on nothing aside from Trent Dilfer soundbytes you heard a few months ago.”
    That’s funny, because I don’t have cable and I don’t even remember the last time I saw Dilfer on TV, let alone what came out of his mouth.
    “Brady says ‘we sucked’. McNabb says ‘they sucked’.”
    That’s exactly my point. McNabb DIDN’T say “they sucked”, he said “we sucked”. He even used the word “we” in the quote you provided. Again, the delusional Philly fan is hearing things that aren’t being said.
    “But lots of shrill emotional outbursts based on some issues you have.”
    Wow, that’s some great projection right there. Talk about shrill outbursts and emotional issues… you’re clearly talking about yourself. You need to calm yourself down a bit.

  57. “WE showed our youth today”.
    Yep, a 32 year old QB was including himself in the mix of young guns (both WR’s, RB, TE all under the age of 24 that game) that dropped his off-target passes all day. I guess he forgot he was old.
    “WE had the lead [on the Cardinals]”. I guess Donovan plays defense now, because he never blames others for a loss. He leaves out that he had the ball at the end of the game. But, and this will come as no surprise to Eagles fans and Mike Shanahan, he was incapable of pulling it out.
    Why do people think McNabb was throwing others under the bus? The same reason people think Iverson won’t practice. It’s the track record.
    You have issues with Philly fans, people you’ve likely never met. You seem to have taken personal offense that 30 idiots booed McNabb (because they were paid to boo whoever was selected as part of a shock jock stunt).
    Facts are not emotion. They’re facts. Sorry, you are operating 100% off emotion since you have yet to backup one point with an event / quote / fact.
    All you have is your sense of outrage over a radio stunt that happened over a decade ago to a man you have never met who plays for teams you don’t pay that much attention to.
    But why argue? In a few months, Redskins fans will echo these same statements. And in another year, Vikings fans will. And then in another, maybe Cardinals fans will.
    Because, no matter where he goes or who the coach is or how nice the fan base may be, the same problems persist with McNabb.
    And the same arguments will be made by disinterested parties, usually from cities without a team, to cover up for his deficiencies.
    PS – Reggie Miller was booed on draft day too. Didnt know that, did you? Know why? He didn’t spend the rest of his life crying about it.

  58. “All you have is your sense of outrage over a radio stunt that happened over a decade ago to a man you have never met who plays for teams you don’t pay that much attention to.”
    Wow, you’re really stuck on that, huh? It obviously really bothers you when someone mentions it.

  59. I could care less, you seem to be crafting a reality about a city of 2m based on it.
    More dirt coming out about McNabb. Check it out, the part about his bad practice habits is now coming out. Because he now has a coach that isn’t married to him.
    More stuff we were right about. Yawn. It’s so great to be proven right.
    Still 0-fer on facts, you.

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