LaRon Landry dismisses spitting accusation, NFL investigating

Redskins safety LaRon Landry is dismissing the accusation that he spat in the face of Eagles center Mike McGlynn during Monday night’s game, claiming he and McGlynn were never near each other.

“This is my answer: When would I ever be in touch with the center? I never blitz the ‘A’ gap.” Landry told the Washington Post.

But footage from the game shows Landry within spitting distance of McGlynn during extra points. Told of that, Landry still claimed he was never near McGlynn on the field.

“Extra points? Still, when would I ever be in the ‘A’ gap? Extra points I’m on the end. With that said, that’s your answer,” Landry said.

An NFL spokesman told the Philadelphia Daily News that the league is investigating the matter. That makes it the second straight week that the NFL has investigated a spitting accusation; last week the league looked into an allegation that Ravens fullback Le’Ron McClain spat on Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder, but the league said there wasn’t enough evidence to justify league discipline.

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  1. Anyone else have problems logging in and have to re register with a new username over the past few days?

  2. If Laron spits with the same kind of pin point accuracy that he uses when missing tackles, it is a fair argument that he was trying to spit onto the ground, and simply missed so badly that it caught McGlynn in the face….

  3. I will cut the outplayed,overated player some slack here…..He was just trying to clear the sod from his facemask after Jackson’s first play of the game 88 yard touchdown, when he faceplanted the Fed Ex field turf….Perhaps, he should be more worried his team was behind 35-0 before the Skins had a first down, instead of DNA splashes…..

  4. I have no doubt in my mind that Landry did it just like the kid at Balt, did it …..hopefully the League will suspend this F” for a game or 2 ….that would greatly improve the Redskin secondary They are probably hoping as well …

  5. #
    jimboonie says: Nov 16, 2010 4:35 PM

    Anyone else have problems logging in and have to re register with a new username over the past few days?

    Yes! Finally requested a new password, signed in and then changed my PW back to the original.

  6. Landry is little more than a punk. He reportedly triggered the pregame scrum by telling the recently concussed Desean Jackson that he was going to ‘put him to sleep again’.

    As fate would have it, Landry is the one who got some ‘nap time’ as he lay there with his face in the dirt watching Jackson go into the EZ with an 88yd TD catch on the 1st play.

    Initially, when Jackson turned around to taunt Washington as he approached the 15yd line, I thought him to be an ass. Knowing now what Landry had said to him, I can’t blame Jackson.

    Landry and DeAngelo Hall would do well to let their play talk for them. Tough guy talk becomes hilarious when you do it prior to humiliating yourself before a national audience.

  7. peterkingisabottom: read the dictionary you jackass. you can’t murder an animal. By definition, murder is the killing of another HUMAN BEING.

    The man went to jail….paid his debt to society and did more time than some MURDERERS do.

    Its time to let it go.

  8. Why is spitting such a big deal as of late? I guess that’s where things are headed when Florio is president of the “Don’t hit too hard” club.

  9. I just rewarched the game. End of play, 0:37 left in 3rd qtr Landry gets creamed, on his back, McGlynn standing over him. Players get panned off the screen. Only time I could see them close to each other. Maybe McGlynn got confused by the rain. 😛

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