Grady Jackson calls criminal charges “misunderstanding”

Former NFL and current UFL defensive tackle Grady Jackson faces criminal charges in Georgia, for allegedly receiving stolen property.

Jackson has responded, in a statement issued by his press agency, cherrypublicity.

“In the 15 years I’ve been blessed to play professional sports in the NFL and now the UFL, I take pride in my work as a pro football player, to be able to provide for my family and in being a loving father and husband,” Jackson said.  “I have always felt humbled and grateful for the years of love and support from my wife, my children, family, friends and my fans.  That’s why I want you to know, recent information in the news about me is a misunderstanding I am in the process of clarifying and look forward to resolving.”

It remains to be seen whether the authorities will agree that it’s all one big misunderstanding.  If that excuse routinely held water, prisons would be emptier than the Carnival Splendor.