Redskins kick tires on 10 players in all, including five former first-rounders

Already making headlines — and raising eyebrows — was the decision of the Redskins to work out quarterback JaMarcus Russell on Tuesday.  He wasn’t the only failed first-rounder who worked out for the ‘Skins on Tuesday; as MDS pointed out earlier, J.P Losman got a shot, too.

As it turns out, eight non-quarterbacks received consideration as well.

They are, per a league source, defensive end Charles Grant, cornerback Tye Hill, receiver Chad Jackson, receiver Taurus Johnson, defensive tackle William Joseph, cornerback Justin Miller, defensive back Sha’reef Rashad, and receiver Bobby Williams.

In all, five former first-rounders got a look-see from the ‘Skins — Russell, Losman, Grant, Hill, and Joseph.

32 responses to “Redskins kick tires on 10 players in all, including five former first-rounders

  1. Yep, we gotta load up for the second half. All of our players are so old they can only make it through 8 games!

  2. Yeah, because if you’re concerned about your quarterback’s work ethic, JaMarcus Russell is an option worth considering.

    Shanny “CRAB EYES” has lost it!!!!

  4. Well if this were Madden they would probably be alright.
    Seriously though, I am a little surprised we don’t see a little more of this. Obviously, if these guys were drafted in the first round they have to have at least a little bit of talent.
    All of these players, with the exception of Joseph at 31 are young players too. If a team was struggling a little bit, I don’t see why they wouldn’t go after guys like these.

  5. The patriots and jaguars tried outs some qb’s as well. Should u post that story or is it just because this is the redskins you do???

  6. I heard the Skins just signed Andre Johnson, Miles Austin, Hakeem Nicks, Antonio Gates and Adrian Peterson.
    McNabb still needs just a few more weapons to get his QB rating over 80.
    Come on Snyder!

  7. Shanny is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the NFL. I thought that when he came here he was an adult. I am hoping and praying that Shanny does not decide to go with any of these has beens and never wills. The Skins are in need of a grown man at the helm, and thus far Shanny has not been that person. For anyone that is throwing around the Moss talk has lost their mind.

  8. Watch Detroit tape. Nos. 74 + 75 play Olé on o-line all day ….
    Ahhhhh, The Danny.
    It never gets old watching another head coach shake him down for one last big contract.
    Mike Shanahan was only relevant when he had John Elway and Terrell Davis.
    Seems like a long time ago now.

  9. this is hilarious. Lets look at former washed up 1st rounders to get us out of the hole. what a joke this org is and lets face if they win 2 more games this yr they are doing good…..5-11 is my prediction so book it dano,.

  10. Classic Shanahan – garbage collector.
    Just give him a couple more drafts at the helm of the Redskins, when he’ll really have reason to go scavenging for players to make up for his laughable picks.

  11. @ DieHardSkinsFan21:
    “Shanny is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the NFL”
    Seriously? It’s more like your entire old man clown circus, which you call the REDskins, which is the laughingstock of the league, and has been for the PAST 11 YEARS!!! Please come down to reality when you are ready and stop making yourself seem delusional by writing things like that. Instead of Hail your new/old slogan is FAIL!

  12. Willie Wallace hit it on the nose.
    Glad the Shannies can identify the problem with this team. It doesnt matter who you have throwing and catching the ball if there isnt time to do it.
    Guess the ghost of Vinny is still in Ashburn….

  13. Shanahan is re-tard. Hey Mike does Jamarcus “CC SabathaCalpepper” Russell really have more “cardiovascular endurance” to run your 2 minute drill?
    What is it with this guy and his obsession with physical conditioning. I realize McNabb and Hayneworth are not in great shape but this seems to be skewing his judgement.

  14. hey skinsblowpoles AKA Boys Roll, Mom has some Pizza rolls fresh out of the oven for you! Just call up from the basement so you can troll other teams’ pages because your Boys are ROLLING to the basement of the NFL… Wow, so much in common… Puffed up chests during training camp, changing your handle or coach during the season! Bet you are a Patriots fan now, aren’t they in first place, Front Runner? BTW, 5-11 would be a comeback for you guys, right?

  15. ISONIC1, I think this story deserves attention because McNabb just got benched with the game on the line. . . . . . by REX GROSSMAN of all people. Im sure the Pats and Jags would have also made the headlines if Brady or Garrard had been benched with the game on the line. . . . . . . . .BY REX GROSSMAN!!!!

  16. skinsblowpoles says: “this is hilarious, let’s look at former first rounders to get us out of the hole”.. unless you forgot, it was your joke of an organization that drafted one of those “first rounders” and paid him half of what the raiders are worth as a franchise. first of all, once the raiders start losing, you’ll jump ship like you did with the cowgirls ain’t that right boysroll? you’ll end up changing your name again on this site and start rooting for the patriots or something.. LMFAO

  17. I think at least three of those players are Oakland castoffs. The Rat’s only obtainable goal this year is to finish better than the Cowboys. That’s nice.

  18. ok, yes to Tye Hill, i would want him, yes to Chad Jackson too (hey anythings better than Galloway) and i wouldnt mind Josepth (need depth) and Losman (good backup)

  19. First McPukey and now Russell. Wow.
    It’s like that 2nd grade brain-teaser: what weighs more? A pound of nails or a pound of feathers? Seems like Elway’s rings weigh more than ‘lil Caesar’s. Becoming pure ego.

  20. No one expected the Redskins to be 4-4, so this season has been a pleasant surprise so far. It’s pathetic how many Cowboys fans are still talking smack. Don’t you have something better to do? What is their record again?

  21. i think we are gonna beat the hell out those eagles they are not playing as great as most ppl think they barly beat a heavily injured colts tema that we injured and almost beat had McNabb stepped up, they got stomped by a injured up Titans team, we should have beat the lions but gave them that win and punk rex grossman sealed it by playing scared!! i think we come out swinging and embarrass the eagles and hurt vick on monday gbirds-13 Skins-30!! HTTR!!

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