Glazer: Bills plan to claim Merriman

With everyone keeping close watch on the fate of Randy Moss, Jay Glazer of reports that the Bills are saying that they plan to make a waivers claim for linebacker Shawne Merriman.

And since the Bills sit atop the priority list, they’ll get him if they want him.

We’ll say what we said earlier today, primarily because it looks like we’ll be right, for a change:  “We’ve joked about the Bills taking Moss — we have a feeling that Buffalo is a strong candidate to claim Merriman.”

Bills G.M. Buddy Nix worked for the Chargers when they drafted Merriman out of Maryland.  And Nix is smart enough to realize that it’s not the lack of steroids in his body but injuries to it that have keep Merriman from playing well since 2007.

Of course, Merriman may not want to play for the Bills.  As we explained last night regarding Moss, a decision not to show up could get Merriman placed on the Reserve/Left Squad list, which would shut him down for the rest of the season and possibly prevent him from becoming a free agent in 2011.

41 responses to “Glazer: Bills plan to claim Merriman

  1. If they do claim him, I would expect that Maybin, last year’s first round bust will be cut.

  2. His production over the last two years doesn’t give him the leverage to dictate where he goes. At this point, he should be happy someone wants him.
    As others have learned….when you resist going to a bad team, sometimes that bad team is pretty good the next year, and that contender you wanted to play for is in the crapper (how ’bout those Cowboys and Vikings?)
    I would guess this ends up depending on the nature of the relationship between Shawne and Buddy, if any.

  3. Ouch……..from San Diego to Buffalo……….Thats like going from Carmen Electra to Rosie O’Donnell…….

  4. Bills need a 3-4 LBs. That said, there is a reason merriman is being cut. he hasnt done jack since he tested positive for steroids.
    I could see the bills getting him, if for nothing more than to play a few snaps for the rest of the year and then become a FA, or be tagged/traded.
    I would rather seem him play for the Bills over the Pats or Fins.

  5. This move is great, as I stated in a comment on a previous report about the bills supposedly scraping the 3-4. It only takes 2 true playmaker in the front 7 to be succesful and thats a Playmaking OLB and a NT. I would say that the Bills let Merriman ease his way back into the flow of the game, let him loose on passing downs and such. And if this Bills team shows improvement on the D side of the ball, and with the offense playing at a high level consistently, i wouldnt see why Merriman wouldnt want to come back next year. This will be a good pick up for the Bills, it will boost jersey sales like the TO signing did last year and will pay much higher Dividends in the future, both on and off the field.

  6. Too bad for my Leos. Merriman would be a nice “rent a player” for this year.
    What is Buffalo thinking trying to win this year??? whats the point? Haven’t they learned anything from the NBA. Once you have been eliminated from playoff contentention its time to start shooting for the lottery pick.

  7. Yes, but the lack of steriods in his body is preventing him from recovering from those injuries so quickly

  8. An appropriate punishment for Merriman. Looks like he’s headed for NFL purgatory. Karma strikes again!

  9. steelersmissplayoffsagain, Jack Burton, FloriosPhillyFan: Please go play in traffic on the Tim Russert Memorial Highway.

  10. Isnt this when that bonehead NJhitman should say something “smart” like: “The Bolts are more ons, why did they waive Merriman when they could of just traded him…”

  11. Anyone who has ever spent any amount of time in San Diego and Buffalo knows that in this equation, football is totally irrelevant.

  12. Could be a good move by the Bills. If Merriman still can play, he might want to join the turn around that is about to take place in Buffalo. Some might think Maybin will be cut, but there are others in Buffalo who will go before him (e.g., McCargo). Maybin is only 22, so it is too soon to give up on him. The Bills will give him at least one more year.

  13. @ steelersmissplayoffsagain
    I’d like to take the liberty, and nominate you for the “Comment Of The Year Award”…….Give this man the $10,000!

  14. Shawn “Hollywood” Merriman. Have fun partying with all the hot starlets in Buffalo. Good riddance. LOL.

  15. To who ever said Buff, gets the 1st win in a few weeks Vs Vikings ,you need to look no further than this sunday ,they will beat the Bears to get that ellusive 1st win , though a hated rival ,you have to respect the way the’ve been playing hard and damn near winning a few of these past couple of tough spot road games..

  16. Make fun of Buffalo all you want – but in a couple of years this team is gonna be ready to compete.

  17. umcouldbe says:
    November 3, 2010 3:21 PM
    steelersmissplayo ffsagain, Jack Burton, FloriosPhillyFan: Please go play in traffic on the Tim Russert Memorial Highway.
    Thank You! Somebody needed to guide these people to an appropriate Highway! Go Bills!!

  18. Woot. Nothing to lose. In fact, if nothing else, it forced them to put that scrub RT Cornell Green on IR. That’s a positive right off the bat!

  19. bills getting their first win on sunday in toronto over bears. merriman will help them make a 9-0 run after that for a wildcard berth.

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