Bengals add a kicker with no NFL experience

With Mike Nugent scratched for the balance of the year (yeah, I went with the obvious Chris Berman-style reference), the Bengals need a kicker.

On Tuesday, they signed one.

He’s Aaron Pettrey, an undrafted rookie who was cut by the Panthers in June and the Lions in August.  He has no regular-season experience.  But he has kicked in one preseason game.

In our view, the move is aimed at tiding the Bengals over until Wednesday afternoon, in the event that former Steelers kicker Jeff Reed clears waivers.  If they had signed someone with experience and thereafter signed Reed, the Bengals would have owed a much bigger paycheck to the guy who would have been cut after only a couple of days on the roster.

Either way, we can’t imagine Pettrey kicking for the Bengals in Week 11.  Our guess is that, if they don’t sign Reed, the Bengals will bring in a veteran with game experience.  Regular-season game experience.

The Bengals also signed tackle Kirk Chambers, who replaces starting right tackle Andre Smith on the roster.

11 responses to “Bengals add a kicker with no NFL experience

  1. Or the Bengals are simply hiring a kid they feel can be a kicker for the future. I don’t know why you assume they want Jeff Reed. He missed a field goal that would have sealed the deal for the Steelers just last Monday against the Bengals. The Bengals already had a guy like that last year, Shayne Graham.

  2. So using that logic, how would any kicker coming out of college get any NFL regular season game experience?

  3. Mike Brown is trying to corner the market on ex-Buckeye kickers.

    Fast forward to next year’s draft:

    “With the first pick in the 2011 draft the Bengals select…Matt Barkley, placekicker, Ohio State”

  4. It makes perfect sense. Hire him at the league minimum, wait a day or two to see who’s available, and grab somebody better then cut him loose for pocket change.

    These guys are running a BUSINESS for the same reason as everybody else: To maximize every last dollar and dodge the hell out of as many taxes as possible. This move falls into the former category.

  5. I’m guessing Nugent was like “hey i went to college with this guy …”

    Buckeye kickers watchin’ out for each other! that said, Pettrey was pretty solid at OSU.

  6. @laxer37

    That could actually be a good idea. The first pick isn’t really worth having since they’ve gotta pay so much to a guy who hasn’t done anything yet, but a kicker surely couldn’t command the kind of contract the other guys get. I’m actually half serious.

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