Eagles win creates separation in NFC

There may be no truly great teams this season, but the good ones are starting to separate.

The Eagles dropped 45 first half points Monday night on the way to a ridiculous 59-28 victory over the Redskins.  Philadelphia broke the Monday Night Football record for points with five minutes left in the third quarter.

We’ll have time later to dissect Michael Vick’s epic night (413 combined yards, 6 TDs), but let’s take a look at the big picture first.  This was a defining loss for the Redskins, a team that is extremely unlikely to make the playoffs at 4-5.   Consider the NFC landscape:

The Atlanta Falcons are 7-2, and six NFC teams are 6-3.  Since the NFC West unfortunately gets a playoff spot, that leaves five spots for those remaining seven teams. The Redskins are two games back and have to pass three teams.

The NFL is predictably unpredictable, but we’d still be shocked to see teams like the Falcons, Saints, Giants, Packers, and Eagles collapse.  The Bucs’ schedule and young quarterback should keep them in the mix to the very end.  The Bears have the toughest road ahead.

The Redskins haven’t looked like a playoff team at any point this year anyway.  Their defense gives up way too many big plays and the passing game is disjointed.

Even with seven games left to go, expensive NFC calamities like the Redskins and Vikings have too much ground to make up and too many teams ahead of them.

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  1. Falcons, Saints, Bucs(weak schedule), Packers, Eagles will go through, the NFC West is a lottery to be decided by who wins the most division games

    and reg. the G-Men: every time the Giants play a *good* team, the Giants are sent packing

  2. I believed the Packers were the best team in the NFC, but the Eagles looked very impressive tonight. They a surprisingly efficient QB who is now a pick your poison kind of player, and Philly’s defense still is pretty decent. I think those two teams will wind up with bye weeks in the playoffs. The Eagles were extremely impressive (I don’t care for them) and the Packers have only lost 3 games this season 2 of which needed OT to decide.

  3. That’s right! We’re that much closer to finding out who will come in second in the Superbowl! NFC sux!




  5. Not to take anything away from the Eagles victory … tonight was one of those games where everything went right BUT the Eagles have yet to beat any good team on the road … beating the Lions, Jags, 49ers or Redskins doesn’t prove anything just yet.

  6. If I were any part of the Redskins organization, I’d be embarrassed right now. I’ve seen blowouts where it didn’t look like it should’ve happened like that, but this game wasn’t one of those.

    Vick made them look like amatuers and had them scared to the point of thinking and wondering instead of playing. On the Avant touchdown he pump fakes, rolls out, jukes a defender without even moving, and then fires a laser past three defenders.

    I hate to say it, but with each passing game it looks like the Eagles may be a huge road block to a Falcons Superbowl. I’m just praying we grab the best record in the conference. If that happens, all bets are off.

  7. Getting late Greg? “The Eagles dropped 45 first half points in the first half”…as opposed to dropping 45 first half points in the second half

  8. I think you can lock up the following NFC teams that will battle for playoff spots down to Week 17 –

    NY Giants

    I cannot see any scenario where the Dyslexic Duo of Jay Cutler and Mike Martz make the playoffs or even finish above 9-7.

  9. Mike Vick is starting to establish himself as a top Quarterback in the NFL. He looks great in the pocket and his speed is better than allot of cornerback’s and safteys. He’s extremely dangerous! Look out Peyton Manning!!!

  10. was’nt that beautiful.hey danny boy jamarcus russell can still be signed. he only wants 30 mil. lmao deadskins have used up all their luck.

  11. Vick did look damned good last night. He has some serious speed, and his long ball looked pretty.
    In all of the praise that will certainly be heaped upon him today, let’s not forget that he is scum.
    If the average American could actually see video of the things that he has done to animals, he wouldn’t be playing football. It would be different than just hearing about them.
    Holding an animal underwater with your hands while it struggles for it’s life? Just to get your rocks off?
    Hanging dogs on a rope to watch them flail and gasp for breath? While laughing and drinking with your boyz?
    Hooking up electrical wires to an animal’s balls to electrocute it? For fun?
    Folks, these weren’t cases of a bad decision on a fateful night. These are cases of a bad seed. It takes a special kind of demented human to be aroused by torturing living creatures. A mind like that isn’t changed by spending time in jail.

    Vick may be one heck of a football player, but let us remember, while he basks in this glory, the man is absolutely perverted.

  12. Wait a minute, I thought Laron Landry was going to shut down DeSean Jackson and the Skins were going to put a hurting on the Eagles. Would some of the Redskins fans mind telling me what happened? Anybody?

  13. why would Andy Reid go to Minnesota next year? that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Small chance Vick could end up there but that would probably take a combination of stinginess by the Eagles organization and Vick being 100% about money. It’s not like the Eagles don’t have the money to spend. They literally only have 2 players with bigtime contracts, Asante Samuel and Jason Peters.

  14. buzzbissinger says:
    Nov 16, 2010 12:26 AM
    That’s right! We’re that much closer to finding out who will come in second in the Superbowl! NFC sux!


    Yeah they do, I mean no way would the Saints ever beat the Steelers, or the Jets lose to the Packers, or the Falcons beat the Ravens…

    Oh wait…

  15. “I cannot see any scenario where the Dyslexic Duo of Jay Cutler and Mike Martz make the playoffs or even finish above 9-7.”

    I’m still skeptical at the Bears chances of getting in as well, but this just makes you sound like a sour grapes Vikings fan.

  16. rarson says:
    Nov 16, 2010 10:54 AM

    Nobody cares. Vick served his time, and is turning his life around. Get over it.

    Wa? Nobody cares? Do you know what the guy did? I can understand not punishing him for it for the rest of his life (although that’s a grey area)…but to “get over it” or “forget it”? If a guy rapes some kids, goes to prison for 20 years, and then gets out….he served his time. Let’s make him a school teacher and have him move in next door to you. Cool, right? He served his time, get over it.

  17. Wait, I thought the Vikings were going to represent the NFC in the Superbowl. At least that is what the fans have been saying all spring and summer.

    The reality of the NFL schedule has been hard on their dreams, 49 years and counting.

  18. I’m sure I’m not the only Packer fan that is glad we played and beat the Eagles already…before Vick got up to speed.

  19. @scra22

    Dare to dream guy. NFC don’t have a prayer. Last year the one hit wonder (Saints) got lucky, but what do you expect when you send a boy (Peton Manning) to do a man’s job.

  20. @buzzbissinger
    So you mean to tell me that Peyton manning the smartest quarterback maybe the best quarterback in nfl history is a boy in the position that a man should be in. Ok correction, yes i hate the colts im not a fan of them at all wat so ever, But peyton manning has carried that team to be what they have become over the years. He straightens out up front on the lign and makes adjustment calls through the wide recievers as the game goes now u tell me any quarterback that can do that in the league as well as him i kno some can do it but as WEll as him. Dude get ur facts straight please.
    Yes vick did all those horrible things and served his time but you tell me if he doesnt think about it everyday. Think about this before that happend he was out of the league for a drug charge do you not think that the drugs maybe had a thing or two to do with what he did. He made a mistake just like most criminals in this world have but he did pay for his mistake and now hes lookin forward to a better life and i believe he is a changed man. And Vick has a second chance at life and i think hes not gonna let anything stand in the way to make it better. By doing what he is now Makin himself known as a damn good quarterback in this league. He has established himself as one of the greats within Half of a season.

  21. Oh and its arguable to say that the NFC is not nearly good as the AFC Becuz im pretty sure stats will say that there both ranked about the same around the league and im pretty sure a good little bit of the NFC teams have beat the larger portion of the AFC this season

  22. Please it was Washington. Their defense sssuuucccckkkssssss!!!!!!! anyone with Haslett as their defensive coordinator is going to suck. Look how well he did with the Rams and Saints. Vick had a great game against a bad defense, his numbers aren’t that good when under pressure, and Washington isn’t giving anyone pressure. Just wait he’s older and gets hurt more easily now so in a couple of games he’ll be out again and (Kolb?) is going to carry them to the superbowl? Whatever.

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