Giants come to life late to beat Jaguars

The Giants will get a week without questions about their habit of collapsing in the second half.

After falling behind 17-6 in the first half and trailing 17-9 through three quarters, the Giants came to life in the fourth quarter to get a much-needed home win against the Jaguars. Eli Manning threw touchdown passes to Mario Manningham and Kevin Boss, while the defense made David Garrard’s life miserable on the final drive to give the Giants a 24-20 win that keeps their head above water in the race for a NFC playoff spot.

With the Bears and Eagles playing Sunday afternoon and the Packers losing to the Falcons, the Giants, at 7-4, find themselves in much better position than they did when play got underway on Sunday. The same isn’t true of the Jaguars, who blew a golden opportunity to solidify their claim to a spot in the AFC tournament. They’ll be rooting hard for the Chargers to beat the Colts this evening to keep things all jammed up in the AFC South.

The biggest culprit for them was their secondary which broke down several times in the late going. Manningham’s touchdown came off a blown coverage and Boss scored after the tight end broke one tackle and outran the rest of the defense down the field. The offense, which racked up 236 yards in the first half, also was less effective as the game progressed, but one defensive stop would have meant a world of difference for Jacksonville.

3 responses to “Giants come to life late to beat Jaguars

  1. i would also like to throw some blame on the jacksonville play calling in the second half. far too many passes called. they need to run the ball. your best player needs to have the ball, and garrard is not their best player.

  2. As a Giants fan, I don’t see why Jacksonville came out throwing on 1st Down in the 2nd half. They had been running the ball VERY effectively, and to me it made no sense.

    That being said, Manning had a much-needed good game. Not eye-popping, but he did what he needed to do, and that was NOT turn the ball over.

    Happy with the win. Go Bears, beat the Eagles! (I do not like the Bears, but I do right now).

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