Kent Somers on Derek Anderson: “I tried to be diplomatic”

Arizona Republic reporter Kent Somers has offered his explanation for his exchange with Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson after Monday night’s game, with Somers saying he wasn’t trying to bait Anderson into unleashing a tirade, and was just wondering what made Anderson laugh on the bench while the Cardinals were getting blown out in the fourth quarter.

I tried to be diplomatic and professional, but I guess that’s for others to judge,” Somers wrote on his blog on the Arizona Republic site today. “Anderson obviously didn’t think so. Some wanted Anderson roasted over spit. Others think I badgered him. I hope I was somewhere between those two extremes, but as I said, that’s for others to judge.”

Count me as one person who judges Somers’ questions as completely appropriate. It was odd to see Anderson and Cardinals guard Deuce Lutui laughing while the Cardinals were down by 18 points in the fourth quarter, and the sight of two players laughing while their team was getting embarrassed drew the attention of ESPN commentator Jon Gruden as well as plenty of fans who were ripping Anderson online. It was the job of the reporters at the post-game press conference to ask Anderson about it, and when Anderson tried to claim he wasn’t laughing, it was the job of those reporters to push back.

As Somers explained in the item this morning, he was simply doing his job.

“I take no satisfaction in what happened, but I felt the questions were justified,” Somers wrote. “The Cardinals were losing their sixth consecutive game. Their starting quarterback and right guard were smiling on the sidelines. Readers wanted to know why, especially since many of them think this team is not playing as hard as it should.”

Somers was right to question what was so funny, and Anderson was wrong to go off on Somers. If Anderson doesn’t like those questions, he ought to stop laughing on the sideline while the Cardinals are losing.

UPDATE: Here’s the video of Anderson, in case you missed it:

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27 responses to “Kent Somers on Derek Anderson: “I tried to be diplomatic”

  1. I’m no Cards fan, but Sommers does good work. I don’t think he was out of line and clearly said he was just seeking context, which if nothing else, could have cleared the air for a lot of angry fans.

    But DA didn’t have enough composure to see it that way. Have fun at your next job, Derek.

  2. Everybody after games laughs and smiles and hugs each other…what’s the difference? It pisses me off to see it but to those guys its not good vs evil they are all friends.(mostly). Are they supposed to sulk and be pissed? No because they are millionaires playing a kids game. Also, did anyone like darnell dockett come out against them?

  3. I am sure DA felt like $hit. His teammate tried to lift his spirits, perhaps? I think DA’s unprofessional reaction to the questions is far worse than the laughing.

  4. Y’know, I laughed once or twice on the day of my mom’s funeral, too. The only differences are that the game is a game, and there weren’t any cameras on me.

  5. “…Somers saying he wasn’t trying to bait Anderson into unleashing a tirade, and was just wondering what made Anderson laugh on the bench while the Cardinals were getting blown out in the fourth quarter.”

    Gallows humor perhaps? A joke that could not be repeated without offending someone or almost everyone?

    It is really too bad we do not stick a mircophone in reporter’s faces at low points in their lives to get their impressions. This might lead to some interesting comments.

  6. The guy just got showed up big time on Monday night football yet these reporters just keep going on and on to the QB. I know they feel they have the right to ask all the garbage questions yet ANDERSON IS NOT.

  7. If you’ve watched DA in Cleveland you would know he does this regularly. It used to infuriate Cleveland fans and I think if you looked there were a few mentions of it in the PD over the years.

    I don’t think this writer did anything wrong, he has a duty to be a voice for the people and that’s what he did. DA can defend himself. Or he can just stop making people upset.

    Best move the Browns made………….other than fleecing the Bronco’s for Hillis.

  8. Derek Anderson tried to bark and get Somers to back down but instead Somers continued to do his job by continuing the line of questioning. Too bad Anderson didn’t do his job just as well

  9. I don’t understand the outrage. Seemed pretty easy to interpret, Someone on the sideline probably cracked a joke or made a wise comment trying to lighten the mood. I’m a life long Browns fan, so I have no love for Anderson, but I think it’s ridiculous that the reporter was taking such an interest in what was said, he was demanding to know what was being talked about and DA was right, it was none of his, or anyone else’s business. And on the flip side I read a story criticizing Peyton Manning for being so serious and angry on the sideline during their blowout loss to the Chargers.

  10. The reporter got his answer and should’ve shut up. I agree with the notion of sticking a mic in a few reporters’ faces at inopportune moments to see what they think of stupid, senseless questions like why were you smiling? For God’s sake…who cares.

  11. It was none of his damn business. All sports writers are snakes…worship the altar of Mike Lupica. And yes, after the 1st time DA said he didn’t care to explain, leave it be.

  12. sometimes, when things are as bad as they could possibly be, the only thing you can do is smile or laugh at how terrible things have turned out…the Cards are that bad, and that is what the smile looked like to me

  13. When he FREAKED at the question the first time….. Somers probably shouldn’t have started IMMEDIATELY back up with “well what context were you and deuce talking about on the sidelines” or whatever he said. Idiot.

  14. Haven’t you ever laughed when you know you shouldn’t be? What exactly is the point of asking what he was laughing about? If anything, its a question for the COACH! How does he feel about his players laughing on the sideline while gettin beat bad. The question was DEFINITELY asked to provoke Anderson.

  15. It happens every week. How many people tap each other on the helmet and help each other up DURING a game. Even when one team is taking a beating. How many players smile and laugh on the sidelines? Hug and smile after the game? The point of the question was to get a reaction out of Derek. Well done. But PFT don’t act like it was some legit question. Anyone who watches football each week sees the same scene over and over……

  16. Props to Anderson for finally fighting back. This guy has been takin it in the arse from the media for years. Yes hes an average (at best) NFL QB but so are a lot of other guys out there and they are still playing. And who cares if he was laughing? Soneone has to lighten the mood there. Is he supposed to just sit there like a sour puss and frown? Then everyone would call him unmotivated. At least he stuck up for himslef maybe now he can get a little respect.

  17. Think a point is being missed !

    If Anderson loses his composure over a simple question. What happens to him on the field ?

    Oooops I guess thats no bodys/fans business..RIGHT !

    I really think Somers was doing him a favor by being up front, rather than having the media just write what they wanted… Anderson could have just said something like “Would it be better if I cried on television” He should have shown some cleverness which could also be missing from his game.

  18. Helping a player off the ground during a game is called courtesy. Sitting around telling jokes with your buddy when you good be looking at still shots of what the defense is doing, is lazy and unprofessional. He wants to say he studies his ass off, but instead of studying his teams fans got to see him bs’ing.

    Derek Anderson is a loser, and the only reason he flipped out is because he had no way to defend his actions. People who feel they’ve done nothing wrong generally don’t feel the need to explode when asked about their actions.

  19. Sorry, but I saw anderson having a good time too often on the Browns’ sideline when he should have been rallying players or talking with his OC or something. The first few times you see it, you really don’t notice. After those few times, you start to think “he got paid and no longer cares”. I’m just glad he’s not in Cleveland anymore.

  20. Maybe a better approach by Somers would have been to ask Anderson what he was feeling/thinking in the 4th quater down by 18 points knowing that a win keeps them alive to win the division and a playoff spot. And a loss pretty much wipes away any hope of a playoff game.

    After posing that question, then ask what was so funny as his team was losing by 18 points in the 4th quarter.

  21. You all want to see passion from your players and want them to care…..looked like he cared to me. Derek should have just asked for the next question, after showing his feelings, not just walk off.

  22. Florio, put me on the side of you are both wrong!! Having now seen the video the reporter was trying to bait him into exactlywhat happened. Who is he to ask “the content of the conversation”? He saw a fuse burning and threw gasoline on it.

  23. The reporter asked a fair question. The tape shows Anderson smiling (laughing is a stretch) during a tough loss. It’s fair to ask “what’s up with that”.

    This doesn’t mean it was the best asked question. The reporter could have done a little better job to have Anderson give his side of the story. Of course, then he’d be blamed for being soft on players.

    As for Anderson, I’d like to believe he’s just a competitive guy who got riled in the moment, but I can’t help but think he’s just a tool. It would have been very easy for him to say he is a competitive guy who doesn’t enjoy losing one bit but stuff get said in the sidelines between teammates to help stay in the moment or relieve tension or what have you and the specifics of those conversations are between team mates.

  24. You know, it is completely reasonable that he was smiling or laughing at something. Many possible reasons for it. QB trying to lift spirits? Sharing a nasty comment about the guy he faces trying to overcome the frustration? Any number of reasons.

    Anderson could have played this off easily. Instead he goes off on a tirade. This makes it look MUCH worse. He should publicly apologize to whatever fans he has left, and to the reporter, and simply pass off the exchange for what it was. Time for some PR fix it. I could do that for you. Wouldn’t charge much either.

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