Tomlin tiptoes around Ben’s metatarsal injury

In a Sunday interview with NFL Network, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin discussed a variety of topics, including quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s injured foot, which produced this week an unusual decision by the team to issue a statement refuting a report that he currently has a broken bone.

“He broke his fifth metatarsal some time ago,” Tomlin said, “we’re not exactly sure.  Seven, eight, nine years ago.  It was re-aggravated several weeks back, um, it got re-aggravated again in the Buffalo game, we took him in at halftime, took a picture of it, and he was able to proceed.  There was a lot of pain and discomfort.”

That “um” is telling.  That “um” looks like an attempt by Tomlin to take back the disclosure that Roethlisberger suffered an injury that wasn’t disclosed on the injury report.

Indeed, Roethlisberger hasn’t appeared on the injury report for any reason of late, which means that if, as Tomlin said, the injury was “re-aggravated several weeks back,” the Steelers fudged their recent injury reports.

Either way, Tomlin said that Roethlisberger will play on Sunday night against the Ravens.

11 responses to “Tomlin tiptoes around Ben’s metatarsal injury

  1. Turns out Tomlin meant to say that the injury was “metaphysical”. Mike likes to use big words, but he seldom gets them in the right context. So actually it’s any injury to Benji’s Sixth Metaphysical digit meaning it’s all in his mind. We think.

  2. “That “um” is telling. That “um” looks like an attempt by Tomlin to take back the disclosure that Roethlisberger suffered an injury that wasn’t disclosed on the injury report.”

    The injury report is to put the other team on notice that a player may not play and what the likelihood is. If there was never any doubt, which it appears there wasn’t, there is nothing to disclose.

    I would guess that near 100% of players in the NFL are banged up a bit by mid season. If someone has some discomfort, you might as well list the entire team as probable Patriots style.

  3. Heck, Mike Tomlin can’t say 3 words without saying “um”.
    Watch any of his postgame interviews. Don’t think I’d read so much into it.

  4. Tomlin also said…..As long as he can walk into a bathroom stall in some backwater Georgia bar, he will suit up and play, he’s a real trooper, and i would like to add that someday he may have kids who will need tuition for college….And one more thing, we are going to unleash purgatory this week..

  5. Rumor has it that there is a special welcome chant that the Ravens fans are planning for Ben tonight .

  6. If a team wanted to fudge their injury report, wouldnt it go the other way, by marking a healthy player as injured so the other team has to prepare for that player AND the backup?

    Seems like, if Tomlin was trying to hide something, he was only hurting himself by putting an injured player out on the field when the opposing team had 6 days or so to prepare for him.

  7. Oh, oh. This could cause the NFL to unleash Hell. Although the last time someone tried that it didn’t turn out so well, so no worries after all.

  8. As long as you can’t write content based on reliable sources and factual events, may as well crank out article after article of pure flame bait to incite the idiots…

  9. We all know Tomlin is scared to say what really happened. Which is that Roethlisberger burnt his toe while sitting in bed while trying to turn sausage a la Michael Scott.

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