Raiders sign Jarvis Moss

A week after the Broncos gave up on him, Jarvis Moss has found a new home in the AFC West.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Raiders have signed Moss and plan to use him at defensive end, where they need depth after starter Trevor Scott went down with an apparently season-ending knee injury on Sunday. Moss will likely back up Matt Shaughnessy.

Moss was a major disappointment as a first-round draft pick of the Broncos in 2007, and he hasn’t had a sack in two years. So Raiders fans shouldn’t expect much.

But the Raiders are always open to giving talented players a second chance, and that’s what they’re giving Moss.

13 responses to “Raiders sign Jarvis Moss

  1. Who hooooo! Thx Al! Another first round bust!

    Luv Jason Campbell too. Thank you for starting. Please sell the Raiders now!
    Don’t go away mad. Just go away!

  2. Don’t worry, Big Richard Seymour will straighten him out. Just like he is doing with Tommy Kelly and the rest of the DL. Moss will love it when Denver comes to Oakland!

  3. Could have a career day going against our( Miami’s) hodgepodge offensive line. So much for having an ex offensive line coach as our head coach, This coaching staff is turning into an embarrassing cluster F-

  4. funny how all the steelers fans and even their players wanted seymour to get fined and suspended for slapping a guy(who dropped to the ground like a rag doll), but when one of their own laid a cheap shot that blew out scott’s acl and ended his season, nobody said nothing.

    Let see, slapp a guy who crumbled, and get kicked out and pay 25k. Lay a blind side hit from behindon a kick off, and all you get is a yellow flag and a penalty….what a crock

  5. You other Raiders fans are acting like we are risking a whole lot by signing this guy. No trade. I am sure it will be an average contract. He will backup Matt Shaugnnessy and come in to give him a breather.

    It’s worth a shot. Different scheme, different role.

    It’s worked in the past. Quintin Groves, Wimbley, and back in the day Willie Brown.

    This year the previously bust players have made a huge impact on our team. Not saying Moss may do that, but it’s worth a try.

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