Henne, Long not scratched yet for Fins

A full 25 years after the Bears and Dolphins got together in Miami for one of the greatest regular-season games of all time, the two teams will have a reunion on Thursday night.

For now, quarterback Chad Henne (knee) and left tackle Jake Long (shoulder) have not been ruled out by the Dolphins.  Obviously, however, they didn’t practice on Monday.  Also missing for the Dolphins were center Joe Berger (knee) and safety Chris Clemons (hamstring).

Practicing on a limited basis were safety Yeremiah Bell (toe), tackle Vernon Carey (knee), safety Tyrone Culver (ankle), and receiver Roberto Wallace (knee).  Fully participating were linebacker Channing Crowder (ribs), linebacker Karlos Dansby (elbow), linebacker Tim Dobbins (ankle), defensive end Kendall Langford (ankle), and linebacker Cameron Wake (hip).

For the Bears, five players are on the initial injury report, all of whom practiced on a limited basis:  cornerback Zackary Bowman (foot), receiver Rashied Davis (quad), receiver Devin Hester (shoulder), receiver Johnny Knox (ankle), and center Olin Kreutz (hamstring).

16 responses to “Henne, Long not scratched yet for Fins

  1. Should make for some great,,,,(gag) Thursday night (gag) football….I just threw up in my mouth a little….ugh

  2. Even with Henne and Long the Dolphins have no chance against the Bears.

    But I do credit the Dolphins and Dan Marino for that Monday Night win over the Bears back in 85. That was probably the biggest win in Marino’s career.

    Dean Wormer

  3. jetsarestacked take your 7-2 record and run before lady luck changes her mind.

    yea its not within our nature to run our mouths and conduct press conferences pretending to be fat when we actually ARE fat. or pretending to be clowns when we actually ARE clowns. maybe if rex spent the 30 minutes he took to prepare that embarassment and put it to, ohh i dont know, coaching, the “stacked” jets couldve beaten the mccoy led browns in regulation.

  4. Jets fans I guarantee you guys will choke AGAIN! Your franchise is so pathetic this is your best record since 1986 where YOU CHOKED!!! Keep living on Namath and the ONE superbowl way back when we landed on the moon! GIANTS RULE NEW YORK!!!

  5. Get the guy out of there. He’s absolutely brutal! Good thing he made those comments about how Tim Tebow is not NFL quarterback material. Not looking so hot yourself bud. Thigpen needs to finish out the year.

  6. As as Lions fan, I can tell you that the Bears are plain terrible. The Dolphins will have their way with the Bears, with or without Jake Long and even if the venerable Tyler Thigpen starts the game for the Phins. The Bears are not even better than the horrible Lions, which is saying a lot…

  7. #
    ravensrule says: Nov 15, 2010 9:16 PM

    Should make for some great,,,,(gag) Thursday night (gag) football….I just threw up in my mouth a little….ugh

    what would be even worse?

    ravens vs bears

  8. I really don’t understand why everyone on here thinks Henne is so awful. Sure, he’s not the greatest, but he’s not “brutal” or anything of the sort. The guy makes an awful throw or two a game. Obviously, he needs to work on that. People act like it’s Ryan Leaf back there, and it’s really not.

  9. Skleech22 – Yeah those Giants sure ruled NY against those Cowgirls – How’d that work out for you – Did your Moms come down to the basement and wipe your bottom after the game?

  10. Last year when the jets lost close games at the end everyone said it was because they weren’t any good. This year they’re winning them and now its because they’re lucky? Lmao! Riiiiight.

  11. deanvernonwormer says:
    Nov 15, 2010 9:21 PM
    Even with Henne and Long the Dolphins have no chance against the Bears.

    Yeah, the Bears are such a powerhouse. Um, last time I checked, the Bears’ offensive line is like swiss cheese, and Miami has Cameron Wake who happens to be leading the AFC in sacks.

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