Jaguars-Browns one-liners

Challenged by coach Jack Del Rio leading up to the game, the Jaguars’ defensive line helped hold Browns star RB Peyton Hillis to just 48 yards on 21 carries in Sunday’s 24-20 win.’s Vic Ketchman agrees that the defensive line turned in “a sensational performance,” also registering a season-high six sacks.

Jaguars QB David Garrard overcame five drops by receivers to throw for 254 yards and two touchdowns against Cleveland.

Del Rio believes that the Jaguars are a team of destiny.

Of Hillis’ 21 carries, six went for no gain or negative yards and his long run was a gain of six.

Jones-Drew made three Browns miss tackles on his 75-yard screen pass in the fourth quarter, which essentially proved to be the game-winning play.

The Browns have a “primitive passing attack.”

Despite the loss, Browns WR Mohamed Massaquoi described QB Colt McCoy’s toughness in playing through a second-half ankle injury as “very inspiring.”

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  1. Any offense which can’t counter 8-in-the-box defensive schemes with a quick-hitting, slant pass, get-the-ball-out-quick counterattack is, indeed, “primitive”. I think it’s time Mike Holmgren repeated an offer made to HC Romeo Crennel a few years back that either he (Crennel) fire then-OC Maurice Carthon or they would BOTH be gone. Ditto here: either Mangini sends OC Brian Daboll packing, or they can BOTH pack their bags and head out. Enough stale, lackluster offense! Secure six turnovers and lose both the time-of-possesion battle AND the game? Ridiculous. And 90% of it is on the offense.

  2. Though Hillis is heavy and powerful enough to drag tacklers, he doesn’t usually do it without working up a head of steam for a couple yards first. If you watch him in Browns games, you’ll notice that he is best utilized in sweeps, pitchouts, etc- when he is going to the side. When he repeatedly runs straight up the middle, it doesn’t often work. Just like any other RB who runs straight up the middle repeatedly. It stops working.

    The Jaguars game, as well as the games against Pittsburgh and Atlanta, all have something in common: less than 100 rushing yards for Hillis and the inexplicable decision by Brian Daboll to continuously try to run Hillis through the middle. In all the other games where Hillis has over 100 yards, they mixed in quite a bit of running him to the outside.

    So, the point? I would “blame” Hillis’ sub-par performance against the Jags much more on Daboll’s inexplicable, continued insistence on trying something that wasn’t working- and the fact that Cleveland’s O-line also had a sub-par day- a lot more than I’d credit the Jags for “stopping” anybody. The Jags are near the bottom of every defensive stat there is and Cleveland’s offense has been much improved over the course of the last month or so. So again, it’s more on Daboll’s incompetence and the line having an off day than it is the Jags’ studliness.

  3. trickbunny – call it what you wish and make all the excuses you like but the bottom line is the Jags D-line dominated the game. Knighton was in the Browns backfield all day as well as Alualu.

  4. really35 – that’s right. The Jags D-line dominated. And I’m sure it had nothing to do with Pashos being out and the Browns having a 3rd string scrub (who is known for how bad he sucks and how much of a turnstyle he is) on the right side of their O line, Cribbs (who is a good blocker) being out for the game, Steinbach and Womack being injured, and the Browns O-line just generally having an abnormally bad day.

    How many *other* games this year has *any* part of the jags D dominated *anything”? Sorry dude, my “excuse” is that they had an atypically good day while catching the Browns on an atypically bad day- and I’m sticking to it. It ain’t like you’ve got anything to say that’s gonna make me see it differently. If Steinbach, Womack, Cribbs, and Pashos are in there and/or healthy yesterday, the Jags D would have looked like they do any other Sunday.

    It doesn’t matter anyway, I’m sure the Jaguars have an interesting future- in Los Angeles 🙂

  5. as a browns fan i also have to disagree with you trickbunny. while we did have much more straight ahead runs then usual we did run some sweeps and tosses and it was still swallowed up by the Jags defense.

    straight up the better, more complete team one and we were dominated in the trenches on both sides.

  6. @ trickbunny. Oh yeah, because Pashos did so much for the Jags. Be lucky he was out, you would have gotten holding penalties while he was standing on the sidelines. The D-Line really stepped up this game after having a dismal game v.s. Texans. As per the whole season, you may talk when the Browns D isn’t tied with the Jags D for sacks. The linebacking core has been mediocre to superb during the season. It is only one aspect that is shakey, the secondary.

    As per runs up the middle, The Chiefs did it, The Chargers did it and so I don’t believe that the coaching choice is the issue, I do believe that it is the defense that made those key hold’ems.

    As per the Jags and L.A., well, our fanbase has showed up, and if we keep playing like this, they will stay around. But even if we move to L.A. (Wont happen during Weaver tenure), we wont be in a hellhole like cleveland. (no offense to non-8-year-old tackling Browns fans).

  7. trickbunny – Injuries are part of the game and not an excuse my friend. But I guess if I cheered for a losing organization like the Browns I would also try to make up an excuse as to why they are so bad. That is like me saying if Kampan wasn’t out for the season then we would have sacked McCoy 9 times instead of 6 times. It doesn’t work that way.

    And yes our interior D-line has been very good/dominate this year with the exception of the KC game. So Pashos was out huh? Is this the same Tony Pashos that the Jags cut a couple years ago? If so I can’t see that possibly being much of a loss.
    Also you might want to do a little research before commenting on here and you would find out that the Jags aren’t going anywhere. But you seem like a smart guy so I am sure you already knew that but if not here is a quote for you…..”Chris Mortensen of ESPN said that the Chargers and Rams are the most interesting options to move, that the Jaguars most likely won’t be moving to L.A., that the Vikings are more interested in staying in Minnesota with a new stadium, and that the Bills situation is “interesting” given the advanced age of owner Ralph Wilson and the lack of a clear plan for the franchise after the nonagenarian is called up to the great gridiron in the sky.”
    Speaking of teams moving shouldn’t you be a Ravens fan? If you were a diehard Browns fan then wouldn’t you have followed the team to Baltimore when they left town!

  8. @trickbunny
    Sorry, little man cry me a little river. Injuries happen. You’re preaching to the choir. What team doesn’t have key injuries. Look bottom line you’re team could not capitalize on six turnovers, SIX TURNOVERS. Our defense played lights out and shut you down, but I understand acceptance is hard.

    As for the L.A. comment, you gotta find new material and read more than PFT. I understand how decades of Cleveland irrelevance has your panties in a bunch but comeback when you have some new and fresh material Mr. Bunny.

  9. Browns Fan here – Trick Bunny you ARE an idiot … we lost stop making excuses! their defense beat our offense and our offense beat our defense (in regards to not converting turnovers into points) let it go … move on … that was a fun game to watch … Jacksonville fans, not all Browns fans are like “the Idiot” so lets leave the team packing up and moving to Baltimore out of it okay?

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