Derek Anderson keeps his job

Derek Anderson’s biggest problem Monday night wasn’t his post-game outburst.  It was his desultory play.

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt’s biggest problem is that he has no better alternatives at quarterback to Anderson.

Whisenhunt will stay with Anderson as his team’s starter this week against the Rams because he gives the team the best chance to win.  Rookie Max Hall may wind up starting again, but Whisenhunt doesn’t sound ready to make that move again.  And rookie John Skelton won’t play this year barring injuries, Whisenhunt confirmed.

“Hey, listen — nobody likes this,” Whisenhunt said via the team’s website. “If people think we are content, that’s wrong. It hurts. It hurts to lose games like that, it hurts to hear our fans boo, especially with everything we have done to make some progress (the last few years).”

Arizona’s mismanagement of their quarterback situation torpedoed this season, but we honestly believe they would still be under .500 with Kurt Warner.  They arguably own the worst defense in football.

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  1. IOW, even Leinart was better than these clowns, people were wrong for thinking Leinart was horrible – you now have and witness what horrible is, folks and Leinart’s play this preseason was nowhere near this level of abysmal.

  2. well if its all 3 and out, int’s and fumbles…..
    your defense would suck too….

    why try if your offense cant give u enough time to grab a hotdog?

  3. They may have been under 500 with Warner, but the fact remains they will NEVER be more than 500 with Anderson. He is a cancer. Sure looks stupid to have cut Matt Lienart now.

  4. Anyone who thinks the Cards would be sub .500 with Kurt Warner at the helm is indeed desultory in their analysis.

  5. “but we honestly believe they would still be under .500 with Kurt Warner. They arguably own the worst defense in football.”

    We do?

    Is it not possible that the Cardinals Defense has been something of an illusion for the past two to three seasons? With Warner at QB, the Defense had two advantages: First, the Cardinals scored a lot of points, and were often playing with a lead. This allowed the Defense to be more aggressive and to take more chances, which in turn made them more effective as a unit. Second, the Warner-led Offense could actually sustain drives. Sure, it was a quick-strike system, but they rarely went 3-and-out. The Defense wasn’t asked to come back out on the field every couple of minutes, so they were much fresher.

    I’m not going to take the time to break down games that the Cardinals could have won this season with Warner under center, but under .500? Really?

  6. Anderson made the Pro Bowl in 2007 with 29 touchdowns, so he obviously has some skills. His completion percenttage and yards per catch are similar to his pro bowl year. Are Winslow, and Edwards superior to what he has in Arizona?

    In Cleveland Anderson had a running game to lean on, one to keep the defenses honest. Jamal Anderson in 2007 is better than Tim Hightower who as 438 yards rushing to date.

    It is not just Anderson, this is the year that Whisenhunt failed to get a proper team together. Would Lienart have been better- could he have been worse? Would have Warner made than lowly defense play any better.

  7. Am I the only one that thinks Ken Whisenhunt is another coach on his last leg? He’s done virtually nothing without the help of Kurt Warner, who may not have made this a winning team this year, but who surely would be making his team look less horrible on the way to a horrible record.

  8. Wow…you had me nodding my head until that remark about still being under .500 with Warner.

    That is insane. Warner would crush the defenses in the Cards’ division, just like he had done the previous 3 seasons. With or without Anquan Boldin. Fitzgerald is still a monster when he’s got a halfway decent quarterback throwing the ball to him. Don’t kid yourself, Kurt really was that good.

  9. “The Carolina Panthers have traded their first-round pick to the Arizona Cardinals. With the first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals select Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford…”

  10. Whisenhunt is a great coach if given quality players and a quality QB. Maybe not so good as selecting draft prospects or signing FA’s. I suspect a QB will be their No 1 draft choice next year. He needs to quit signing Pittsburgh’s discards and build his own team. If the future is with Hall or his other QB, this season is a write off and he should get them playing time now! DA needs to go.

  11. According to last week’s ratings posted at, they **DO** have the worst defense in football

    Arizona 30 points per game (adj strength of schedule (last place)
    Projected total 2010 points allowed: 450 (last place)
    Yards per pass attempt allowed: 9.6 (last place)
    Yards Passing Allowed: 332 (3rd to last)
    Yards Rushing Allowed: 170 (6th worst)

    And I’m going to guess their ratings won’t go up this week after MNF.

  12. Too bad for the Cardinals that they didn’t keep Matt Leinart, they could have blamed the entire season on him! Any regrets on that rash decision? Leinart get lucky here or what?

  13. “ hurts to hear our fans boo, especially with everything we have done to make some progress (the last few years).”

    What exactly have you done? No groomed qb to take over for an aging Warner, Boldin – gone, Dansby – gone, Rolle – gone, McFadden – gone.

    People should be questioning why Wiz still has his job instead of DA.

  14. Derek Anderson sucked so bad on Monday night that I think Jaws was thinking he could come out of retirement and do a better job. Gruden so much as said so. It was a horrible embarrassment. I would cut the SOB.

  15. The Cardinal’s defense made the 9er O-line look professional, something nobody has been able to do all season.

  16. Cardinals may have a bad defense, but worst and especially “easily the worst” is plain wrong.

    Points – 31st (29.0 per game)
    Yards – 29th (395.8 per game)
    Passing – 25h (249.3 per game)
    Rushing – 31st (136.5 per game)

    But also consider that they are a big play defense as well.

    Sacks – T-20th (21.0)
    Interceptions T-11th (11)
    Defensive TDs – T-4th (4)

    Yeah, they’re a crappy defense but to call them a League worst is intellectually dishonest and just plain wrong.

    And I’m not a Cardinals fan.

  17. @zombierevolution
    Anderson made the Pro Bowl in 2007

    Browns fans booed him almost all year and wanted Quinn to play. Anderson cost the Browns a playoff berth when he choked bigtime against a bad Cincinnati team that year in game 15 as he threw 3 terrible interceptions and Browns were eliminated by a tiebreaker. He cost Romeo Crennell and GM Savage their jobs for sticking him with too long. Baltimore was right in cutting Anderson. I’d have been laughing too on the sidelines, after all he is getting $7.5 for two years for that kind of play.

  18. Gives them the best chance to win? Gives them the best chance to win!?!?!??!?!??

    He gives them no chance to win. This is an absolute joke. I actually find myself outraged about a team I don’t even root for and typically couldn’t care less about.

    I feel for Cardinal fans. This is a complete farce. Matt Leinart had superior numbers in the preseason and CLEARLY won the battle against Anderson in training camp.

    Whisenhunt chose Anderson because he is one of these blockhead football neanderthals who is enamored of pseudo tough guys like DA and openly loathes pretty boy QB types likes Leinart, even if they are clearly better.

    Hey Cardinal fans, your team rode the arm and character of a once in a lifetime QB to a Super Bowl. The fact that Whisenhunt was the coach is a coincidence.

    He’s an old school, neanderthal, know nothing loser, and you will never, ever, get back there again while he is your coach.

  19. BTW-

    This guy was passed over by the most familial (look it up) organization in sports for their head coaching job when it came open despite wide spread belief that he would get it.

    The Steelers said “no thanks” and now are looking pretty smart for doing it.

  20. lol at people saying Leinart would have taken this team any further. The kid had how many years to learn the system and prove himself and what did he do?

    Agree with those however that say they failed to plan properly to replace all their FA losses. Either that or they severely mis-judged the talent of those who took over. This upcoming draft will be critical.

  21. But doesn’t it just smack stupid to cut Leinart when you have nobody else anyway?

    As for throwing the coaching staff under the bus, they coach the CARDINALS. Any winning season is reason to consider the coach for a hall of fame, let alone nearly winning the Superbowl.

    They’ve been dredging up over-the-hill retreads for a dozen years now, Warner just happened to pan out. I think the front office sucks in a Bengals kind of way.

    SAS — I agree that their sacks and turnovers are reasonable but when all the defense can do is selfish plays, what does that say about your team? Making a 4 big plays and 66 bad ones doesn’t make for a good defense. And if they weren’t the worst before Monday, you have to reconsider their “worst” rating after what remains of their d-line got humiliated last night. Negative points for pressure. I’ve never seen a professional football team run up the middle with such ease. Terrible. This game had NOTHING to do with Derek Anderson. Their defense was about as bad as any the Cardinals have ever fielded.

  22. Probably worth pointing out that the Cardinals defense was horrendous the year they WENT to the superbowl. They lost by like 50 points to the Patriots a couple weeks before the playoffs. I think all of their losses that year were blowouts. Somehow, they played a self-destructing Delhomme team in the playoffs, ate him alive, slipped by the Eagles in a choke job, and still managed to blow the lead to the Steelers in the final minute of the Superbowl.

    Then, last year, they gave up…500 passing yards?…to lose in the playoffs to the Packers?

    So in conclusion, Florio is probably right. A Warner playing like Warner (and not returning to play like Favre) would probably make this a 500 team, because their defense was just as lousy when he was here.

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