The “U” is putting “full-court press” on Gruden


Amid multiple reports regarding a potential Montague-and-Capulet arrangement between a guy whose dad worked at Notre Dame and its mortal enemies from Miami (at least when they used to play each other), we’re told that the “U” is indeed putting a “full-court press” on former Raiders and Bucs coach Jon Gruden.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the push is occurring at many levels, including recruiting efforts from former Hurricanes players.

That said, the thinking remains that, while he enjoys being courted, Gruden isn’t inclined to coach at the college level.  Moreover, Gruden’s decision to listen to Miami could be the impetus for any NFL team that may be eyeballing Gruden for 2011 to begin some back-channel communications aimed at making him aware that he could be the next head coach of, say, the 49ers or the Browns or maybe even the Broncos, where he’d get to turn Tim Tebow into an NFL quarterback.

In other words, Gruden could indeed be using the “U” to effect his broader plan of getting back into the NFL.

6 responses to “The “U” is putting “full-court press” on Gruden

  1. This is a great job. Shannon couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag, but he was a great recruiter. There is a ton of a talent there.

    With the players there and the weak conference they play in, he could take that team to a BCS game next year.

    That would look awfully good on his resume.

  2. The only good thing about Gruden going to Miami or some NFL team is that we wouldn’t have to listen to him on MNF any more.

  3. @4EVER19

    You’re crazy, bro….Gruden makes MNF commentary bearable. Take him out of the equation, and you’re stuck with surface-level insight to the game and a play-by-play announcer in Tirico that will put you to sleep by the 2nd quarter.

  4. lets get to the facts, the nfl has over 1/3 rd of it currents coaches on their final year of contract. The owners also have 5 billion rea$on$ to lock out. A dollar saved in payroll is a dollar right to the bottom line. If there is not fottball next year, does ESPN still pay gruden for Monday night football or does he have one of those clauses like people who have club seats that don’t get a refund.

  5. Gruden still gets a paycheck from the Bucs. They owe him $5 million for 2011. If it is only about the money, he should stick with ESPN 1 more year. Easy money, no worries.

  6. Gruden makes MNF bearable? ughhhh, no way! I could do what they do, which is quite simply have orgasm after orgasm over whatever QB is playing that night. It’s awful just like ESPN its like they pick 2 MAYBE 3 games in the upcoming week and they just beat them to the ground its so irritating I live in RI and im a 49er fan but the only way i can find out whats going on with them is by going to their website and stuff. The worst thing that ESPN ever did in my eyes was put the list of topics on the side of the screen about what they are going to talk about next…4 out of like 9 of them will be about the same game…it pisses me off

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