Celek: Freeney was "ready to give up"

Like many Colts, defensive end Dwight Freeney just isn’t the same player away from home.

He has four sacks, three forced fumbles and a “stuff” in only three home games.  He has one sack and no forced fumbles or stuffs in five away games.

The Eagles shut Freeney down on Sunday by sending a lot of attention his way.  Eventually, it caused Freeney to give up on plays, according to Eagles tight end Brent Celek.

“You can tell,” Celek said Monday on Daily News Live, according to Jordan Raanan. “I even talked to my coach about it today. When we were chipping and
blocking Freeney, it was getting to the point where he was ready ready
to give up
on the field. He was so frustrated and mad.

“You could tell after a few guys hit him, he would just kind of quit on a play.”

Freeney will try to do better this week at home against the Bengals.  The Colts have three challenging road games left (New England, Tennessee, Oakland), but their home-heavy schedule helps their chances in a tight AFC South race.

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  1. Well, considering he gets held just about every play, can’t say that I blame him.
    One thing though, he should’ve figured out to quit spinning up the field and try to hold the pocket. Vick got just what he wanted from Freeney and Mathis.

  2. Because the colts do so poorly on the road accumulating the most wins on the road since 2000 by 3 games over the next closest team.
    Also 3 more than the next closest team since 2005.
    Yeah they just aren’t the same team away from home.

  3. Triple teams can have that effect. Having watched him play the Redskins though he certainly wasn’t quitting on that road game.
    Just sayin.

  4. Celek doesn’t need to be calling out any other players when he has a big old goose egg for receptions in the same game. Step up and be a factor already!

  5. DE’s and WR’s are the most over analyzed players. The fact of the matter is, if you’re a good DE/WR, you’ll get your stats and highlights, and then you’ll get the other teams’ focus, i.e. Randy Moss may have zero catches, but the defense HAS to account for him every play, no matter his effort.
    Basically if a players half effort, takes away one or two full efforts by the opponent, you’ve won a battle that won’t show up in the highlight reel or the fantasy football stats.
    That being said, Freeney should have kept his cool but players are people too. Frustration this year has been at an all time high, with the hits and “taking plays off”.

  6. Celek had no points because he was staying into block. Also, if you started Celek on your fantasy team you should probably give up.

  7. Let me help Celek here.. of course with Vick being that quick on both his release and gashing them for 75 yards its understandble why they quit

  8. It doesn’t surprise me that the Colts are terrible on the road. If I lived in Indianapolis and had a weekend away, I would go out on the town late into the night before a game too.

  9. For a guy who is a role player, Celek sure does a lot of talking. He’s the white Patrick Crayton.

  10. Celek must be as stupid as you can be. Why would he think a tight end saying this would make a difference as it means they were at least double teaming him every play?
    Also if Celek didn’t have any catches and he was doubling Freeney, doesn’t that mean Freeney took Celek out of the game? I think so.

  11. When you win you can talk all you want. Freeny quit, goes right along with the rest of the Colt’s organization. Altough usually they wait until at least January.
    Can we stop pretending Peyton is the greatest QB ever? He’s like third best of the last decade.

  12. “kinda like how Celek quit on fantasy owners?? 0 points…you should keep your mouth shut!!”
    – Thats because he was beating up on Freeney all day!
    “Also if Celek didn’t have any catches and he was doubling Freeney, doesn’t that mean Freeney took Celek out of the game? I think so.”
    – A trade-off the Eagles will take all day long.

  13. Man, cue the Colts fan crying…I didn’t realize the level of complaining that would come out of Indy. Your “elite” pash rusher isn’t elite…get over it. Maybe if they used Manning’s forehead as a nose tackle that would let Freeney get back to doing his pirouettes on the outside like old times. Spin, ballerina, spin!

  14. mburger13 says: “kinda like how Celek quit on fantasy owners?? 0 points…you should keep your mouth shut!!”
    I say: get a life, you fantasy nerd. Celek was doing what TE’s are supposed to do against teams with good pass rushes: BLOCK.
    Zaggs: if “Freeney took Celek out of the game” it was to no avail: zero sacks, totally ineffective vs. the run, and the Birds put more points on the scoreboard than the Colts. “Took him out of the game?” They cancelled each other out. And with Vick, Jackson, McCoy, Avant, and Maclin making big plays, that’s a trade I’m willing to take. There’s this thing called the forest. You ought to take a look at it instead of fixating on a single tree. Idiot.

  15. did celek’s play had an impact on the game?
    hell yes! the eagles kicked their asses.
    celek doesn’t have to prove he is a good receiving TE, because he already has done that -that’s is why so many have him as their fantasy TE and now are bitching allover-.
    now he is also a great blocking TE that knows when to do it for the team.
    and it worked sweetly!

  16. Dawrecker,
    He wasn’t saying the Colts aren’t good on the road, he was simply stating that Freeny hasn’t been as dominate on the road as he has been at home this season. Maybe you want to read the post again?
    “He has has four sacks, three forced fumbles and a “stuff” in only three home games. He has one sack and no forced fumbles or stuffs in five away games.”

  17. Ummm….Celek isn’t a “role” player. He’s a starting TE who was kept in to block Freeney & Mathis. Please learn more about the game of football prior to commenting.

  18. jandrews86: it’s the implication of Freeney’s poor road performances that’s important. It validates what Celek is claiming.
    Oh, and “dominate” is a verb, as in “jandrews86 prefers when women *dominate* him.”
    You used it as an adjective. The word you’re looking for is “dominANT,” as in “It appears that jandrews86 will not be *dominant* at this weeks spelling bee.”

  19. Wow…this is pretty newsworthy. The Eagles embarrassed one of the premier DEs in the game. I think it’s all coming together for Gang Green.

  20. Hopefully theres a rematch in Dallas…against a HEALTHY Colts team!!
    Then we’ll see whos talkin sh-t afterwards…

  21. It’s easy to spout your mouth off about a player from another team when you only have to play them one out of every four years. Freeney has been the best defensive end over the last decade while Celek has done nothing. Who is he to criticize?

  22. Jeaaff Jeaaff Jeaaff says:
    November 9, 2010 2:34 PM
    Hopefully theres a rematch in Dallas…against a HEALTHY Colts team!!
    Then we’ll see whos talkin sh-t afterwards…
    – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – — – – – — – – – – – – –
    I would go with the Eagles. Peyton is one of if not the biggest choke artist of all time. Doubtful he could win a super bowl game when the opposing quarterback isn’t Rex Grossman.

  23. @ QuincyCarter
    Go ahead and take Philly…when have they ever won anything?? And when did Vick ever win anything?? They won a game by 2 points against a banged up Colts team who just played a big game on Monday night while the Eagles had their bye week…thats nothin to brag about!!

  24. I would quit on plays too if my defense relied soley on 2 guys to get pressure or bust. The Colts simply don’t have anyone else on that defense who could start for another team, even Brackett. They are just too small and its caught up with them this year. Let me expain more…
    Usually you can say 12-4 season in the bag for the Colts. This year is different. Offensively the Colts are in trouble and will be in trouble competing in shoot outs from here and out. They don’t have the firepower. Cincy can even pose a threat at this point. Its not likely to say at this point the Colts have a chance for the playoffs unless Collie can play. Even if he could, Dallas Clark to that offense was like taking a tire away from a car and asking it to win a race with a spare. Tamme is an average tight end at best and he’s not even in the same league as other teams second stringers playing at that position. Basically Peyton is playing with a third string tightend caliber player.
    This team is built to fail. The two most important groups in football are just WAY small. Offensive line, Defensive line. It doesn’t matter who you have at quarterback or receiver, it doesn’t matter what receiver or runningback is injured or who you put in there, if you have these two things going for you, your going to be good. There is no fools gold in this formula. The Colts live and die by fools gold in that their team is filled with flaws but get covered up by stellar management from Manning.
    Bill Polian stubbornly refuses to admit drafting mistakes and its effecting his team, his players health and its starting to make them look silly in losses. He’s drafted players at certain skilled positions that are not NFL worthy players, thats why I believe so many are getting injured, they are simpley not on an NFL caliber level. They may “heart”, but this team is built like a bunch of “Bob Sanders” clones. Good for a particular system, but a system that the rest of the league has finally caught up to.

  25. Who will be remembered years from now???
    Celek’s average self or Dwight Freeney?
    Congrats Eagles, you took down a bruised and battered 2nd String Colts team by 2 points. You cheered as a man lay motionless and borderline unconscious on the field. You won, sweet, congrats, we’d likely return the favor if we played in Indy.
    Eagles fans… Learn how to win and be humble about it. I know we are talking Philly fans here, not exactly the most reasonable people in the nation, but seriously, Win and move on. The Colts played with half their Offense and about 2/3rds their Defense and still took it to the wire. Be thankful you escaped with a W and move on.

  26. JEAFF, and you would consider the Eagles healthy?? We’re without 1st team All-Pro FB Leanord Weaver, starting CB Hobbs was out, starting FS Nate Allen missed most of the game with a neck injury, starting RG Max Jean Gilles was out for the game. And why do so many colts fans whine about their WR injuries? You still have your top 2 starting WR out on the field. If Jason Avant and Riley Cooper got injured, I wouldnt be whining as long as Desean and Maclin were out there. Yeah, it sucks not having a full squad, but you guys still have plenty of starters out there, and your TE is playing just as good as Dallas Clark was. And your team isnt the only team with injuries either. We’ve had to deal with QB injuries all season long.

  27. XLI, why do dumbshits like you keep saying that Eagle fans were cheering when Collie was on the ground. They clapped when the medics got him up on the stretcher. Dont you think that was a NICE gesture? What was wrong with that? Colts fans need to quit using injuries as an excuse. Before their loss to PHilly, I read so many posts from colts fans saying that they can plug in anybody and keep winning. Now, all of the sudden, they’re using injuries as an excuse. I guess I can do the same thing, check it out: Philly lost to GB because Vick didnt play the whole game. They lost to Was because Vick got injured. And they lost to Tenn because they were without Vick and Desean. Does any of this matter? Quit bitching!! Your team lost a game that all of you colts fans thought you would win. I didnt hear you colts fans complaining about those injuries BEFORE the game.

  28. buddha where has your team been for the last few years ? not at the superbowl . celek is talking hmm did he make a catch?

  29. I do believe theEagles got called for 14 penalties,and half of them were frauds, Penalities gave the colts 14 points, Worst case of officiating i have seen in an nfl game

  30. It’s always the little people who make comments about great players. Brent Celek has been playing the Invisible Man this season & he’s knocking Freeney. Brent , spend some time in the film room. The Eagles, just like every other team the Colts play, held Freeney on every play.
    On 1 play there were 5 Eagles on him, one holding his facemask, 1 horse-collaring him, 1 bear-hugging him, 1 chop blocking him & the last one actually just trying to block. The damn refs don’t call any holding calls for holding Freeney. Never. The Colts were not only playing the Eagles, who are nowhere as good as their record, but also the refs. Wake up & concentrate on trying to catch at least 1 pass per game.

  31. No, no catches for Celek. He was spending most of his time on the line of scrimmage helping keep Mathis and Freeney frustrated. (Refer to title of article)

  32. @buddha
    Its useless debating” XLI”. He would support the Colts even if they were responsible for the crucifixion of our lord. This guy is on the board of every Stampede Blue post saying the most obvious, supportive mumbo jumbo known to man. Its actually funny he’s actually relevant as of now, because I think his voice mainly goes unheard because its usually boring.
    Having said that, I watched the game. Asante Samuel was dancing around and the camera caught him doing it, so on tv it did looked classless. This guy is a known jerk though, it doesn’t make the whole Eagles team jerks. I actually saw many Eagles kneel after the first commercial break something XLI, or anyone else don’t want to acknowledge. Typical Colts fans aren’t they? Can’t point out the actual facts just the ones that support their heresay.
    You have to quit talking about past tense irrelevant sh!t. Where has your team been? Lets look at yours now bro…Doesn’t matter how many catches Celek has, your team lost and it should have been worse of a beaten. The best quarterback on the field that day wasn’t Manning and you know it. You feel it slipping, the season, the future and now you, XLI and all you other Colts fans are grasping for useless, relentless, irrelevant sh!t that means nothing about today. 5-3 and injuries galore. Is Peyton Manning going to pull dead rabbits out of a hat? These players suck bro, lets be honest. Your entire squad is filled with suck a$$ess.

  33. In this thread: People judging Brent Celek’s production but don’t know the different between a Tight End and a Wide Receiver.
    Schmitt and Celek were helping Peters ALL DAY with chipping on Freeney. Keeping that beast away from Vick was the single most important job of the day, and , what do you know, it worked.

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