Jerry Jones confirms Marion Barber is out this week, but not out for 2011

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The Cowboys coaching staff wouldn’t rule out Marion Barber on Thursday, but said he needed to practice to play.  Owner Jerry Jones ruled out Barber for them, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Some reports have suggested Barber will miss two weeks, which could be a blessing in disguise for the Cowboys offense.  Tashard Choice should be on the field more.  Barber is averaging only 3.1 yards-per-carry and 4.5 yards-per-catch this season.  The explosion is gone.

Barber is under contract for $4.25 million next year.  He’s only 27 years old, but his rugged running style seems to have prematurely aged him.  Most Cowboys observers don’t expect Barber back with the team, but old habits die hard for Jones.

“I know certainly he’s got critics but I wouldn’t go that far in any way to say his time is done with the Cowboys,” Jones said via

Running back is a relatively fungible position.  If the Cowboys don’t trust Choice for some reason, they should find a cheaper option through the draft.  Barber just isn’t worth the money at this point.

10 responses to “Jerry Jones confirms Marion Barber is out this week, but not out for 2011

  1. I predicted back in the preseason that Marion Barber and Brandon Jacobs couldn’t crack 1000 yards this season if they added their rush totals together. They’re getting close, but I’m still holding out that it could happen.

  2. how do you write an article about marion barber and not mention felix jones????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  3. I’m a big fan of Barber, and I don’t think that his running style has aged him. It’s more like he has had an injury every year for the past couple of seasons, and our O-line is so wretched that who can they really block?

    He gets my vote to be back next year for sure. Maybe not as our number one back, but I still think he has lots left in the tank, provided he can stay healthy.

  4. It’s called karma MB3. Last year I was in Vegas, and he was there with Crayton, Choice, and a 3rd player I didn’t recognize. My VIP booth was next to theirs at Body English at the Hard Rock. Anyway, I’m a ridiculous ‘Boys fan, and I was wasted, Crayton was the coolest guy ever, talked to me for like 20mins at one point I told him I love his game and cboys etc. He goes to me “I love you to, but im here for the ladies” I said fair enough left them alone. End of the night I go to leave and MB3 is walking to the coat check and all I wanted was to say whats up and get a handshake, dap, whatever, and that douche, ran into the coat check and pointed the bouncer towards me. I was like whatever bro….. BTW Barber isn’t as big as you’d think. The man runs hard, but not huge, I was def surprised.

  5. So what did you want, for him to say “I love you too, but I’m here for my coat”? Just curious, what were you there for, autographs?

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