Mason on Crowder: I was in the NFL when he was peeing on himself

Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder and Ravens receiver Derrick Mason will meet on the field on Sunday after an entertaining week of going back and forth in the media.

It started on Thursday, when Crowder was talking about the Ravens’ offense and said he couldn’t remember who the Ravens’ veteran receiver was. After a reporter told him he was thinking of Mason, Crowder said, “There you go. Mason. The old guy.”

When told that he was described in those terms, Mason at first took the high road and said that he’s proud to be a productive player in his mid-to-late-30s.

“In the corporate world, I probably couldn’t even be somebody’s CEO because I’m too young,” Mason said. “A lot of people around this league wish, at 36, that they could play at the level that I’m playing at. There’s only one other guy that’s playing at this level when he’s 36, and that’s Terrell Owens. There’s a lot of other guys wishing they could play at this level, i.e. Crowder, at the age of 36.”

For the record, Crowder is 26 years old. Mason scoffed at Crowder’s youth.

“He’s what, 20-something?” Mason said of Crowder. “He was still peeing on himself when I was playing football.”

53 responses to “Mason on Crowder: I was in the NFL when he was peeing on himself

  1. That’s some serious lack of respect by Crowder.
    On top of that, Mason is a stud.
    Hey Crowder, before you know it, you’ll be “old” like Mason too, the difference is that you’ll be long gone from the league.

  2. That’ll show them you’re not old Mason – by pointing out people were infants when you were in the league.
    People have been forgetting his name for a long time, apparently.

  3. Not that I like Crowder, but I suspect that he will still be in the league when Mason is peeing himself…

  4. Why is the actual quote different than your headline? Mason didn’t say “NFL.” He was probably playing ball in middle school.
    You guys make this stuff up as you go. So, how does anyone believe a damned thing you write?

  5. The very next sentence out of Crowder’s mouth was, “He’s still good as hell though.”

    Predictable media creating conflict/controversy out of nothing. You could see it coming.

  6. I don’t get it. Mason is upset becasue Crowder called him an Old Man, so Mason responds with a quote that makes himself sound really old? How is that a comeback?
    I guess your mind slips at that age.

  7. Disrespectful ass, that Crowder is. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he’s not even a starter, is he?

  8. Every time I see Channing Crowder’s name in print it’s ALWAYS about something he SAID & NEVER about something he DID…………….

  9. Channing should remind us all whos started more game this year, him or “the old guy”
    Maybe that’s not fair, tell us the last time you’ve started more games Crowder.
    It’s like Crowder doesn’t even realise he’s painfully average at best. The guy thinks he’s Rey Lewis or Patrick Willis but he’s hardly the equal of Paris Lennon.

  10. raven fans are dumb and lack class… Mason is a has been as you’ll see on Sunday.
    Dirtybirds…are you serious?

  11. What Mason said about himself was far more disrespectful about himself than what Crowder said. Gotta say, alot of weak-ass trash talking these days. Garnett saying, “you’re cancerous in the locker room” (assuming his version is true) has got to be the lamest trash talk ever. A white-boy wouldnt even be nerdy enough to say that. Mason’s is very weak too, but not as bad. Crowders wasn’t even trash talk. It was a compliment.
    Time for athletes to step up their trash talk before it ends up being a string of Your Mama jokes.

  12. SomeFans says:
    November 6, 2010 8:17 AM
    raven fans are dumb and lack class… Mason is a has been as you’ll see on Sunday.
    Dirtybirds…are you serious?
    This post is the epitome of class…

  13. “In the corporate world, I probably couldn’t even be somebody’s CEO because I’m too young,”
    ..or maybe you’re just not smart enough.
    On the bright side, you’re not too young to push a broom.

  14. @SomeFans…yes I’m serious! At 36 and in his 14th season, the dude racked up over 100 yds against the Patriots a few weeks back and is 26/357 on the year. Not glaring numbers by no stretch but he is competing for balls with a team that has Boldin, Todd Heap, TJ Housyamomma, Ray Rice and Stallworth. Did I mention he’s a starter?
    For a career, he’s had 8 1000 yrd seasons with 3 of them coming in his last 4 seasons. Now that’s pretty damn good for a team that traditionally runs the rock.
    You ask me if I’m serious and I say Yes I am!

  15. @SomeFans
    Pointing out that a fan base lack class and are dumb, places you in the same category. Also Mason isn’t a has been he had more receptions (73) and more yards (1,028) than any other receiver on your team from last year. But of course I could never expect you to conjure something that makes sense so I’ll just say enjoy your football on sunday.

  16. This is making it look more serious then it really is all it is is too players teasing each other before the game it happens all the time 99% of the time its harmless fun at the end of the game there gonna shake hands and thatll be the end of it. The media is jusy trying to build up hype and make it look like a grudge match to get more viewers

  17. Cant wait for Sunday!!!! The DolFags are coming to Bmore. As for Mason and Crowder Who Cares!! Crowder couldnt hold Mason’s Jock!! He ought to wait til He actually Does something before he spouts off!! Henne is a very good QB but its gonna be funny seeing the grounds crew at M&T having to use a crowbar to pry him out of the Turf!!! DolFAGS……… Suck!!

  18. Channing Crowder is a blowhard and his entire team sucks ass. (except for Pennington)
    Crowder is a blowhard, and im not a dolphins fan so you can say they suck ass and i dont care, but Pennington is the best player on the team? I mean come on, you would rather have him join “your” team then anyone else on that roster, anyone… A.) Pennignton is done, B) I would love if the chiefs had bandon marshall. devone bess, or cameron wake…

  19. First, Channing Crowder does start. And the column left out the part where Crowder complimented how good of a player that Mason was, as referenced above. A+ reporting.
    Crowder is a jokester. He also made fun of the Florida QB because white linebackers could catch him. He’s also the guy that Rex Ryan referenced when saying “I’ve walked over tougher guys on the way to a fight”.

  20. Are you people seriously trying to defend Crowder. It was the ultimate disrespect, you pretend not to know the guys name and then call him the old guy… Are you kidding. I think Mason was more ticked about that than anything. He also had this to say:
    “Listen, as long as their coaches know, that’s all that matters. I’m not worried about Chowder,” Mason said. “What’s his name? Crowder? Excuse me. I’ve watched him on film, so I know his name. He’s either not watching film or not paying attention in meetings. But it is what it is. You don’t play through the newspapers, you play on the field. He’s a pretty good player. He’s just got to deal with the guys up front and our fullback.”

  21. 2009, Mason- 73 catches, 1028 yds, avg 14.1 per catch at age age 35
    2010, Mason- 26 catches, 357 yds, avg 13.7 per catch.
    Yes, his catches drop this year primarily bc Boldin is the #1 wideout now, but even his 2009 numbers are within 100 yds of Marshall, your #1, so washed up? far from it.
    We’ll be frying up some tuna tailgating and during the game this week son!

  22. Crowder is one of the most worthless piles of crap in the history of the NFL. He’s a Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian football player. He’s apparently famous for no reason whatsoever.
    All he does is talk and that’s how he gets noticed……….he has never once made a play to impact a game.
    It’s mind numbing that the Dolphins would continue to have such a worthless turd taking up a valuable roster space. A blind man could see he can’t play a lick.

  23. swampdog. get off the koolaid dude. baltimore may win but it will not be the slaughter you think. dolphins play everyone tough and are especiallt good on the road. going to be a lot closer than you think.

  24. crowder will be on the jets next season where he can bring his thug act..don’t bring it to Mason..a reason he’s still around, son…

  25. “There’s a lot of other guys wishing they could play at this level, i.e. Crowder, at the age of 36. He’s what, 20-something? He was still peeing on himself when I was playing football.”
    Lol…best quote of the season.

  26. Kendogg
    Pennington is done. What I was saying is he’s not a blowhard or an ass suckhole. Pennington is a good man.
    The Chiefs on the other hand are enjoying some success because of another Jets player Thomas Jones. The Jets should have never let him go. But I don’t run the team.
    The Chiefs aren’t going anywhere.

  27. Mason is sure sensitive about his age. If I am Davis or Smith, I would be using that to get under his skin. Hell I would send Poligrip or some Geroltol to his lock just before the game.

  28. This is classic Channing. It’s exactly the same as the London JOKE. It’s exactly the same as the political jokes he makes later: “I don’t know nothing… Are they taking taxes up? Nolan’s mom is the Lt. Governor? Is she going to raise taxes? I just know “4”, see signs “vote No on 4,” so vote no on 4… No taxes, and make anything that’s illegal legal…” What is the same about these jokes is Channing is actually quite smart, playing the fool, and he knows exactly what he’s saying. He knows who Derrick Mason is, he knows they speak English in London, and he knows his teammate’s mother won the election. He wants you to think he’s an idiot, he wants you to be amused or annoyed — either works just as well for him.
    The political jokes were hilarious really, but probably the funniest and most disrespectful thing in that interview is his wearing a BROWARD SHERIFF t-shirt.
    And, yes, Channing is a starter but was injured the first 6 games. Most Dolphin fans do not think he is great, but he’s much better than anyone gives him credit for. He is always missed when he is unavailable. He’s actually a super smart player who is goofy as hell.
    I would expect Sean Smith to be singled up on Boldin because of his size, with Vontae on Mason with help over top (because Miami knows full well how dangerous Mason can be — has burned them twice out of the last 3 meetings). It will be interesting when Housh and Stallworth get in…

  29. See this is real football. Professionals? HA! Entertainers is all they are. If what they bored us, we wouldn’t watch. (Coincidentally the same reason I didn’t watch the world series)
    Now Mason, Crowder, either set an example for the kids and make nice or throw some punchess! Make my 153$ 2nd Balcony seat worth it!
    How can players like these two be considered professionals with the likes of Manning, Palmer, Rogers, and others…

  30. Doesn’t Channing Crowder urinate on himself still? I guess that’s what Mason meant lol
    Btw…who is Channing Crowder?

  31. finfan28 says:November 6, 2010 8:15 AM
    Crowder to Mason. I’ll be in the midlle, come on over!
    Only way that Crowder will be anywhere near Mason is if Mason catches a pass on the sideline and gets out of bounds. Cause Crowder is forever posted on that bench cause he sucks.

  32. “He’s what, 20-something?” Mason said of Crowder. “He was still peeing on himself when I was playing football.”
    Wow that’s impressive Mason, you’ve been playing football for at least 1 week.
    He is a dolphin he probably shats himself as well just to keep warm when he is playing against the Jets.

  33. Crowder complemented Mason in his very next sentence. I guess that doesn’t make his statement seem as controversial so why print it right?
    All crowder said was that mason is old. He is.
    What’s the problem? Crowder didn’t say anything about Masons abilities or play.

  34. Qoute of the year LOL. Mason is a beast, to play pro football at 36 and still be a top player at his position says volumes about his toughness.

  35. Anybody who gets their panties in a wad over the stuff these guys say to eachother is a serious tool bag.
    …and as a Dolphin fan I can assure you anything Crowder says you can disregard, he’s an idiot.

  36. I’m a Ravens fan…through and through!
    …but, WOW, the media has really blown this one WAY outta proportion!!!
    This is a “nothing” story the media used to get Mason all riled up. Yea it is suspicious that Crowder did not know Mason’s name, but I don’t believe he was intending for it to be disrespectful because he followed up with “but he’s (still) good as hell”. It is most likely that he (Crowder) just plain forgot with the lights and microphone in his face. Purely innocent mistake!
    Mason probably should have looked at the interview before commenting, or else he would have realized Crowder wasn’t being disrespectful. Just that he forgot in the heat of the moment.
    Now everyone looks dumb, including all the juvenile commentors on here, looking for any comment or anything “to stir the pot”!

  37. Post game:
    let’s look back at the guy on here who said D Mace is washed up- oh yea, he scored a TD on your sorry ass D today
    and the guy who claimed ‘Fitzy destroyed your D and he is terrible! Wait til Henne, a good QB gets to them!’- well…. I wouldn’t say 200 yds, 0 tds, 3 picks is GOOD, but whatever floats your boat bruh.
    tail between your legs! Head back to Miami and listen to Clam Chowder yap the whole way back, like he was the only one playing hard today! Epic fail Miami!

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