Paul Pasqualoni takes over Cowboys' defense

With today’s firing of Cowboys coach Wade Phillips, Paul Pasqualoni will take over the defense in Dallas for the next two months.

Pasqualoni, who had been the defensive line coach, will be the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator for the rest of the season. Phillips had handled the defensive game planning, as the team didn’t have a defensive coordinator on the staff.

Pasqualoni was fired in January as the Dolphins’ defensive coordinator after serving in that job for two years. The Cowboys brought him on board shortly after that.

In a coaching career spanning three decades, Pasqualoni has also served as head coach at Syracuse for 14 years.

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  1. Another reason they should have waited to fire Wade. A midseason firing when your team is already getting close to being mathematically eliminated from playoff contention doesn’t really solve anything. They should have waited to fire Wade so they could get a real HC and DC. Something tells me Garrett will not want to go back to being OC if the Cowboys don’t improve. This is just a big mistake all around.

  2. Cowboys will blow no matter who their coach is. Romo is an average QB at best and the defense is getting old. They’ll be 1-15 this year

  3. I don’t think the Cowboys will “blow” no matter who the HC is. Hire Cowher in Jan., use high draft picks intelligently and get a soft schedule. Yea, I think 1-15 works out about right. See ya at the Bowl in 2012.

  4. Why are you worried about Garrett going back to OC? Any new HC is going to want his own guys… Garrett won’t be back.

  5. I thought pasqualoni was a noodle. Anyway he should be perfect for all those meatballs the pokes have on defense.

  6. Jerry Jones could delay no longer. It was very clear at the lack of professionalism by the team last night that Wade wasn’t effective as the “head coach” of this team. There was also some mercy in this decision since it had become a foregone conclusion that Wade was done.
    The fear I have that if (when) the Cowboys go 1-15 this, then Jerry will trade a #1 or #2 pick for a couple 5th round picks.

  7. Jerry is going to start playing for the first pick. Who does he go after a QB or a Left Tackle? Or an new offensive line? They never should have gone into t he season when guys like Jarrad Gaither and Jamaal Brown were available. He is lucky Romo only broke his color bone…. Isn’t having a good O’ line the first thing they teach you in GM school

  8. Ware and Spencer would be effective defensive ends in a 4-3 alignment, which would make the Cowboys much more athletic because they could put the immobile Brooking on the sidelines where he belongs.

  9. ..and the real winner is all of this is…..
    [ drumroll ]
    Wade Philips.
    He’s got millions of Jerruh’s money, and he doesn’t have to get out of bed tomorrow…

  10. He was a good coach at Syracuse, leading them to multiple bowl games and top 25 rankings. He would’ve been a much better choice than Garrett. You can’t hold his time in Miami against him. Nobody does sh!t in Miami, just askJimmy Johnson.

  11. In a coaching career spanning three decades, Pasqualoni has also served as head coach at Syracuse for 14 years.
    You failed to add ….’during which time he oversaw the decline of Syracuse from the national power it had been for decades to a 3rd tier major which other schools gladly scheduled as a sure win’.
    Gravel voiced Pasqualoni followed the beloved Coach Mac (Dick MacPherson). It was like an impotent rat trying to replace a lion. Syracuse kept waiting for him to get his game together, but finally realizing the guy was a loser, showed him the door. Syracuse has yet to recover from the damage he did to the program.
    While not a native Texan, Pasqualoni will fit in well in Dallas…all hat and no cattle.

  12. “You failed to add ….’during which time he oversaw the decline of Syracuse from the national power it had been for decades to a 3rd tier major which other schools gladly scheduled as a sure win’. ”
    What a bunch of bs… Read the following from Wikipedia –
    Pasqualoni was an assistant at Syracuse from 1987 until 1991, when he was promoted to head coach after the position was vacated by Dick MacPherson, who left for the NFL to coach the New England Patriots. The Orange (then known as the Orangemen) enjoyed a number of successful years with Pasqualoni at the helm. The team won the Fiesta Bowl over Colorado in 1992 and defeated Clemson 41-0 in Gator Bowl in 1995, Donovan McNabb’s freshman year. The team had a 6-3 record in bowl games under Pasqualoni. Pasqualoni’s 14-year record with Syracuse was 107-59-1. His only losing season was in 2002 with a 4-8 record. Most seasons of his tenure saw Syracuse competing in the Top 25 in the country.
    At the conclusion of the 2004 season the team lost the Champs Sports Bowl 51-14. New athletic director Daryl Gross fired Pasqualoni on December 29, 2004, despite the fact that Syracuse’s president, Nancy Cantor, publicly stated that Pasqualoni would be on the sidelines the next season[2]. He was replaced by Greg Robinson, who had been serving as the defensive coordinator at the University of Texas. During the 2005 season, the first season in 14 years without Pasqualoni leading the team, the Orange football team posted a record of 1-10, the worst record in the 117-year history of Syracuse University football.

  13. cowboys need to trade romo, marion barber,terence newman, roy williams and maybe a few others. obviously this wont happen but if it was up to me i would want to start fresh in dallas. Romo will continue to have Great flashy plays and wins that are outweighed by poor ones and will never be an elite qb in the league. as a chargers fan i am glad crayton was traded but he seems like a guy the cowboys might have wanted to keep around. jerry jones needs to understand that sometimes you cant just fill your team with chiefs but some indians as well.

  14. ‘See ya at the Bowl in 2012.”
    Unfortunately, Dallas fans have been repeating that same line for 15 straight years now. At some point, you would think you clowns would learn to stay quiet and enjoy it when the moment comes. But making an ass of yourself seems to be the Dallas way. Like owner, like fans.

  15. Pasqualoni isn’t responsible for the decline of SU football. He had a solid run, with really one bad season. SU jumped the gun in my opinion when they canned him.
    His replacement, Greg Robinson, was the dagger the program is still trying to recover from. Marrone seems to finally have the Cuse on the right track again.

  16. I can’t believe you people actually think Bill Cowher would work for Jerry Jones. Jones wants to control the team and so does Cowher. How would that work out??? If Bill decides to coach again next year it will be with Carolina, where he lives.

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