Tony Dungy not interested in joining Vikings


In January, the Seahawks’ flirtation with Leslie Frazier as a head coach included at one point the possibility of former Bucs and Colts coach Tony Dungy also joining the franchise in an executive capacity.

With Frazier now the head coach of a team for which Dungy once worked as defensive coordinator in the state where Dungy played college football, Dungy becomes an obvious choice to stabilize the front office.

Dungy isn’t interested.

He told the Associated Press that he’s happy working with NBC and that he enjoys having time to watch his son play college football at Oregon.

That’s good for NBC, and bad for the Vikings.

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  1. Why should he be? He doesn’t have Peyton Manning to make him look like a genius.
    I wonder how long he would have lasted in Indy with with a Byron Leftwich or a Brady Quinn as his quarterback.

  2. Can you blame him?

    Who would want to join a bad franchise? Doubt anybody with any credentials will join the Vikes….

    Rice and Edwards will probably leave….Good news for Vikes is atleast Favre will be gone.

  3. I’d say it’s good news for the Vikings.

    But we all know that Florio has a man crush on Dungy (not to mention Peter King).

  4. Dungy is not an idiot. He had to look at that roster, see how many of the key players had expiring contracts, realized that BrINT still could come back next season despite his claims to the contrary, and reached the conclusion that most football fans make; that the Vikings will not be competitive for years to come.

    Their window to win the Superbowl was last year and if the head coach could count to 12, then they had a great chance to kick a field goal and get there. Now, its time to rebuild and it starts at the most difficult position QB. Dungy knows the worst situation is in Minneapolis and so its a no-brainer for him.

  5. Last year, it was Favre, not Chilly, that was the leader of this team. Once Favre lost all his credibility with his teammates after the whole scandal, there was no one at the helm of the ship.

  6. Dump of a stadium

    Pathetic turf that reflects on TV screen

    Dissension running amok

    A washed-up QB who is actually running the team

    Fumbling RB who is about to kill someone through his reckless driving

    Aging defense with woeful secondary and Two Fat Ladies on line

    Plenty of UFA’s about to walk

    50 years of ……. nothing

    Sign me up!

  7. Think Dungy has ANY interest in finding out what life is like in the NFL without Peyton Manning? Please.

  8. That’s good, because no one asked him to.

    Tony Dungy is setting a new record for denying interest in jobs he wasn’t being considered for.

    Seriously, can this guy wait until a team expresses interest in him before he turns them down?

  9. LOL, so I guess Dungy wasn’t dissing Jerry when he announced a lack of interest in the Cowboys Coaching gig (even tho he wasn’t asked and the haters immediately started crowing about it).

  10. I would really like to stop seeing Dungy being cleared for every GD coaching vacany that comes up , HE WAS AN OVERRATTED HC , no one is interested,the fact this guy name comes up as much as it does and I know you work with the guy florio is a joke , I cant even watch the NBC highlights preceding the sun.night game becasue of DUMGY …

  11. WHO CARES?

    Who asked him? Besides some dumbas AP reporter?

    I’m so sick of everyone breathlessly asking if the great Tony Dungy would consider gracing whatever team just lost its coach with his presence. One Super Bowl. No more cred than Brian Billick or Jon Gruden.

  12. @ Wacco – That’s brilliant!! How long would anybody have lasted anywhere with Leftwich or Quinn?
    Dungy is smart for not wanting this job.

  13. waccoforflacco says:
    Nov 23, 2010 12:11 AM
    Why should he be? He doesn’t have Peyton Manning to make him look like a genius.
    I wonder how long he would have lasted in Indy with with a Byron Leftwich or a Brady Quinn as his quarterback.


    How many SB’s did Bill Belichek win without Brady? How many did Walsh win without Montana? By your logic I would have to say Brian Billick is the ultimate supreme genius because he won with Trent Dilfer.

  14. What a mess:

    Frazier wants to win NOW to build HIS RESUME and get gig next year so he plays the old fumbling fart QB the rest of the way.

    Trouble is, the old Dongslinger ain’t coming back.

    So…. you start 2011 with another QB.

    OY VEY.

  15. I am not interested in joining the Vikings’ organization in any capacity. I am enjoying having the time to watch my son attend Front Range Community College and work on his aspiring rap career.

    Oh, waitm they didn’t ask me either. Never mind. But I’m still not interested.

  16. Zygi will be forced to pay monster money for someone to turn this around.
    He’ll overpay immensely to get someone to come there, just on climate in MN alone. Then you also have to find someone that really knows football to come in and turn this around and evaluate talent. No one wants to come to MN, when there’s places like Miami and Tampa Bay…etc. Unless, you shell BIG dollars.

    There are a hell of alot of guys walking around in MN right now that will not be there much longer and the window of opportunity is closing on a record pace. This team will be “rebuilding” for awhile….luckily they have a killer RB and some decent defensive players to build around.

  17. LOL look at all these Vikings “fans” acting like they didn’t want him in the first place. Get used to it….nobody of note will be coming to Minnesota.

    And as for you, Wacco, Dungy turned that Tampa team into a Super Bowl winner with Brad Johnson at QB. He built that team top to bottom. And it’s no accident that once Dungy’s players started leaving the team sank back into mediocrity under Gruden……..who owes his entire reputation to Tony Dungy and the team that DUNGY built.

  18. You know, I have read most of your guys and gals comments for months now and I got to say… most of you need to get a life. I got a feeling that most of you still live in your mommy’s basement and try to get a kick out of being a football critic. It is amazing that some of you would actually say that Dungy is not a good coach. 90% of the guys in the league would love to play for him. Childress stunk, but he is gone. Why keep hammering? I have been a fan of the Vikings probably longer than most of you have been alive. The Vikings are terrific at self-imploding. Until something happens you can always count on their self destruction. Maybe, just maybe, this change will be the beginning of new life in Minnesota. Most of you complaining about Favre, LOVED him last year didn’t you! If I remember correctly, WE WENT DOWN TO GET HIM!!!! He didn’t come back and beg us to take him, we BEGGED him! So take our medicine and move on! TJack is not the answer, we need to draft a QB, that seems to be working out for a lot of teams recently! We stink this year…realize that. Realize that the bears and pack are better than us…this year. Not last year, and hopefully not next year, but this year they are. GET OVER IT!

  19. Sooo every potential position that opens up you guys are going to say the team is interested in Dungy right? Clearly his thousands of times turning down things and repeatedly coming out and saying he isnt returning to football means nothing to you guys.

  20. The following potential job openings are a helluva lot more attractive than “The Mess in Minneapolis.”

    – Dallas
    – San Francisco
    – Houston
    – Charlotte
    – Tennessee
    – Cincinnati

    Stay thirsty, my friends.

  21. To all of you idiots that say that Tony Dungy is not a good coach I feel the need to enlighten you. He turned around the Tampa Bay Buccaneers… of the worst franchises in the history of the NFL. He won with the likes of Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson and Shaun King for God’s sake! Gruden won a Super Bowl with Dungy’s players. That should speak for itself. Not too mention, last time I checked the big hoodie has only seen success with Tom Brady at QB, Cowher won with Roethlisberger, Jimmy Johnson won with Aikman, Siefert won with Young, Walsh won with Montana… I need to continue??? I think you just might need a top notch QB to win. If you discount Dungy for having a Hall of Fame QB then you should do the same with these other guys.

  22. Tony Dungy would selfish and foolish to announce he was interested in the Vikings job. He would selfish to do so, because he would be trampling on another African American’s long deserved shot to be a head coach in the league. Something Dungy has been lobbying for for some time. He would also be foolish to announce that midway through the current season as an football analyist. Dungy is neither of those things.

    Next, the Vikings are a good team having a bad year. You just don’t become a bad team with the same personnel in one off-season without their being a reason… one was a coach, two is the qb, three is the offensive line. They are closer to winning the division they they are a “Bad” team. And the right coach with the right off-season moves will prove that.

    Finally, Give Dungy some credit. He was a good coach. Sure he won a title with Manning. His replacement couldn’t. He was also the coach who almost pulled off the upset against the greatest show on turf, as well as help build up Gruden’s team to win the super bowl. And last I checked, every team that won multiple superbowls in a short period of time had a great QB at the helm. Bradshaw, Montana, Aikman, and Brady come to mind. I didn’t see “Hoodie” winning any titles before Brady crashed onto the scene.

  23. Look who in their right mind would want to coach in Minnesota. It’s second only to Buffalo in least desirable places to coach. Sure you’ve got AP, Rice and Harvin but that’s it.
    #69 has been exposed as being extremely overrated ever since he was deemed to be a “good” player. (boy it sure makes that whole debate over the madden cover vs Drew Brees look like a laugher now huh? Maybe Jared Allen was destined to be the cover boy of Madden thus destroying the Vikings season.)

    Those factors as well as the fact that the fans there are just horrid.

    One bright spot for the new coach is that if they stick it out long enough they might have a chance to coach in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles, a far cry from that dark, cold, dull place that the vikings currently call home.

  24. lucky5927 says:

    …the Vikings are a good team having a bad year.

    Finally, Give Dungy some credit. He was a good coach. Sure he won a title with Manning. His replacement couldn’t.

    No, the Vikings are a lousy team (have been for 50 seasons) who *almost* had one good year.

    Caldwell couldn’t win a title because he didn’t have the good fortune of being the only team ever to face Rex Grossman in a Super Bowl. What a joke.

    Dungy is overrated. Always was. He’s also sanctimonious, racist, and anti-gay. Why anyone would want him is way beyond me.

    Frasier has his head on straight, is very knowledgeable and will probably be a very good head coach. If the Vikings would prefer he go be a good coach somewhere else after this year, like they did with Billick and Tomlin, that’s okay. However, hiring Dungy as a replacement would be a major step backward.

  25. @ ilovefoolsball

    Who’s your team and what makes you an expert on Minnesota? If you’re from Wisconsin I hope to God you aren’t trying to compare states. Jared Allen is having a bad year which, believe or not, happens in sports. As far as our horrid fans go, there hasn’t been a non-sell out in well over a decade. Have a little substance to back your hateful blanket statements jack wagon.

  26. rgledz says:

    As far as our horrid fans go, there hasn’t been a non-sell out in well over a decade.

    As we all saw on Sunday, that fact is more due to opposing fans’ willingness to travel across state lines, in some cases the whole country, than your ilk’s willingness to “travel” across half of their own city.

    If you do manage to keep your team (and I hope you do), you will largely have Packers/Bears/Eagles/etc fans to thank for it.

    You’re welcome.

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