49ers not expected to claim Randy Moss or Shawne Merriman

It appears that we can rule out the San Francisco 49ers as a destination for either of the two high-profile players on today’s waiver wire.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that the 49ers are not expected to put in a claim for wide receiver Randy Moss or linebacker Shawne Merriman, both of whom will be available today. The 2-6 49ers come in fourth in the NFL’s waiver priority order, so if they wanted either player they’d have a good chance of getting him. But they apparently don’t.

Moss’s high salary and poor work ethic likely makes him unattractive to the 49ers and coach Mike Singletary, so it’s no surprise that they’ve ruled him out.

Some league observers have suggested that Merriman would be a good fit in the 49ers’ defense, but after claiming outside linebacker Thaddeus Gibson off waivers on Monday, they apparently view themselves as set at the position.

8 responses to “49ers not expected to claim Randy Moss or Shawne Merriman

  1. For some reason, Philly comes to mind……they took a flyer on Vick when everyone else passed, and they may view Moss as the guy who can give them an edge over the G-Men.
    Just a thought.

  2. So how does this work exactly?
    Is it run like draft day where each team, in order, is “on the clock”?

  3. Of course the 49ers will not put in a waiver claim for Moss or Merriman because these moves could possibly make them better and why would they want that. Coach Sing loves the 2-6 record and the team the way it is. If we are lucky Jed will clean house soon and look for a QB and a real head coach. The SF GIANTS are kings in the Bay Area right now. No one cares about the 49ers this season.

  4. Serious question: Does the waiver priority work like it does in fantasy football where when a team successfully claims a player (49ers-Gibson), they move to the back of the line?

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