Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre miss practice

While the early signs have been positive regarding Adrian Peterson’s status this week, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said Wednesday that it could be a “gameday” decision on whether Peterson will face the Bills.  Peterson missed practice Wednesday.

“We’ve all got our fingers crossed,” Frazier said.

Brett Favre also missed the session and Percy Harvin was out with an illness.  Favre has his usual ankle and shoulder injuries, plus he added a neck problem to the mix for the holiday season.  A nice touch.

Wide receiver Percy Harvin was limited with an illness, while defensive end Ray Edwards (right ankle sprain), left guard Steve Hutchinson (thumb), and wide receiver Greg Lewis (concussion) all missed practice.

10 responses to “Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre miss practice

  1. Chilly finally sold the house and Peterson was just giving him a ride to the airport…Favre went just in case Peterson lost his license on the trip

  2. Can’t have it both ways Greggy-poo. If you’re going to make a snide remark regarding Brett Favre you better make them for Percy Harvin also since he’s probably missed three times as many practices as Farve. Migraines, ankle, “illness,” boo hoo hoo, legitimate excuses or not Harvin might as well only suit up on game day since he seems to miss the rest of the week. What, no comments regarding him? Is he irreproachable, sorry, don’t buy it.

  3. “Favre has his usual ankle and shoulder injuries, plus he added a neck problem to the mix for the holiday season. A nice touch.”

    The disdain that drips from that line is amazing. Based on his years playing the game as a professional QB Greg and easily tell when Favre has a real ailment or a manufactured one.

    Yes- Favre is about the drama, but at 40+ years old playing a sport where most QB drop out at a about age 35, and having been sacked 21 times this year alone, don’t you think he just might have a neck problem?

  4. How is a team supposed to get better if their Qb cannot practice. Im telling you, its Tavaris time. This season is over for them, they should use their time wisely to see what they have in Tavaris. This is winning 101 people,,,,Minny doesnt get it or Wilf is more interested in selling tickets w/ Favre out there…

  5. Maybe it’s like when John Randle was in college and the coaches made him sit out the scrimmage drills so that he would stop disrupting the offense and they could actually get some work done…..


  6. I’d like to see the couch potato critics of Favre’s injuries step on the field and get nailed a few times. Maybe learning first-hand about what kind of pain players go through on a game by game, practice by practice, basis all season long will get the point across.

    Have Ray Lewis knock the snot outta ya a few times. Have Pat Williams land on ya a few times more, maybe sandwiched between Harrison and Polumalu on a few. Then we’ll see where you are on the injury report. If you’re not on the Injured Reserve.

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