Debating whether the Jets are lucky or good

The Jets continue to win games they would find a way to lose in the past.

On Sunday, they survived a kicker with the yips against an outstanding Browns team.  This was a far better performance than a week before against Detroit.  New York really outplayed Cleveland for much of the second half, but wound up needing a turnover in overtime to ultimately win 26-20.

The last convincing Jets win was in Week Four, against the Bills.  Does it matter?  The Football Night in America Crew has their say:

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21 responses to “Debating whether the Jets are lucky or good

  1. A little of both? You kinda have to be lucky to be good.

    Giants were great in 2008 SB but also very lucky. Tyree’s catch and Samuels not making a relatively easy INT.

  2. A little of both. The Browns could have won the game in overtime and they know it. A tough loss for the Browns.

  3. I’m a fin fan, and it drives me crazy, but a win is a win. There are no style points. I’ll take being on the winning side of close games, over the losing side any day of the week.

  4. Browns played hard but did not get the W. McCoy doesnt look like a rookie at all and he made all the plays he should have. I think the Browns should have went a little more to the run game but hey its typical Daboll calling. Im not sure the status of Sheldon Brown but i think Eric Wright needs to go.

    Go Browns!

    Congrats Jets fans

  5. That’s the way the Vikings won last year. I don’t think they can beat the Ravens, Pats, Steelers, or Colts like that in the playoffs though.

  6. Both. So what though.Every single SB winning team in my memory has had both good luck and favorable bounces of the ball along the way.

  7. The Pats are beginning to look exactly like the team they were before Randy arrived and they were winning Super Bowls. They are oplaying sound football in all phases. They may not be quite as explosive offensively, but none of that matters as long as you win.

  8. “an Outstanding Browns Team”

    Well you never would have said that before Colt McCoy took over.

    Funny how little people notice his outstanding performances but rave about Sam “doe eyes” Bradford.

    And the Browns should have won this game. Jerk receiver fumbled the ball just as they got into field goal range.

  9. The Jets beat the Browns. The Browns killed the Patriots. The Patriots killed the Steelers on the road. The lowly Cowboys killed the Giants on the road. The Jets beat the Patriots. The Jets right now are the best team in the NFL with Atlanta a close second.

    Dean Wormer

  10. Bring your popcorn!

    That third round pick for Braylon “Hands of Stone” Edwards turned into a rookie named Colt McCoy.

    Go poll 32 NFL coaches and ask them which of the two they would rather have on their roster.

    And bring your popcorn to watch the reaction of “Hands of Stone” soon to be looking for a new team!

  11. It all depends on the running game, if they can run the ball effectively, they’re a whole different team.

    If they can’t, they’re in trouble, Sanchez can’t carry the team.

  12. Luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity.

    Don’t sell the Jets short, they’ve put themselves where the are. The question is whether or not they have staying power as the season progresses.

  13. Now I hate the Jets, but yesterday’s game counts just as much as the Patriots obliterating the Steelers. Still just a win (unless you get down to like 7th tiebreakers, points for/against or whatever it is)

  14. I’m a Redskins fan, but I’d say they’re as lucky as the Patriots were in 2001. Good young QB, tough defense, a little moxie and a few lucky bounces of the ball, they could go all the way……maybe.

  15. joetoronto says:
    Nov 15, 2010 7:26 AM
    It all depends on the running game, if they can run the ball effectively, they’re a whole different team.

    If they can’t, they’re in trouble, Sanchez can’t carry the team.

    Why not Dumb “ass” ,thats exactly what he did yesterday Mark carried the them….

  16. We’ll see how good, or how lucky, the Jets are after another 8 weeks of the schedule. This team has some talent, and their coach at least has a clue, but I don’t see them hanging in their with New England or Pittsburgh for a conference title.

  17. you need to be both good and lucky. as much as i wanted my browns to win we could have sealed the game a few times and weren’t able to. MAJOR props to sanchez. there were more then a few times he should have been sacked and he got away from it and made plays.

    even though i was bummed from the loss it was great to see a close game, a coaching chess match, and the browns have a qb who can be leaned on to score on a 2 minute drive in the 4th against a good defense.

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