Jacksonville bounces back in a big way against Titans

Last Sunday it looked like the bubble burst for the Jacksonville Jaguars in a fourth quarter collapse against the Giants. This Sunday they showed that there’s life left in them yet.

Their 17-6 win means that they will be no worse than tied for the top spot in the AFC South after the Colts finish up their game with the Cowboys. That means a second win over the Colts in Week 15, regardless of what happens next week, would give them very strong position in that divisional race, something that seemed unthinkable when the team was 3-4 and getting blown out on a regular basis.

They find themselves in that position on the back of an overwhelming rushing attack and some timely second half defense.The rushing attack was led by Maurice-Jones Drew, who ran for 186 yards and iced the game with a masterful stiff arm on Titans safety Michael Griffin on a 37-yard run just before the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter. Rashard Jennings and David Garrad each ran for scores as Jacksonville rolled up 258 yards on the ground and held the ball for nearly 40 minutes.

The timely defense was in sharp contrast to last week. The Giants put up 15 points in the final 15 minutes thanks to several costly breakdowns in the Jaguars secondary, but this week the Jags played stiff when they needed to get a stop. The Titans had two drives of 10 or more plays, but the Jags came up with stops late and forced them to settle for field goals each time. They didn’t let Chris Johnson — 53 yards on 13 carries — beat them and Kerry Collins, who threw two interceptions and wasn’t helped by several dropped passes, simply couldn’t do anything to beat them.

That leaves the Titans in last place and reeling as the losers of five straight games. The season’s gotten ugly in a hurry and if things continue down this road much longer there could be some serious changes in the offing for the franchise.

2 responses to “Jacksonville bounces back in a big way against Titans

  1. Nice win, but still gotta put second half points on the board. Playing lights out offense 1st half then pumping brakes 2nd ain’t gonna work every week. You gotta put teams away.
    Anyway, screw respect from national media. Just keep winning and ESPN, NFL Network, Chris “Yeah, But” Berman and Mike Florio will be in line to pucker up and kiss our ass. Good win baby.

  2. nationalmediacansuckit,
    I agree with you 100% ! I do not care anymore what the media, ESPN, Florio or any of the other haters have to say anymore. The Jags are flying under the radar because when you turn on NFL Network at anytime of the day I bet they are running a story about the Patriots. Its all Patriots all the time , So Let them keep ignoring what is going on with the Jaguars. I like it better that way anyway

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