Bengals trade one inexperienced kicker for another

After Bengals kicker Mike Nugent landed on injured reserve, the team signed Aaron Pettrey, whose regular-season NFL experience consisted of zero games.

It appeared at the time that they were merely filling the roster spot to conceal their interest in recently-fired Steelers kicker Jeff Reed.  But when Reed opted not to join the Bengals, they stuck with Pettrey.

And Pettrey did his best Jeff Reed impression on Thanksgiving night, shanking a chip-shot that would have tied the game at 10 in the second half against the Jets.

Now, the Bengals have given Pettrey the boot, but they’ve replaced him with another inexperienced kicker.  Specifically, they’ve added rookie Clint Stitser.  Cut both by the Jets in June and the Seahawks in August, Stitser has been out of the league, and he hasn’t played in a single regular-season game.

The only good news?  Since he’s a rookie, he could be paid a lot less than an experienced kicker.

8 responses to “Bengals trade one inexperienced kicker for another

  1. I think they should sign the best kicker they can. That way they can lose by scores of 27 to 13 instead of 27 to 7.

  2. Jeff Reed’s an idiot for not wanting to kick. Nothing said he can’t just sign with the Bungles for the year then shop around after the year.

  3. cincinnasti says:
    Nov 30, 2010 6:04 PM
    All the while Jeff Reed would rather be unemployed than kick for the Cincinnati Bengals.

    ….who wouldn’t?? I can’t imagine Skippy in that nasty looking uniform.

  4. What, you expected the Bengals to get anything right and sustain what meager success their franchise has managed to luck into over the past 30 years?

    As long as Mike Brown is the owner of the Bengals, NOTHING is going to change. They will continue to overpay for crybabies and underpay for talent, and THAT my friends is why Baltimore or Pittsburgh will win the AFC North for at least 14 of the next 15 seasons (I figure Cleveland will luck out one of these times and somehow, someway manage to win the North, though don’t ask me when that day will be).

  5. Mike Brown was going to ask punter Kevin Huber to handle the placekicking duties but he was afraid people would think he was cheap.

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