Peyton Manning wants "maximum leverage" for next deal

NFL_manning3_250.jpgWhen Colts quarterback Peyton Manning signed his current deal with the Colts, Manning went for every last penny.  Some criticized him for not leaving enough money for the franchise to put a team around him, and yet the Colts continued to be highly successful.

This time around, there’s no salary cap.  But it likely will return in 2011.  When it does, the Colts may have to be even more creative when it comes to finding and paying other players.

According to Vic Carucci of, Manning hopes to create “maximum leverage” before signing his next deal.  That’s why Manning and agent Tom Condon rejected the team’s request to talk contract during the bye.

As MDS pointed out on Monday, Manning is taking a huge risk.  If he tears an ACL or pops an Achilles’ tendon, he’ll suddenly have minimum leverage.

Manning is willing to take that risk.  Which makes sense in light of the potential reward, a deal that we suspect will be closer to $30 million per year than $20 million.

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  1. Get ’em Peyton. You are the Franchise, no one else on that offense matters. You’ve taken so many undrafted turds and turned them into Stars. Tell them boys to draft you an O-line while you’re negotiating.

  2. You don’t tear or rip anything when you throw yourself to the ground to avoid hits.
    Everyone’s favourite equine-related stat-machine is out to get paid!!
    ‘Screw the team, I’m the star’

  3. Just how much money does Manning need?

    Between his commercials and this, his income will rank somewhere in the top 10 nations of the world for annual GDP.

    How ’bout be happy with a mere $20M/yr and let the Colts sign some additional talent… it’s amazing what an NFL team could get with a well spent extra $10M/yr.

  4. I don’t think any injury would hurt his leverage unless it’s career threatening. Even if he blew out his ACL, he’d be back in one year. How do the Colts risk letting him go to become a Drew Bress somewhere else?

  5. where was that Colts fan from yesterday who praised Manning for waiting to not be a distraction like Tom Brady was…..ahahahaha. Your boy Manning took every cent last time and he is going to suck every cent out of the Colts again. Maximum leverage, awesome.

  6. he’ll look like a fool if does get injured. and why, because he’s holding out for 30 mil instead of 20?

  7. Every last penny? He could have asked for more and received more! We know your are Pro-Beiber, but this is absurd.

  8. At some point, shouldnt someone in the Indy media or some of their fans be calling him out on this. There is no dispute in my eyes anymore that he is the best QB in the game, and probably top 5 of all time. Yes i went there. But him eating up $30 million a year will severely limit the teams being able to sign other players. He cant win it alone. He throws to a bunch of no name WR’s and makes them all look good. He opens up the run game so that no name guys like Mike Hart have a big day just because the Defense is so worried aboit the pass.
    But what about his defense? Its not anything like it used to be, and the Colts can absolutely be beaten by the Steelers, Ravens, Jets and possibly the Saints and the Patriots. There is only so much one player can do, even an all time great like Manning.
    Him eating away 20% of the salary cap is going to cripple that defense in the long run. the Colts will always be a playoff team with im there, but to beat the elite teams you need more than one great player

  9. “As MDS pointed out on Monday, Manning is taking a huge risk. If he tears an ACL or pops and Achilles’ tendon, he’ll suddenly have minimum leverage.”
    Definitely disagree with this. If he tears an ACL, he is still the smartest QB in the league with a great arm. He wouldn’t have AS MUCH leverage as he did before, but it would be far and away from “minimum leverage”…

  10. Maximum leverage could easily mean that he insists that Polian draft an offensive lineman with a high pick for once in his life. Wouldn’t a running game be nice?

  11. Makes it tough on the Colts. Owners don’t want a larger salary cap, which may mean less overall money for players. If Manning signed now, I assume that the Colts could put some of the money into this year’s uncapped payroll. If a new agreement is made and a lower cap becomes realty; will be tough to offer Manning a huge deal and field a complete roster.

  12. Asomugha has a crazy deal that pays him average of top 3? Quarterbacks… on what date does this thing kick in? If Peyton doesn’t have a contract by the time camp rolls around do the raiders, just sit and wait to find out how much they owe Asomugha?

  13. This is still just leverage we’re talking about. In the end the team offers what it chooses and Manning takes it or does not. It’s still a buisness/occupation just like any other. Any of you willing to take less money so the company you work for can hire better people around you?

  14. They should spend $30M/ yr to fix that crappy run D. Actually don’t and pay Manning whatever he ransoms which guarantees IND will get bounced again from the SB if they even make it that far.
    Manning is a statue now not sure how many years he has left. He looked like a Red Foxx scrambling for that 1st down last night.

  15. I’m still looking for a quote from Manning or his agent. Sounds like one guys opinion without quotes or sources.

  16. and by some you mean yourself florio.I am no colts fan but respect manning for what he has done,you on the other hand have done nothing but claim he was fraud and were the first to whine about his last contract. so how is that whole peyton is a fake crusade going for you anyway?let’s see we have found out he mooned a teammate in college and some female trainer was offended. guess that makes him a dirtbag along with the drunks,junkies and wifebeaters right?and as for his contract seems your whole no money left to build a team around theory was a little off to right? as for his new deal he should get whatever he can but unlike the other whiners in the league he won’t cry about it a year or 2 from now when somebody else gets are you going to admit that maybe like your mancrush dungy,Peyton is also who he appears to be?

  17. Peyton is the ONLY player in the league worth every penny. He is, in my not-so-humble opinion, the greatest QB to ever play the game. He is that offense. He’s the QB, he’s the coordinator, he’s the team’s leader. And he is leaps and bounds above the rest in terms of talent.
    Sure, Tom Brady has 4 Super Bowl rings. No one can take that away from him. But Matt Cassel showed that Brady may just be a “system baby.” Would he be as great without Bill Belichick? I don’t think so.
    Would Manning be as great without the Colts? Yes, he would. Because that organization has, year after year, handed him the keys and said “Well, we’ll try to get the defense to keep up.”

  18. Peyton does wonders for the “Greedy Athlete” stereotype doesn’t he? Pretty rich for a guy with a .500 career record in the playoffs.

  19. Is it possible Peyton Manning wants to take on the challenge of turning a new team into an annual contender?
    The challenge of re-creating his current offensive system with completely new players?
    I think it would be cool to see. We all know Peyton IS the entire Colts team. But, just for a little more proof, let’s see him do it with another team!

  20. Manning = Glorified stat machine. Lots of Ws, lots of playoff games (decent amount lost), 2 Super Bowl appearances & 1 title. Then there is Brady who has taken team friendly deals & has 3 rings.
    As much as I dislike Favre currently, he signed very team friendly contracts (deferring his salary when needed to help provide cap relief) when he was with the Pack. Least he sacrificed earnings in the name of the team, unlike Manning (and I don’t have to see a Favre commercial every 5 minutes unlike Manning).
    Manning = overrated, greedy sack of poo.

  21. I find it hard to believe that the contract the Colts were about to offer Manning in the bye week would have been anything short of making him the highest paid player in the league.
    The fact that someone in that position would prefer to risk it, at the negative repercussion to his team (less money for other players), particularly one who I’m sure isn’t short of money, is IMHO quite disgusting.
    One can only hope that his greed is undone by a variety of injuries which result in him making less than the Colts had planned to offer this week, which again, would surprise me to have been anything less than the most in the league.

  22. “Every last penny? He could have asked for more and received more! We know your are Pro-Beiber, but this is absurd.”
    Why do that when you could hit the market and let your demand determine your price tag. Lets see. All time great QB, with about 6 years left and on pace to shatter every meaningful passing record. Outside of maybe 3 teams, who isnt interested? Draw Oakland and/or Washington etc into a bidding war just to raise the amount the Colts would have to pay him. thats what he is doing. Its a scumbag move to do to an organization that would do anything for him and a city that loves him. But the guy is arrogant and selfish

  23. “Sure, Tom Brady has 4 Super Bowl rings. No one can take that away from him. But Matt Cassel showed that Brady may just be a “system baby.”
    Do yourself a favor and go back and look at the stat difference between Brady in 07 and Cassel in 08 (with the same exact team)before you spout garbage like that. Not to mention Brady went 16-0 and Cassel was 5 games worse. And then look at Cassel this year, he is having a pretty decent season, we is a pretty good qb.

  24. How lucky is Kraft and Company. Brady could pulled this crap but loves the game and the team too much.
    I don’t have any problem with Manning doing this, he is that good. As a Patriots fan, I’m just glad Brady is not as greedy as he is talented.
    Then again, I don’t think Manning married as well, did he? Let’s face it, if they divorced tomorrow, Brady might actually be the one getting the alimony!

  25. He deserves it….Everyone else including Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne and Addai are just above average players for anyone else.
    He knows it too and its about time. He’s calling out the Colts for what they are frauds. There is no one in that front office or owner ship that deserves any credit for regular season wins like Manning does. Bill Polian’s face is about stupid right now…What do you do? Basically your surrendering your power to your quarterback. How does Peyton Manning NOT get involved with front office decisions after making 30 million plus a year?

  26. “Maximum leverage could easily mean that he insists that Polian draft an offensive lineman with a high pick for once in his life. Wouldn’t a running game be nice?”
    Sorry, bitter Colts fan: Polian spent his 2008 #1 AND #2 picks on the o-line, not to mention two recent #1 picks on running backs.
    The problem isn’t neglecting the running game in the draft. The problem is drafting crappy players.

  27. @dabears2485 – Until Cassel makes it to the AFC Championship with Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell, I’ll stick with that “system baby” Tom Brady.

  28. This is actaully a very smart move by Manning.
    The chances of him getting a serious injury are MINIMAL.
    Think about it.
    He probably won’t even get hit very hard.
    Under Goodell’s regime, can you image the fine if his poster boy was hit and hurt? What if that hit was slightly “unnecessary”, or a millisecond late, or a millimeter high? The defensive player would be looking losing several week’s pay during a suspension.
    The timing is perfect.
    Goodell wants scoring. Manning, Brees, etc.. put up the points already. Watch what happens while the league migrates closer to powder-puff rules.

  29. Manning probably makes less per game played than Bob Sanders. You want to look why there’s no money to upgrade the defense look at that big contract spending season after season on IR.
    He’s worth more than 30 million

  30. # AttackPack213 says: November 2, 2010 12:32 PM
    This is still just leverage we’re talking about. In the end the team offers what it chooses and Manning takes it or does not. It’s still a buisness/occupation just like any other. Any of you willing to take less money so the company you work for can hire better people around you?
    You are missing the point I think. Regular business is nothing like a salary capped NFL where what you make affects what others can make.
    If the guy wants to take maximum dollar that is his right to take whatever anyone offers him, but it CAN and DOES affect the talent level around him. It’s all in what you believe to be more important as a player.

  31. he’s worth every penny.. great player on and off the field
    and even better on Saturday Night Live!

  32. “Do yourself a favor and go back and look at the stat difference between Brady in 07 and Cassel in 08 (with the same exact team)before you spout garbage like that. Not to mention Brady went 16-0 and Cassel was 5 games worse. And then look at Cassel this year, he is having a pretty decent season, we is a pretty good qb.”
    Cassel didnt play meaningful minutes since HS and came in and went 11-5. I’m pretty sure if you traded manning and brady, manning would win 2 or 3 superbowls in a row and brady wouldnt even be in the playoffs….

  33. I will take all the money my boss thinks I’m worth. Noone on here would go into their bosses office and turn down a blank check…

  34. There is no way he is worth that much $$$ at this point in his career…. Im not saying he hasn’t been the best QB in the league (or ever) for the last decade… but going forward he isn’t a 20 or 30 mil a year quality of player. He’s gonna be approaching 40 years old before we know it.
    the colts would be overpaying him based on what he has done not what he has left.

  35. Manning is a big cry baby. Ha and teams/media/players/owners wonder ..”How come we aren’t able to sell out our games ?” Maybe if they didn’t have to charge an arm and a leg to pay a player $30 million dollars, say it…. 30, 000,000 dollars a year, the regular people (THE FANS) could afford to go !

  36. What is with all this “Brady takes a discount and is so unselfish!!!” crap? Is Brady not currently the highest paid player in NFL history? Poor guy, so selflessly taking a discount and becoming the richest guy in the history of the sport lol.

  37. “GoTitans says:
    November 2, 2010 12:06 PM
    He won’t survive past 12/9/10 in Titan Town. He better get his cash grab, now.”
    So how many years in a row now have you been claiming this? And how many times has Manning walked off your field.

  38. I’m not a Manning fan but go get your money. These teams will discard you as soon as you’re career is about over and treat you like you never did anything for the organization. Get all the money while you can and screw the owners. He has already been able to make the team be successful with no name receivers. As long as he protection, the team is good period. Should he take 20 instead of 30 for the team to sign/keep good players? Probably. But at the end of the day these football players need to squeeze out every dime from these owners that they can. Look at a sport like basketball with guaranteed contracts where the JJ Reddicks of the world make over 6 million per year and dozens of players in the NFL who a very valuable to their team and the league barely break 5 million. Get your money Peyton.

  39. Hey Colts fans, prepare for “The Curtis Painter Era” !!!
    That ought to be fun.
    Florio says that Manning is taking maximum risk, but is he ??? I say the maximum risk here lies with the Colts franchise. If Manning leaves, this could ruin the entire Colts franchise because you know someone out there (think Jerry Jones, Snyder, whoever) will give Manning all the bleepin’ money he wants.
    Good job Irsay.

  40. Some of you make absolutely no sense, and are so pro-Manning it’s disgusting. The guy puts on a good show, but he’s not some humble “aw-shucks” kinda guy. He’s bad-mouthed his team mates on a number of occasions, and while he says all the right things about his mindset, he fails to show it on the field. He has routinely caused the Colts to lose important games by trying harder to make his stats look good than to get the W. Yeah… Real class act Peyton Manning. Do you know what this is going to do to the locker room in Indy? Wayne and others can’t get paid because of the CBA, but Manning can be offered the (assumed) highest paid contract in NFL history, just to reject it so he can get even more? Also the assertion that Manning has had a stellar career throwing to a bunch of nobodies is absurd. Harrison, Wayne, and Clark were all first round picks. These weren’t practice squad fill-ins who Manning made into superstars. At the end of the day, I like Indianapolis as an organization, but even as my home team I will not root for them until the day Manning leaves.

  41. First off, do a little more history review before pegging Manning a greedy player. If anyone can remember, not too many years ago manning did take less money so the Colts could resign players such as Brandon Stokely, Marvin Harrison, and his O-Line. Sure he still signed a huge contract, but who wouldn’t? If anyone honestly believes that all of the folowing are worth more money to their teams than manning, then you are seriously dillusional: Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Michael Vick, Brett Favre, Sam Bradford (a rookie), Matt Stafford (sucky), Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, and Darrell Reavis. Sure they did not all sign as huge a contract as Manning 7 years ago, but their teams have allocated the majority of their resources to those individual players as well. Talk about hypocritical!!! All of those players’ teams would do fine without those players (it has been proven in every case for the biggest part) but the Colts would be worse than the Cowboys or Minnesota without Manning. It is a fact!!!!!! WORTH EVERY PENNY AND THEN SOME!!!!!!!

  42. Manning deserves every penny. His stellar play energizes the whole team… I would LOVE to see them play a few games without him. 100% guarantee they’re actually no better than a pile of hot garbage without Manning.
    They’ll find a way to pay him a TON of money (literally most likely) and things will continue as they always have in Indianapolis.

  43. Whats the salary cap figure going to look like? If he is taking up a quarter of the teams cap when all is said and done, then he should be ashamed of himself.

  44. No story here… Peyton won’t put the Colts in a position that they can’t sign other players. He will also be the highest paid player in the league regardless of if he gets injured or not.
    It only makes good business sense to negotiate this after the season and CBA runs out.

  45. Not sure where all this he makes avg players great bs is coming from. Addai, Brown, Harrison, Wayne, Gonzalez, Clark are all first round draft picks. Slot receiver Collie is a 4th but with all the attention that Clark and Wayne draw any scrub could excel.
    They have avg players playing like avg players on their D though.

  46. If the extra salary will allow him to pass up more endorsements and reduce the amount of time his ugly mug is plastered across my tv screen hawking every product in the free world, I am all for it.

  47. There is a pretty big assumption behind all of the coverage of this story (and every comment): Manning wants to be a Colt.
    Let’s think about this a minute: he grew up in New Orleans and played for Tennessee in college. He got drafted into Indianapolis, and they have paid him a lot of money. When he started to have success, it was when they built his O-line and had a young and fast defense that could keep up with him. He also had a great coach he loved to play for and a couple amazingf WRs.
    First, he lost the coach. Now, he hosts the O-Line retirement home, watches the D break a little more every game and throws to a rotiserie of WRs. I didn’t even mention the dropoff in RB talent.
    The Titans have been building and are one star QB away from dominance. If he wanted to play there, I’ll bet they’d pay him to come throw to some emerging star receivers behind a great O-Line, a dominant D and the best RB in football.
    Other teams he’d be perfect for: Browns, Bengals, Seahawks and Bills all look like teams one QB away from success.
    Will any of that happen? Probably not. Still, if the Colts think the will have to pay $30mil per season to keep him, they might just be willing to trade him to the team of his choice once they franchise him. Or, if the franchise tag dies in the new CBA, he has maximum leverage to go where he wants to retire. hmmmm…

  48. I hope that Fetus Head gets all the money in the cap pool. Sucks em’ dry. Pretty soon they’ll cross the law of diminishing returns line (as he gets older too). What’s funny is that Irsay has mentioned a hundred times over the past 3 months that he wants to make Fetus Head “the highest paid player ever.” But that aint good enough for FH, he want to get “maximum leverage” to suck em’ dry. God bless him. Maybe when he bleeds them dry he’ll have enough scratch so that I won’t have to see his fugly, crooked-mouth cranium on every f’kin commercial on TV. Especially that new tampon commercial he’s in.

  49. Like all other players in contract mode, he deserves as much as he can get. Great players drive the advertising revenue streams that incline networks to spend billions of dollars on televising football games. Without them, NFL owners have nothing.

  50. Im not sure if theres league rules on it being mandatory to have someone labeled “offensive coordinator.” I doubt there is so if i was the Colts and had to sign a deal this size whether it be 20 or 30 mil i would simply let manning call the plays and run the offense. He already calls about 70% of them anyway. They have an OC and Tom Moore as an advisor. How much money is that right there? I know coaches salaries dont affect the cap but it would still be a way for the franchise to save money while manning is still in his prime. Also if Manning needs at least 2 more SB wins with an MVP or two to be in the same conversation as Montana. If hes not worried about going down as the best ever hell take 30. I have a feeling he will give a discount based on his desire to win….could be wrong

  51. You’d think he already has or had “maximum leverage”, I know I thought he did… but if he didn’t, after Grueden blew him last night he sure does have it now…

  52. No one man is worth 30 million a year…thats crazy money…
    You’re right, that’s crazy money. However, I hate the statement. “No Man is worth that”.
    Well, if a person is responsible or contributes to bringing in $300 Million a year in revenue to an organization, $30 Million is only 10% of that. 10% Is an OK commission for your time and effort don’t you think?
    This gets played out in every sales office of every corporation across the world since time began.

  53. Funny how the Manning haters come out to talk trash against Peyton and the Colts, even though any of you losers would trade your QB faster than a heartbeat for him.
    He simply is one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game. If you don’t think so, you’re wrong.
    I’ll put it to you this way, if Manning was the Steelers QB, the Rooneys would have Super Bowl toerings.

  54. @OntBoltFan
    I would say some of those players you mentioned are above average players but Manning makes them look great, obviously Marvin was great, Addai is above average just to mention a few names. Some people like to point out that the Colts offensive line must be good because they only yield about a sack everyother game, this is the main reason why Manning lovers say “he makes others great”, no further look then at the offensive line. There have been some guys that probably shouldn’t have let go because they were above average like Jake Scott, Lilja and especially Marshall Faulk. But since 2003 the talent on this team has dwindled. So if the front office and owner want to rely on ONE player so much then yes, I think you pay the guy whatever that amount is worth. Its a heck of a responsibility isn’t it?

  55. I’m willing to bet both my nuts that Peyton won’t be earning $30 million per year. Both sides agree that doing it once the new CBA comes in will be a better idea. They can plan accordingly. For Peyton, it is not about earning the max dollars, it is about beating Brady in number of rings(and he is behind him by quite a bit).

  56. There will be a salary cap at some point in the immediate future and Manning/Condon know that
    If they want to completely cripple the Colts with a MASSIVE deal, that will just hurt the team

  57. You morons will believe anything you read on this site, wont you?? When has Peyton or his agent ever said ANYTHING about milking the Colts for every penny or wanting to become the highest paid player?? He’d play for the league minimum if the Players Assoc would let him, he doesnt need the money. Its the OTHER PLAYERS that want him to make as much as possible, so then they can all gauge their market value. Peyton sets the market, he cant just take a discount (even though he probably wants to for the good of the team).

  58. tooz56 says:
    November 2, 2010 1:18 PM
    Manning is a big cry baby. Ha and teams/media/players/ owners wonder ..”How come we aren’t able to sell out our games ?” Maybe if they didn’t have to charge an arm and a leg to pay a player $30 million dollars, say it…. 30, 000,000 dollars a year, the regular people (THE FANS) could afford to go
    Lucas Oil Stadium is sold out chief, you’re an idiot

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