Braylon Edwards says he was "taken out of context"

Jets receiver Braylon Edwards says he was “taken out of context” on Thursday when he appeared to say Mark Sanchez makes too many mistakes to criticize wide receivers for mistakes.

“He was referring to quarterbacks in general, not to Mark Sanchez,” a
spokesperson said on behalf of Edwards. “Those comments were not made specifically toward
Mark, they were made toward just playing the quarterback position.”

Edwards said on Thursday: “It’s hard to be that [critical] when your mistakes
are at a substantial level
.  That happens with more
experience. That happens with more consistency. Then you get that
respect when it becomes second nature.”

Hope all you quarterbacks are out there listening.  For more leadership advice, you can call Braylon Edwards directly.

39 responses to “Braylon Edwards says he was "taken out of context"

  1. WOW, ABSOLUTE SHOCKER…the press would NEVER do anything like that would they FLORIO…oh wait, WRONG person to ask…never mind

  2. Well I know 1 QB that won’t be calling Braylon, that’s Sam Bradford. Sam doesn’t give a rats patoot what he has to say!

  3. wonder about the things edwards is going to say next year when the jets cut him, cause he has been more trouble then worth

  4. Oh Braylon. You continue to out do yourslef. Go find a prominent athlete in New York, pick out their smallest of friends, and punch him or her in the eye.

  5. I hate Braylon Edwards, but I’ve seen so many stories through the media, this site particularly, that can “snippet-structure” transcripts to suit their respective needs (traffic).
    You in the media have a responsibility to be much more honest and direct. This approach of using only the part, or parts, of certain responses is childish. It’s call hermeneutics. Principles of interpretation. To misuse quotes for the sake of site traffic is simply plain deceitful. And then you want to turn around in the same breath and blast someone like Randy Moss for refusing to speak with the media.

  6. Braylon Edwards, the dropaholic, is the last person in the NFL who should even be discussing mistakes.

  7. Jeez that Jets team is falling apart. Thank god arguments like this arent happening to the Vikings or we’d really be in trouble…

  8. Wht does this A$$-Clown have a “spokesperson”..Who does he think he is, LeBron James?…HA HA. Perhaps, he was drunk when he made those comments.

  9. Was the “spokesperson” his mommy?
    Every other time he’s said or done something to embarrass himself, she’s been quite vocal in defending little Braylon.

  10. I feel really bad for Braylon, his comments always seem to be taken out of context..
    When Cleveland Police asked him about blasting LeBrons 5’6, 145lb friend in the face at a bar, I’m sure he said this is all being “taken out of context.”
    This guy is a bum. I hope he struggles to get a decent contract after this season.. If you’re gonna over pay someone and deal with their drama, they better at least produce.. This clown doesnt even do that.. The only thing he’s probably caught in the last month is the herp..

  11. Braylon was finally right this time. Sanchoke is a joke and a failure. Only wets fans can’t “handle the truth”

  12. And in other news… the only real problem (from what I’m told) with Jets WRs is that they are too arrogant. I wonder who is too arrogant to listen to the QB unless that QB is perfect. Obviously not Edwards. He must have been talking about Holmes or Cotchery.

  13. Hey Fleet10 – stop making so much sense. This isn’t the place for it. People want to be led to a conclusion based on a headline. They also don’t want to go read the article for themselves. Every writer from every blog hates my team the most and love our rivals. Florio doesn’t post items in a way he knows will incense the fan base of a certain team or player for traffic either.
    Holy cow I’m doing the same! Fleet you better move over and let me help row. Lol

  14. Braylon Edwards committed a gaffe – that is, he told the truth, and now is being told to backtrack.

  15. Pretty hard to be “taken out of context” if you keep your mouth shut… I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

  16. the fact that spokesperson is saying this ,its clear he is trying to backtrack. why does this guy have a spokesperson anyway ?

  17. Edwards needs to be quiet, and the media needs to start printing complete quotes.
    C’mon, SomeFans, Sanchez isn’t a joke or a failure. Now, 41-14, and a bus ticket for your STC….that’s another story. Loved that game!! I laughed till it hurt!
    See, if prodded, we can stoop to your level. Truth be told, though, we just really don’t care about your team. But thanks for the laugh….at you.
    As for this week—Go Ravens!!

  18. I guess Jets fans must also be OSU fans that hate Braylon ’cause he’s from Michigan. Or do they just hate him ’cause he’s so much prettier than everyone else.

  19. Nobody ever accused Edwards of being smart.
    The Jets as a team, from the head coach on down to the ball boy, are the biggest talkers in the NFL.

  20. That reporter must just not like player’s from Michigan!Shut your pie hole and catch a football.Cry baby.

  21. Hey may have been generally speaking, but the context was crystal clear. He had a couple drops, LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES, and they asked if it is okay for Sanchez to call him out for it. BE’s response may have been to a general inquiry, but the context surrounding the question was in the aftermath of a game where he performed below expectations.

  22. Yeah, and Kevin Garnett called Charlie Villanuvea …. “cancerous to your team and our league.” and not “Cancer patient’
    Yeah, right.

  23. they only take things out of context with him because he’s from michigan…..and he sucks….only thing worse than a worthless piece of crap is a worthless piece of crap that can’t keep his mouth shut……….

  24. Does he still look like Kimbo Slice’s effeminate little brother? …then he shouldn’t be offering up his opinions

  25. @some fans
    hahaha! PS – Sanchez is better than Henne.
    PSS – Jets are going to sweep the fish
    PSSS – You epitomize Dolphins fans cuz they are all delusional, all the time.

  26. Edwards is what he is, i dont care if he said he was taken out of context, Sanchez SHOULD criticize him. Edwards for years has needed to catch the ball better.

  27. Braylon edwards is quite possibly the best receiver in nfl history getting the pigskin thrown to him by hands down the future of the quarterback position..Mark sanchez is like a mix of manning brady marino and a little ricky martin. i knew the reporter would mislead us on what he really said. btw fat franny sucks

  28. @greenstinkygrass
    The Jests better worry about the Lions before looking ahead to the Fins…wait nm, they can overlook them if they choose.

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