Chiefs-Raiders one-liners

A Matt Cassel interception just before halftime, allowing a kickoff return touchdown on the opening kick of the second half and a fumble on the ensuing kickoff helped turn a 10-0 Chiefs lead into a 23-20 overtime loss.

Chiefs S Jon McGraw pointed to 12 penalties and those two turnovers as mistakes that contributed heavily to the loss.

The Chiefs entered Sunday’s game averaging 190 rushing yards per game, but they only managed 104 against the Raiders.

Chiefs rookie S Eric Berry had two sacks for a defense that kept the Raiders offense mostly in check on Sunday.

WR Verran Tucker, another Chiefs rookie, caught his first NFL touchdown and recovered a fumble on a punt to set up another score.

Raiders WR Jacoby Ford returned a kickoff for a touchdown and set up the winning field goal with an acrobatic 47-yard catch in overtime.

The Raiders had to overcome 15 penalties and three turnovers to win their third straight game.

Said Raiders coach Tom Cable of the first sellout crowd since last September, “The fans were off the hook. It made a difference, and that’s what it’s about when a team connects back with its fan base. I think we’ve done that, and the emotion of the game was very good for us. We needed to be in that [setting], because they’re just going to get bigger from here on out. That’s what happens when you achieve. That’s what happens when you have success.”

Raiders RB Darren McFadden tried a pass out of the Wildcat formation, but it fell incomplete and the running game never really got in gear for the Raiders.

QB Jason Campbell completed 15-of-23 passes for 211 yards in the second half to help lead the Raiders comeback.


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  1. This was a gut check game for the Raiders. Despite playing miserably during the first half they managed to get it together just enough to eke out a hard fought win. A real character game and it’s good to see young guys like Jacoby Ford stepping up with big plays when needed.

  2. You forgot to link to these articles:
    “Refs try to get both teams to lose via bogus calls”.
    Or this one:
    “NBA refs substituted for NFL refs. Fouls called on every play”.

    COLTS (L)
    CHIEFS (W)
    Steelers? Yes, just look at Gradkowski last yr around this time of yr. He led the Oakland Raiders to a victory at Pitt. While Oakland had a much worst team than they do now.. Especially 2rookies at WRs

  4. And I’ll say it one more time. J Campbell sucks and Bruce can’t come back fast enough. The team is carrying the QB and we got rid of Jamarcuss.

  5. Congrats Raiders. I was rooting for you.
    The fans were going bonkers when Ford made that catch at the end. Looked like an earthquake in the stands.

  6. I can see Kansas City’s season falling apart now. I think Raiders are solid but not ready for the playoffs. San Diego will sneak right back into this thing and take the AFC west.
    Raiders have some really hard games coming up. If they get to 8-8 that would be a huge season for the Oakland Raiders.

  7. The Tide Is Turning in the AFC West. Just as long as J Campbell isn’t regarded as the starter. Gradkowski would have scored at least two more TDs. We were missing a top Offensive and Defensive player too!!! Steelers are next! Lets hope it is televised!

  8. Gradkowski’s absolutely no good. What are you guys talking about???
    You’re winning games and you want Mr. A-Little-Below-Average to come back? You think Gradkowski have the experience and leadership ability to QB a team back from deficits?
    Be happy you won. Don’t be stupid by pining for Gradkowski while your winning with someone with better tools, abilities and experience.

  9. thats was the most incredible win for the raiders over their greatest rivals the refs in their franchise history. Everybody knows the zebras are the most difficult opponenet for the raiders to beat. The zebras once again did their best to ensure a raiders lost, but Jacoby Ford told the refs to shove it, and took things into his own hands.

  10. 1nationraidernation says:
    November 5, 2010 11:32 AM
    ………i am just wondering how many pass interference calls we are going to get, or illegal contacts on 3rd down plays for the chiefs. GO Raiders beat the refs, and dominate the chiefs
    Today on 11/8
    of course the first chiefs score was a result of the 30 yard pass interference call after the first two possesions of three and out, and another punt on the third possesion, the refs knew they needed to help out. Also of course on the 3rd down play just before the half the raiders got called for defensive holding/illegal contact in the end zone so the refs help by giving them a first and goal, but raiders d beat the refs by getting a sack, and then the interception in the end zone….Prop to the raiders for beating the refs!

  11. I knew it was going to be an uphill battle the moment I saw Jeff Triplette’s worthless mug on the field. That man screws the Raiders for a hobby. The only one worse is Walt Coleman.
    We (the Raiders) really need to start focusing more on decreasing the penalties. I realize that some of them were complete fallacies (pass interference while going up for the ball IN FRONT of the other reciever, etc), but others were just careless errors (false starts and neutral zone infractions). With refs like these, we need to have a flawless game – something we haven’t had to date.
    I’m not usually the one to blame a game on the refs – I believe our shortcomings are ours, not fabricated. HOWEVER, I don’t think any honest person could say this game wasn’t being spun by the refs. Case and point;
    *It’s blatantly against regulations to review a play after the next play has happened (it’s been a function of coaches for years to hurry and get the next snap off before the opposing team or the refs have a chance to challenge a questionable call because it can’t be reviewed after the next down has played out) yet they did it TWICE.
    *They totally blew a touchdown call (the Chiefs reciever’s knee landed in the white “out of bounds” area before his other foot came down, yet was ruled a completed catch) which resulted in a KC score.
    *An incorrect fumble call (there wasn’t one, and we were robbed of the ball) which resulted in a KC score.
    *A totally wrong pass interference call (when the defender is between the reciever and the ball, jumping up for the ball with both hands up for the ball, it’s pretty impossible to be causing interference – it’s called intercepting) which resulted in a KC score.
    I think the refs need to be held responsible for these mistakes, and not just have Mike Perriera on NFL Network Monday morning saying, “Oh, that wasn’t a good call. It happens though.” They essentially gifted the Chiefs 17 points. It would’ve been another large victory if there had been decent officiating, instead of squeaking by in overtime.
    But in the end, a win is a win, and we’re not only 3 in a row now, we’re over .500 @ midseason for the first time in a LONG time! I’ll take it!

  12. “The Chiefs entered Sunday’s game averaging 190 rushing yards per game, but they only managed 104 against the Raiders.”
    Take note that they didn’t break the 100 yard mark until overtime, so in four quarters, they were held to less than 100.
    I have to agree about the refs. They were incompetent at best. Two horrible P.I. calls against the Raiders. A fumble called, that was not a fumble. These bad calls set the Chiefs up for 14 of their points. Even worse, they called a first down for the Chiefs a fourth down and didn’t catch until the play was ran. It’s one thing to blow P.I. calls and screw up tackles by calling a non- fumble, but to not know what down it is, is inexcusable. It’s a good thing for the Chiefs that it was caught in time.
    It’s a shame as well, that Sea Bass missed another easy FG attempt. If he made it, the game tying drive would have been the game winner, and there would have been no O.T. at all.
    It seemed to be the typical hard fought Raiders/Chiefs style of game of the recent past. Where both teams play like garbage, both teams have to battle the opponent, the refs, and themselves in order to win. This time the better team won finally.

  13. Throwing the bomb on the first play of overtime. John Madden was smiling. Shades of Lamonica. The Raidezzzz!!!!!!

  14. Both teams had to battle the weather and the refs. I want to know how the league, which supposedly prides itself on being the best, can allow their officials to have 27 penalties called in one game, and only 10 penalties called in a different game. I realize that there isn’t going to be a set number of penalties per game, but the range between those two shows the inconsistency of the referees. And now the league wants to add on trying to change the basic way people have tackled in this game for 100 years, but yet they continue to accept beyond ridiculously low performance from their officials. Hey, if you want to fine players for tackling based on your judgement call that the hit was to “aggressive”, fine the officials for multiple mistakes, especially in one game. This had all the makeups of a “classic” game, and unfortunately, for both sides, the outcome was determined more by the officials than the 44 men on the field…. One final note, this is playing perfectly into the Raiders hands.. early in the year, everyone was convinced KC was walking to the division title… now, everybody is ready to just part the seas and anoint San Diego as the West Champs. One pertinent fact in San Diego’s ability to climb up from the depths… and that was the complete and utter collapse of the Broncos both years.. first under Shanahan, last year under McDaniels…. I don’t think they can necessarily count on the complete collapse of either of these two teams….

  15. boltschick says: November 8, 2010 12:51 PM
    Congrats Raiders. I was rooting for you.
    The fans were going bonkers when Ford made that catch at the end. Looked like an earthquake in the stands.
    It really was, the stadium was shaking, great stuff.
    PS: I know why you were rooting for the Raiders. 🙂

  16. If the Commish is really concerned about the integrity of his league he should fire that officiating crew.

  17. I can’t wait for Gradkowski comes back so you idiot raider fans shut up! Gradkowski flat out sucks! Why do you insist on backing this guy all the time? There is a reason he has been on multiple teams, the reason being is he’s no good! So as soon as he comes back you will see you are all wrong as usual. By the way there is no way in hell he makes that throw to Jacoby Ford towards the end of the game. He has one of the worst arms in the NFL. You morons act like he’s Peyton Manning and Campbell is Curtis Painter. You people make me sick at your lack of knowledge regarding the qb position.What is your infatuation with Gradkowski?Please someone tell me because I don’t get it!

  18. How bout them Raidezzzz!?
    Tha Raiders have absolutely imposed themselves on the opposition. Let’s continue the domination!

  19. jkr says: There is a reason he has been on multiple teams, the reason being is he’s no good!
    The last two QBs to lead the Raiders to the Super Bowl: Rich Gannon and Jim Plunkett. I’m pretty sure they were on multiple teams also.
    Besides the point though… Raider fans need to pull back on the reigns a little bit, Pittsburgh is not a guaranteed win just because we beat the Polamalu-less Steelers last year.
    Right now I feel pretty comfortable with whatever QB the Raiders put in. As long as Campbell, Gradkowski, Boller can all hand the ball off the Run DMC they’ll be just fine. Gradkowski might be the better option because of his ability to get rid of the ball quick, very important vs a fast Pitt D.
    Last point, more wildhog please! The more you keep the Pitt D on their heels, the better.

  20. RAIDERRICH! You are exactly the type of raider fan I’m speaking of! Your comparing a journeyman backup like Gradkowski to a two time superbowl winner like Plunkett and Gannon a league MVP and pretty good qb in his own right! Wow you people never cease to amaze me.

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