Win Over Bengals Improves Jets to 9-2

Several hours after the New England Patriots became the first nine-win team in the NFL this season, the New York Jets joined them.

Like the Patriots, the Jets have improved to 9-2 with a Thanksgiving win over a weak opponent in a game that was closer than expected early, but one-sided in the end.

The Jets beat the Bengals 26-10, getting big plays from the offense, defense and special teams to blow the game open in the second half.

For the Jets, Brad Smith had a particularly impressive game. He had 55 yards and a touchdown rushing, 122 yards and a touchdown returning kickoffs and a 23-yard catch that was the Jets’ longest of the game.

The Jets’ defense dominated Carson Palmer all day, forcing him into bad throws early and a mistake in the end zone late. It was an ugly game for the Bengals’ offense, and they fell to 2-9. For a team that was supposed to be interesting this season because of the presence of Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco, the only interesting thing to watch for is whether they end up with the first pick in the draft.

The Jets, however, are looking like Super Bowl contenders. No team in the league has a better record.

67 responses to “Win Over Bengals Improves Jets to 9-2

  1. Carson was getting obliterated all day long. Bengals need O-line help but can someone help me out, are there any offensive linemen worth taking early?

  2. What a prime time slate next weekend. “Divisional Hatred” – Steelers/Ravens Sunday Night, Jets/Pats Monday Night.

  3. won inspite of sanchez. weakest link on jets. great o-line, decent running backs, excellent receivers, excellent defense – BAD QB who will cost them bigtime and already why they are just squeaking out wins over inferior competition. brady will destroy sanchez next week.

  4. xtb3 says:
    Nov 25, 2010 11:48 PM
    won inspite of sanchez. weakest link on jets. great o-line, decent running backs, excellent receivers, excellent defense – BAD QB who will cost them bigtime and already why they are just squeaking out wins over inferior competition. brady will destroy sanchez next week.

    Pardon me if Im wrong, but didnt the Jets just beat the Bengals by more than 2 touchdowns? They didnt just “squeak” this one out moron.
    Brady will not destroy the Jets, the Jets already beat them and the Jets will beat the patriots next monday night.

  5. They don’t call these guys the Bungles for nothing. Judging by the history of the two franchises (the Browns never having been in a Super Bowl and the Bungles losing in both their appearances), it seems the old saying is right: Ohio must be an ancient Indian term for “choke”. It’ll be interesting to see where Marvin Lewis ends up next year in the caroussel of the fired coaches.

  6. Jets are overrated. The packers beat them, the lions almost beat them, as did the texans. They suck (Jets) and Rex Ryan is a fat a$$. Can they install another lap band or something?

  7. I get not liking Sanchez, but at least make sense with your bashing. He’s why they’ve just squeaked out wins (as in: to blame for it being close)? He’s the one who led the comeback wins. And then capping it off with saying the Pro Bowl QB will destroy the young, up-and-coming QB? You have some idiotic phrasing there, because players that aren’t on the field at the same time can’t destroy each other.

  8. Rex Ryan said post game, in regards to the Patriots 25 game home winning streak vs Jets 8 game road winning streak, “we’re just the men for the job!”

    We’re gonna see about that Rexy.

  9. xtb3 – bad qb? you must have missed the game last week. sanchez won the game. brady will not destroy sanchez next week, brady will not do anything to sanchez next week. brady plays on offense, he will play against the jets defense. sanchez plays on offense, he’ll play against the patriots defense. last time the jets played the pats, sanchez had the more desirable numbers, but sanchez didn’t beat brady. it reveals how little you actually know about football when you say something like that. the matchup isn’t brady vs sanchez. its brady vs the jets D, sanchez vs the pats D.

  10. sanchez already outplayed brady this year when the jets worked the pats back in week 2.

    right on pass to leading the league in wins, baby.

  11. lol the Jets are winning in spite of Sanchez? He has been carrying the team all year. He had one bad performance, and no apparently he is garbage. Give me a break…

  12. The good thing about Sanchez is that he’s still young. Can’t expect him to be an all-star already. The fact that he’s played as well as he has is impressive, and just think of how good the Jets will be when develops to his full potential.

  13. @ xtb3

    I am a bit confused. When did the Jets get excellent receivers? Did the Jets cut Braylon Edwards?

    When did the Jets get an excellent defense? I thought the Houston Texans scored 20 in the fourth quarter last week?

  14. xtb3, I’m not even a Jets fan but I read similar comments before the Jets played the Pats in week-2. Remind me since my memory doesn’t serve me well at the moment but what happened in that game ?

  15. Is it just me or did the Bengals get screwed out of 2 crucial plays.

    #1 Ochocinco’s end of half catch should have def. been called correctly on the field as a catch and then upheld in review… the rules for evidence being indisputable is the right idea but inapplicable sometimes… refs should honor that there is no irrefutable evidence of the play in either way, and then make a best judgment call based on seeing the play a multitude of times in a number of different angles

    #2 On that Bengals punt in the second half where the ball supposedly hit the Bengals gunner unassumingly… I watched it a few times in replay and I don’t see it hit. Maybe i’m blatantly missing something (which happens occasionally…). So if that never happens, Sanchez doesn’t throw a touchdown on the next play to wide open Holmes.

    That’s a huge point swing that most certainly shouldn’t have happened. It would have been a much different game down the stretch.

  16. The Jets have not beaten a team with a current winning record since week 2!

    Please, stop talking about how they great they are. They have struggled to win 8 games against teams without current winning records.

  17. The Seahawks have beaten more teams with winning records than the Jets.

    Point is…their schedule has really given the media a false sense of achievement with the Jets. If they were Super Bowl contenders, they wouldn’t be letting these temas be competitive with them.

  18. The Jets may not have beaten anyone with a winning record since week 2, but they haven’t lost to anyone with a losing record at all.

    They also beat Cincy by a greater margin than New England, Pittsburgh or Baltimore (who lost to the Bengals) managed.

    Winning with offence the last few weeks, now winning with defense. Just need to combine the two.

  19. I never feel compelled to comment on other teams, mostly because I only love one team and could care less about the other 31 teams. I think all the Jet bashing is beautiful. It shows how envious the other fans are. I don’t blame you guys…

    J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS!

  20. Oh yeah Jets beat the other 9-2 team(Patriots) 28 to 14. That is 2 touchdowns. 28 is 14 x 2. Jets will double up the Patsies again.

    hee hee


  21. Pats have beat Ravens, Chargers, Colts, Steelers.

    How many winning teams have the Jets beat?

    One. Ironically enough the Pats, but they have improved a great deal since their early season match up.

    Playing the Jets is no guaranteed win, but the Pats did blow them out in their second meeting last year.

    Don’t really understand the fascination the media has for the Jets, though. They (the media) treat the Pats like their the Bucs while the Jets are viewed like the second coming.

  22. I wouldn’t get too excited about the Jets. Cant recall any team ever having an easier schedule. They have beaten 4 teams with only 2 wins and 3 teams with 3 wins. in most of those games they have struggled mightily and won because of the ineptitude of their opponents- Denver, Lions, Cleveland etc.. How did they miss out on playing Carolina! They were completely shut down against 2 of the 3 quality opponents they played. If they make the playoffs, I’d be shocked to see them advance past the first round. Cant see them beating Steelers, Patriots, Colts or San Diego. Sorry Jets fans just another disappointing season just like the last 40-won’t live up to the hype!

  23. Did the Jets really beat the Bengals OR did the Bengals just lose? They are the worst team evah.
    The Jets couldnt have lost that game because the Bengals would have out-lost them. Lewis should be on the hot seat and should not make it through the season.

  24. Dolphins …
    Bills …
    Vikings …
    Broncos …

    Shutout by the Packers 9-0 …

    Lions …
    Browns …
    Texans …
    Bengals …

    Granted, all you can do is play your schedule, but only time will tell if this team is as good as their record.

  25. anchez already outplayed brady this year when the jets worked the pats back in week 2.

    right on pass to leading the league in wins, baby.

    Week 2 was a long time ago. The Pats have continued to improve, but the Jets haven’t. Pats will win in a nail biter.

  26. Jetssuk

    no need to apologize! the most fantastic aspect of this incredible season by the Jets is that they’re doing it without “hitting on all cylanders”.

    you are going to hate yourself when you realize that Rex Ryan has really put together a fantastic team.

    Everyone will take notice when the Jets finish the season strong and enjoy a bye week in the playoffs, then THEY get to host 2 games on their way to Dallas for the Super Bowl. It’s already predetermined!!!

  27. It’s so great how everyone wants to take shots at the Jets!!! Means they have arrived in a very difficult AFC in 2010.

    Oh they say, your record should be this. And you should not have beaten them. And this is what is wrong with your defense, your QB, blah blah blah.

    9-2. Suck on that. Last time I looked, all that matters is your W-L record.

    Jets playing with a level of confidence we haven’t seen since the late 60’s. I love it!!!

  28. The Bengals are good…….. They are really good at finding a new way to lose every week. So, are we drafting another David Klingler or Dan Wilkinson? Will Mike Brown keep Mr. Lewis? Will Mike Brown add a scouting department? Will Mike Brown hire a new offensive coordinator? NO! I hate saying this but we wont be relevant until like 2030. Pitchers and catchers report to Arizona on February 16th. Go Reds.

  29. It’s amazing and perhaps fortuitous that all of these events have aligned to provide a Monday Night Football matchup between the teams with the best records in the league and fighting for the same division title.

    And then there is all that baggage between them to spice it up. We’ll just have to wait and see how it ends….and hope the officials don’t find someway to botch one of the most important games of the year.

    Go Patriots!

  30. Big nights for Brad Smith, Darelle Revis, Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards with crucial blocks and catches, and the knockdowns by so many on defense…this team is looking impressive. All the talk about their schedule being soft is not discounting the fact that the Jets are a great team. If that’s all you can say in response to their record being 9-2, do whatever you have to make yourselves feel better.

    Joe Theismann is definitely anti-Jet. It was aggravating to hear him tear into Sanchez for his 1 int ad nauseum, then became hysterical when he talked about how great the Jets were playing in the fourth quarter. Sounds like he needs a meds adjustment. Thursday Night Football needs new commentators.

  31. You believe that this Patriot Team is the same Team, from week 2, you’re in for the surprise of your life!
    Carson Palmer is terrible!!!
    I can’t wait for Mon. Dec. 6th!!! Rex, Sanchize and the Jets defense are in for a rude awakening!
    You won’t see a vanilla defense! You won’t see Brady forcing the ball to Moss! No turnovers to bail out your team…
    The Patriots will be in the driver’s seat in the East, again. Have a real shot at the number 1 seed… sorry Jet Fans! An extra few days to prepare for Belichick a few new scheme’s for Sanchez…… As Rex has said,”they have a better Coach and QB!” You’ll see 1st hand just how crutial that is in big games. Can you say kitchen sink??? You run of luck will end in Foxborough!!!

  32. bradducoat says:
    Nov 26, 2010 10:08 AM
    I believe the Jets will not go far in the playoffs with Sanchez at quarterback. His luck thus far has been far greater than his skill.

    You realize he was one of the best qb’s over a three week span right? Of course not.

    If the Jets beat the Pats next week the same idiots are going to be on here complaining that they have only won two games against a team with a winning record…and then would point out it was the same team. Give me a break.

  33. @ dscib

    Agreed. The Jets show confidence anytime they play a team with a sub .500 record.

    What happened when the Packers visited the Meadowlands? Oh, that was different. The Pack actually had a winning record, didn’t they?

  34. It pisses me off that the Jets are also 9-2, and have that damn tie-breaker in their pockets. They really haven’t beaten any good teams other than the Patriots, while New England beat the crap out of the Steelers and outlasted the never-say-die Peyton Manning in another classic duel. Two teams that the Jets would get crushed by. But for now, the Jets fans can simply smile and say “scoreboard”.

    I really hate that, and I am eagerly awaiting the rematch next week when the Patriots have them …….. at home. Any Jets fan that truly isn’t worried about this game is a fool.

  35. @ blackluckz

    I believe the media likes Ryan because he is a goof ball media whore, who gives sexy answers to their stupid questions. He’s quotable. Belichick doesn’t indulge the media like Ryan does. Ryan has a shtick, while Belichick is a great coach.

    “It is what it is.”

  36. One thing I forgot? Brady will break Favre’s Home win Streak! by more than 1 !!! 26 won’t be the end…. Didn’t the Bills just blow out the Bungels? OT to beat Detroit? I understand the aingst, all the smack talking bill is coming due!
    As far as I know the only Ryan to win a ring was Rob as a coach for the Patriots??? No? Oh Buddy in 85…
    Hey I seen this show before, 2001, 2003, 2004… A Team, improving weekly. +11 turnover ratio! A Team with a very productive offense..#1 in the NFL! An up and coming defense that gameplans thier opponents. A Team that know how to win! A Coach with a proven system and a QB who is a lock for the Hall of Fame! A Team that went back to thier roots= SuperBowl!!!

  37. tiffpats

    really? is that all you got? any team that gets beaten by like 30 pts. vs. Browns (yes the Cleveland Browns!!!) should be forced to have their fanbase muzzled until the playoffs.

    The Jets beat the Pats without Revis and without Holmes already. Everyone knows that the patsies don’t have a chance in hell now that Revis is healthy and in shut down mode, and Sanchez to Holmes is as potent as any QB/WR in NFL last 4 weeks.

    AND the Patsies only real scoring threat Moss is gone.

    Jets should be favored next week, and quite frankly I don’t see how the Pats can possibly win the game.

    And tell us all that Danny Woodhead is your offensive salvation, so I can laugh out loud for the next 10 days!!!

  38. All these loud mouth Patriots fans tooting their own horns are in for something next weekend if they think they’re going to beat the mighty Jets.

    Jets destroyed NE week two without Santonio Holmes, and without Darrelle Revis. If you think Detroit’s terrible secondary is comparable to the JETS secondary you’re an idiot. Jets beat Pats next Monday night. Shut the idiots up for the rest of the year.

  39. No surprise here…The Patriots bandwagon is filling up again, and trolling Jets PFT posts with their chests puffed out. I should have taken bets when I made the prediction.

  40. @ Party Monster

    Didn’t the Texans score 20 in the 4th quarter against that stellar Jets secondary?

    You folks are delusional about your defense.

    What happened when you guys played the Packers?

  41. I wonder if Revis, Cromartie will cover TE’s???
    I thought the Jets couldn’t cover TE’s?? Hmmm. The Patriots have 3 TE’s that impact the game.
    The Cleveland game..OK yes they beat the Pats! Belichick wasn’t going to show anything in that game with the Steeler’s and Colt’s up next on the schedule! In addition the hate between BB and Ratgini..
    Definatley a learning experience for the young defense that tore through the Steeler’s. Held off Manning! Beat up Detroit…Jets are next!
    1st place in week 12, 2nd in week 13!

  42. Brady has joined P Manning & Kurt Warner (3) as only players ever to post max possible pass rating (min. 20 att.) in multiple games
    Thought you might be interested?

  43. That Pats home game win streak is crap. The Ravens beat the snot out of them in the playoffs last year. The Jets are just lucky so far and have had a lot of breaks against sub-par opponents. The Ravens or Steelers will be the AFC champs.

  44. This is such a stretch. The Jets offense looked pretty bad all night and was stopped numerous times in the second half by a very average Bengals D (not very Super-Bowlish). This is just more New York hype. It’s the same hype that made homers delude themselves into thinking they were the team last season and forget Indy let them into the playoffs to rest Manning.

  45. Ok, I’m a life long Jets fan and even I’m tired of hearing about the week two game. Do you know how long ago week 2 was? NOTHING that happened that long ago is relevant. That game “don’t mean diddly”.

    A lot of valid points are being made by both sides but being presented in an arrogant, obnoxious way. Be objective people. Geez.

    The bottom line is this is gonna be a war and I don’t see either team winning by more than ten points. And I think the game goes to whoever gets the most bounces.

    I just hope for a clean game decided on the field by the players and not decided by the officials or some other fluke.

  46. @ klingonj

    OMG! How many games did the Pats have after that “incident”? Didn’t he go down to Miami and kick a$$ after that?

    You folks are pathetic. Come up with something else.

    I heard that Braylon’s boyfriend troubles was the reason the Jets laid an egg against the Packers. Is that true?

  47. @ klingonj

    OMG! How many games did the Pats have after that “incident”? Didn’t he go down to Miami and kick @$$ after that?

    Pathetic. Come up with something else.

    I heard that Braylon’s boyfriend troubles was the reason the Jets laid an egg against the Packers. Is that true?

  48. tiffpats, you really want to call folks pathetic? When you’re trying to say other fans obsess about Coach Hoodie more than Pats fans? Seriously? And your shot back is to suggest Braylon Edwards is gay and having relationship drama?

    Your team has looked great…against weaker competition. Sorry, but don’t try to act like you guys defeated full strength Chargers or Colts squads. You lost to the Browns.

    Sure, the Pats are playing better on defense than they were when the Jets faced them. But the Jets are playing better on D, too. We didn’t have Pace and we had a gimpy Revis for half a game. If our o-line gets healthy in time for the game, you’ll find yourself having to make more excuses for how the Jets got lucky and beat your team.

  49. @ khuxford

    The Jets aren’t better on defense, dude. Didn’t the Texans score 20 on that defense in the 4th quarter?

    We have defeated the Cults, the Phins, the Steelers, the Ravens, and the Chargers.

    When you guys had the chance to play a team with a winning record, you couldn’t score. Remember? Shut out at home. Remember?

    Don’t worry about us. When have been through this before. We ain’t new to this, we are true to this.


  50. @ middletownmdman

    Post season play isn’t included in those numbers and they never are. This isn’t a special consideration that only the Patriots benefit from. They don’t include Favre’s playoff appearances in his consecutive starts number either.

    Whine about something else.

  51. @ dscib

    Umm, go look up and find out how many TD’s Moss scored while he was a Patriot this season?

    The Pats have scored more points than any other team in the league this season. Why don’t you pick something else to whine about?


  52. @ grpatriot

    I can see the improvements. The offense and defense are getting better each week. Belichick is a genius.

    What I find interesting is that this Patriots defense is being compared to the 2009 Saints. I remember last year thinking that the Saints D was smoke and mirrors, but they were always good for a big play.

    BTW, wasn’t this supposed to the Patriots’ rebuilding season? Hmmm.

  53. Ah, I can see now, Tiff. You’re just one of those hypocritical, idiotic trolls. Everyone else obsesses about Belichick, but you’re the one calling him a genius. You get annihilated by the Browns, but brush that aside, while trying to make so much more out of a comeback by the Texans that mirrors the comeback the Colts had on the Pats. Whereas the Jets actually participated more in overcoming the situation, the Pats lucked into a Colts WR zigged when he should have zagged. Never mind that the Texans have the higher-powered offense by far (especially clear to see, based on having the league-leading RB). Then there’s all this bragging you’re doing about beating a Chargers team that had Gates on one foot and none of its top WRs, which you still nearly lost.

    Have faith in your team. You’re a fan, there’s no reason you shouldn’t. But stop shining up so many turds and calling ’em gold just because you fished ’em out of the Pats’ locker room toilets.

  54. @khuxford

    Well stated. Tiffpats4eva is a delusional, psychotic pats-turd-lovin “fan”. Anyone who gets to these boards and posts as many replies as he/she/it does, is clearly in need of pschotherapy and probably even lock down in a padded room with no sharp objects.

    Let’s just hope and pray that the Jets defense shows up on Monday night and finally does what the Steelers, Fins, Ravens and Chargers should have done the 1st time around …. crush Brady and shave his head while he’s down. The more i see Tom-Tom complaining about being touched and getting his girly locks messed up, the more I understand why the other teams in the AFC east can’t stand the Pats.

    Geez, not to mention that closet unabomber coach, who taught his disciples well on how to cheat and get away with it (or not, see recent news on the Broncos).

    Tiffpats4eva … hope you get the pay back the mediocre Pats deserve when they get to face at least 1 of the 3 teams in the playoffs, they were fortunate enough to beat during the regular seasons. After last night’s thrashing, I can’t see Tom Tom making it out alive if he has to go to SD to face one helluva d-line that will get after him and crush him all night long.

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