Bruce Gradkowski done for the year with shoulder separation


The Raiders won’t have to hide the identity of their starting quarterback any longer.  Unless they plan to play Kyle Boller.

Bruce Gradkowski suffered a grade three shoulder separation against the Dolphins, according to Vittorio Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle.  Gradkowski will miss the rest of the season.

Gradkowski is reportedly coach Tom Cable’s favorite quarterback, in part because of his toughness.  That helped Gradkowski returned from a previous shoulder injury before he was possibly ready.  Now Jason Campbell figures to get the call for the next five games of the 5-6 Raiders’ season.

The Raiders are no closer to figuring out their long term quarterback situation.  Gradkowski had eerily similar numbers to his performance in 2009 (one more completion, 57 more yards, same YPA), and has thrown 11 touchdowns and ten picks over the last two years.  He’s a good backup, but not a great starter.

Gradkowski is a free agent after the season.

11 responses to “Bruce Gradkowski done for the year with shoulder separation

  1. “That helped Gradkowski returned from a previous shoulder injury before he was possibly ready.”

    I couldn’t agree more, he was definitely not 100% on Sunday.

    He never had the strongest arm in the world but it’s was real evident to me that he wasn’t completely healed.

    I’m afraid Bruce will end up with constant shoulder issues, like Chad Pennington.

  2. ok, well jason has to prove that he deserves the spot, even if that means playing with the worse right side of an o-line in the nfl……..just needs to learn to run for his life since every team will put 8-9 guys up on the line and bring the heat every play. If he still has the deer in the headlight look, raiders best start figuring how to get in to the late first round to get Mallet who should go around 20, or Cam who will be late 1st early 2nd.

    Raiders need a qb,center, & right tackle this off season. In the interim I would play either loper, or Bruce Campell at guard…get carlise out of there , he sucks, and has sucked for the past 3 years.

  3. Gradkowski never was with NE…and he remains a fan favorite of Gruden…so if Gruden gets a job coaching anywhere in the NFL you can bet your bottom dollar Gradkowski will have a job if he wants one.

  4. Does it matter? All of Oaktown’s QB’s suck, plain and simple. Can’t afford to get a quality signal caller with that oline. The way Satele, Carlisle and Walker play they will soon be up for manslaughter charges. Learn your playbook Boller, it won’t be long.

  5. I never thought Grad was the answer, but Campbell is DEFINITELY not either. Regardless, if we dont update the O-line, we will never have a successful offense, period! If J. Campbell continues to resemble Russell in the pocket (no mobility), hell, give Boller a shot! It couldnt hurt! …. and how bad is Bruce Campbell to be playing backup to ANY of our lineman? Put his ass in there too!! Thats one way to get him up to speed! We need to start looking for the long-term QB answer and it’s not in the draft! Lesson learned there…. I think a decent QB is rusting away in Minnesota by the name of Rosenfels….

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