Panthers fever: Pike vs. St. Pierre

It’s come to this for the Carolina Panthers: Tony Pike and Brian St. Pierre split first team reps at practice on Wednesday, according to

Jimmy Clausen sat out the session because of a concussion suffered last week, and looks unlikely to start against the Ravens on Sunday.  Pike is a sixth-round rookie that barely made the team out of training camp.  St. Pierre,31, was signed to the practice squad last week.   He’s thrown five passes in his NFL career.  (Pike is expected to start, per Darin Gantt of the Rock Hill Herald.)

To make matters more depressing, the Panthers officially placed DeAngelo Williams on injured reserve and Jonathan Stewart also missed practice Wednesday.  (We wrote about the Williams move earlier Wednesday.)  In all, ten Carolina Panthers were listed on the injury report Wednesday that didn’t practice, including Jon Beason.

In related news, I’ve decided not to watch the Panthers-Ravens game on Sunday.

8 responses to “Panthers fever: Pike vs. St. Pierre

  1. It’s come to this for the Carolina Panthers: Tony Pike and Brian St. Pierre split first team reps at practice on Wednesday.

    It’s like Alien vs Predator for Panthers fans.

    “Whoever wins…we lose”

  2. I just wish they would’ve beat the Saints when they had the chance. Falcons were already likely to sweep them, but it’s basically become a guarantee at this point. Them beating the Saints would’ve been the best thing that could’ve happened for the Falcons early on.

  3. Glad I didn’t drop Goodson from my team yet. Makes it an easier decision also not to start Smith.

  4. Fun times for Panthers fans like me. At least its not an 18-game season yet. This is brutal. Easily 32nd best team and one of the worst teams ever. 2008 Lions (0-16) would pound this Panthers team. ugh

  5. Did John Fox do the Vulcan mind meld with Richie Kotite before the season started or what. I feel your pain Panther fans.

  6. Why not let the towel-boy get a few reps in with the first team?

    –at this point, couldn’t hurt, right? That’s how miracles happen!

    Besides, if the Panthers get the Ravens defense from last Thursday night, the towel boy stands a pretty good chance of carving them up.

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