Ronnie Brown tells Dolphins: “It’s time to man up”

Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne was the player who lost his starting job in a high-profile shakeup this week, but running back Ronnie Brown says there are a whole lot of other players on the roster who ought to be thinking about their jobs.

“It’s time to man up as an individual and realize what you need to do,” Brown said, per Mike Berardino of the Sun Sentinel. “If you need to spend more time in the classroom or studying, or put in extra work outside, whatever it is, we’ve got to man up as individuals and take responsibility for our actions and ultimately try to make this team better.”

Brown also said the Dolphins are lacking in “swagger,” that elusive quality that no one seems able to define but Brown said is apparent in two teams that have beaten the Dolphins this year.

“It’s been said we need to have swagger as a team,” Brown said. “Swagger is pretty much just a confidence about your team. You see it with certain teams. The Ravens are obviously one of those teams. The Jets, as bad as I hate to admit it, those guys walk around like they’re supposed to win football games.”

If the Dolphins start to play with “swagger,” replacing Henne with Chad Pennington will surely get most of the credit. But Brown seems to think there are more players on the roster who need to pick up their play.

8 responses to “Ronnie Brown tells Dolphins: “It’s time to man up”

  1. The first player who needs to man up is Channing Crowder. Well, actually, he just needs to be cut. As long as he’s on the team, they won’t be successful.

  2. The Dolphins have not executed very well this year. Henne has not played as badly as it seems. The play calling has been poor, some throws have been off target, runners have been tentative, balls have been dropped, several tackles have been missed, easy interceptions have been dropped. It looks like the team has just been going through the motions rather than playing with purpose. Ronnie is right, but he should have noticed this a few weeks ago. I hope they play better in all phases. If they do, Pennington will get some of the credit because of his leadership. I think Henne is better at the mid to longrangfe plays but it seems those plays are not getting called. The OC has a habit of abandoning things that are working and calling some head-scratching plays. My guess is that there will be some deep passes called when the guy that can throw them is sitting on the sidelines. Pennington is the better QB for a dink and dunk short game but that will not get it done. They need to get some yards in chunks. Hopefully the benching is just to light a fire under Henne. Regardless, unless they change their conservative play-calling, wins will be hard to get.

  3. the dolphins need a running game.the wildcat has run its course.the league has caught up to it.ronnie brown looks slow to me and i am not sure if ricky is young enough or durable enough to go a whole when the draft comes around the dolphins better get a rb.i think henne can get the job done .alot of hennes picks are tipped passes or wr. falling down on there routes.and the play calling is awful.

  4. The wildcat is not run the same as it used to be. Before, nobody knew where the ball was going…including Ronnnie…until Brown read the defense and reacted. Now, it looks like it is predetermined and Ronnie looks tentative. Its ineffectiveness has more to do with its execution than defensive schemes. They bring this out at the worst possible times (like when Henne finally gets into a rhythm) and then they run it with little to no enthusiasm. It is still a valuable tool, but they need to run it like they used to with Brown/Williams/Cobb on the field at the same time.

  5. People who say words like “Swag,” “swagger,” “epic,” “really?,” and “seriously?” are tools.

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