Merriman gets lost in Moss' shadow

NFL_merriman_250.jpgWith all the talk about where receiver Randy Moss may land, it’s easy to forget that there’s another high-profile player available via waivers today.

Linebacker Shawne Merriman, waived by the Chargers after passing a physical on Tuesday following placement earlier in the year on “minor” injured reserve, can be claimed by any team by 4:00 p.m. ET Wednesday.  His rights will be awarded via the same priority list that applies to Moss.

And it’s not an either-or thing.  Teams can put in claims for both players and, in theory, land both players.

Many assume that Merriman hasn’t been the same since serving a four-game suspension in 2006 for violating the steroids policy.  But that’s not accurate.  He had 8.5 sacks in five games after returning from suspension.  In 2007, he racked up 12.5 sacks in 15 games.

The problem came in 2008, when Merriman played in only one game with a damaged PCL.  Last year, as he fought to come back from the lost season, he had no sacks in 14 games, and a total of four sacks in two of them.

This year, he entered the season with injury issues and ultimately exited with a calf problem.  If he’s truly back to 100 percent (an arguably big if), he could still be a contributor, somewhere.

We’ve joked about the Bills taking Moss — we have a feeling that Buffalo is a strong candidate to claim Merriman.

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  1. I wouldnt mind seeing Dallas get him. As bad as that defense is playing it cant hurt. Its an uncapped year & the money isnt gonna break Jerry Jones’s bank roll. It could light a fire under Ware & Spencer both of whom could play better. If it dont workout just let him go after the season or in a few weeks for that matter.

  2. “The problem came in 2008, when Merriman played in only one game with a damaged PCL. ”
    The problem came in 2007 when Kevin Mawae and Dave Stewart of the Titans hit him in the knees intentionally with the intent of harming him after a play.
    His career died that day. Unfortunately no one really knew it then but looking back he hasn’t been a force since that play.
    I dont feel sorry for him but I do think people should do their research and to find he was a very good player well after the dirty test and suspension.
    Someone will take a chance on him.

  3. Hey Mike Florio, any chance you can post the priority list, and cross off the names of teams that have said they dont have any interest, crossing off more and more teams as they make it known they arent interested, 1 list for Moss, 1 list for Merriman? …..assuming you can believe what you are being told by inside sources and all….
    I guess it wouldnt be right to post a comment drect to you without saying something like “you suck”, or “you are just sensationalizing a story for page views”, etc. Sooooo, “you suck Mike”….

  4. As sorry as the Bills LB Corps is……. a hurt Merriman is better than what they are putting on the field.
    They would be stupid to not jump all over it.

  5. I will be amazed if the Bills don’t pick him up. They have no OLB to speak of. Even if he sits out the year and refuses to come to Buffalo his singing as a FA will most likely get them a comp pick. His salary is reasonable, and Buddy Nix knows him well from his days in San Diego. Get it done Buffalo.

  6. Yeah, Bills make sense, they’ve been trying to run the 3-4 up there. Jets make some sense, as do the Pats and Dolphins. Maybe the Niners. Cowboys if they weren’t 1-6 or whatever they are. Maybe even the Skins.

  7. Bills need LB help. If they pass on Merriman it would show a lack of trying to get better. They won’t try for Moss.

  8. Sorry Shawne that’s why its called Not For Long. Lets see you open your mouth away from a mainstream media center like Buffalo and see who pays attention to you.

  9. To be specific, he tore his PCL from a dirty chop block from two Tennessee OL that was away from the play. One of the Titan players received a fine for it later in the week. How Jeff Fisher gets away with his reputation of having a dirty team by the league is ridiculous.

  10. I think he will be a Bill by Weds. Buddy Nix used to be with the Chargers while he was there, he would be an instant upgrade over the glorified backups in Akin Ayodele and Reggie Torbor, and he would only cost a little over a mil for the rest of the season. He’s only 26 and even hurt he is better than what we have at a position that has been exposed as a weakness on a bad Bills defence.
    Open your check book Ralph and make this happen. If you pass this up, please sell the team.

  11. “Yeah, Bills make sense, they’ve been trying to run the 3-4 up there. Jets make some sense, as do the Pats and Dolphins.”
    The Pats make ZERO sense. They have excellent young LBs, and Merriman is an idiot who is not a Belichick kind of player.

  12. he was great with Maryland in his college days. maybe the Ravens will scoop him and he can be awesome in MD again… coming off the bench in pass rush situations only, of course

  13. When was the last time this guy made an impact play? He should join Adalius Thomas in the growing unemployment line of over rated and over paid LBs.

  14. Jeff Fisher can go to hell. He sent a hit squad at Shawne because Merriman bumped into his QB who will end up a college hero and a NFL zero Vince Young. By the way Jeff Fisher tried to take out another players knees this Sunday too.

  15. @HarrisonHits –
    With the disclaimer that I don’t live in NE and don’t watch the team every week, I would think they’d take him as an outside rusher. The Dolphins also have two good, young, OLB but I just think another can’t hurt.

  16. Right on the money with the Titans cheap shot…that doesn’t get enough attention when Merriman’s downfall is the subject. His career definitely took a negative turn that game.

  17. Looks like Cushings is going down the same road as well. He has looked lost out there since he came from his suspension.

  18. I think this guy makes it thru waivers, we haven’t seen anything positive or productive out of him since 07 ,

  19. I would say Moss being on waivers at the same time is the only reason he gets brought up at all. No one cares either way because he can’t play anymore. Not worth the possible outside distraction if he is partying with Tequilla or whatever he has been doing for the last 2 years. He isn’t focused on football.

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