Lions jump on Patriots early

The Lions haven’t played a truly competitive Thanksgiving game since 2003.  (Really.)

But this year’s team is a lot better than their 2-8 record would indicate and they are showing it early against the Patriots.  The Lions have dominated the early action, jumping to a 14-3 lead midway through the second quarter.

Detroit is getting contributions from a dormant running game (66 yards, none from Jahvid Best) and Shaun Hill has done a good job extending plays with his legs.

The difference has been up front.  The Patriots get no pass rush, while Tom Brady has been hammered repeatedly.

The Lions are 2-2 at home this year, with three point losses to the Eagles and Jets.

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  1. I’ve picked the Lions all week to beat the Pats today. Glad to see that they’re not making me look foolish.

  2. rhodeislandpatriotsfan says:
    Nov 24, 2010 4:50 PM
    The New England Patriots don’t need Admiral Ackbar to tell them, “It’s a trap!”

    The fact that Lions RB Jahvid Best is suffering from a debilitating turf toe in both feet and is still intent on playing Thursday should tell the Pats all they need to know. The Lions are keenly focused on upsetting them on national television.

    If, for whatever reason, New England is not focused on executing their game plan, then this game is your upset special. I don’t expect the Pats to choke, but if they do, then I’ll be choking on my Thanksgiving Day dinner.


    Admiral Ackbar has just announced, “It’s A Trap!” Hopefully, the Pats can make not only second-half adjustments, but series-to-series adjustments, as warranted. This game is in the hands of the Patriots defense.

    The Patriots pass rush has been conspicuously absent for some time now. So, that’s nothing new. Hopefully, ownership will “light a Bunsen burner” under Belichick to draft accordingly in 2011.

    What’s of more immediate concern is Brady’s protection, which is orders of magnitude more important than the absence of a pass rush.

  3. That Patriots defense is horrid. Credit to the Lions, but I’m not sure the Patriots D could stop the University of Michigan, much less a pro offense.

    Looks like a crazy finish and Lions fans if you are down by 6 or less or up and have the ball late, you have to like your chances.

  4. Check out the Lions offensive line. They are all over the place clearing paths for the RBs. That’s what the Vikings lack outside of Hutch.

    I’m a Sean Hill fan. He never got a fair shot with the Vikes, but he did well when he did.

    He was the QB during the Niners hot streak last year.

    Why they went back to Alex Smith defies rational wisdom.

  5. I happen to like the Pats. I was mentioning the good aspects of the game. Stuff the Vikes could use.

    Sean Hill kind of reminds me of our past QBs guys who didn’t set the world on fire, but got the job done.

    Tommy Kramer, Wade Wilson, Brad Johnson, etc. They weren’t Manning, Brady, Favre, or Roethlisbergers, but they were good enough to start and play respectably.

  6. Our offensive line is full of huge guys in McKinnie, Herrera, Loadholt, and Sullivan, but they’re not athletic enough to run block or hold back top pass rushers. That pretty much renders them useless.

  7. It’s like Pat Williams on D.

    Sure he’s good against the run, he’s a gigantic fatass the size of two or three people in the middle of the line. You can’t run through him and it’s a challenge to run around him. But is he athletic? A passrusher? Hell, no.

    It takes more than size to play this game. Speed, quickness, and athletic ability are a necessity.

  8. I’m impressed—and amused—that some decided to “step up to the plate” only after the game was well in hand to critique my post above.

    Actually, even with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, there is nothing per se “wrong” with what I wrote. This game had all the trappings of a classic trap game. The prohibitive favorite down by seven points with six minutes left in the third quarter! How many fellow Pats fans can say—honestly say, that is—that they felt comfortable about the outcome of the game at that point? I didn’t.

    I did not say that the Patriots would lose this game, and any implication to the contrary is wrong. I referenced needed halftime and series-to-series adjustments, and I stated that, “This game is in the hands of the Patriots defense.” I was right. It was the Pat’s defense, generally, and Devin McCourty’s two picks, in particular, that turned this game around for the Pats, and put the offense in a position to run up the score.

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