Vince Young returns to practice

Titans quarterback Vince Young returned to practice on Thursday, 11 days after aggravating an ankle injury that caused him to miss a Week Seven win over the Eagles.

Per Terry McCormick of, Young split first-team reps with Kerry Collins.

“It depends on how I feel tomorrow and the weekend and we’ll make that decision on Sunday.  It’s day to day,’’ Young said, per Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “You have to take your time and be smart about the whole situation.  We still have a long season.  Yes, I want to be out there playing but if [the injury] won’t let me play I won’t play.  You have to treat it and take care of it.  I want to be patient with it.’’

Coach Jeff Fisher sounds optimistic.  “We’re hopeful that he’ll get the bulk of the starter reps tomorrow,” Fisher said, per McCormick.

If Young plays against the Dolphins, he says he won’t be forcing the ball to receiver Randy Moss.

“We all know what Randy can do on the outside and he does those spectacular plays, and there is a time for those types of plays and there is a time not for those type of plays,’’ Young said.  “So it is based on what the defense is doing and I want to get the ball in the right guy’s hands based on the coverage, like I’ve been doing.’’

That’s fine.  But there’s one guy who’ll think that the “right guy’s hands” are, more often than not, his hands.

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  1. I like Vince Young. I do not like changing my user name.

    today pft stands for pfffffffffffffffft. Raspberries to you sirs.

  2. I really hope Kerry Collins gets the start for the Titans! If he wins, then he will join Brett Favre as the only QB to defeat every team. Miami is the last one left for Kerry, as he is at 31 teams defeated, with Brady and Manning.

    Kerry Has been a class act for the Titans and a great backup QB, and starter when we need him! Hopefully he will get the chance to do this as a Titan!

    Here’s hopin Kerry gets the start!!!

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