Ellis Hobbs indicates that he plans to retire

Eagles cornerback Ellis Hobbs sought to clear up conflicting reports about his possible retirement in a television appearance Monday.

In short, he’s leaning towards retirement because of his second neck surgery, but reserves the right to change his mind.

“I have no regrets,” Hobbs told Derrick Gunn of Comcast Sports Philadelphia. “I have nothing [else] to look forward to in this game. The money — whatever. I can make money somewhere else. The game itself –- I can watch it now. I’ve enjoyed it just as much watching it as I did playing it.

“Is it really worth it, the game itself?,” Hobbs said.  “You’re financially OK. You have your health now. There are so many things you can look forward to at the age of 27.”

It sounds like Hobbs could feel differently after some rehab.  For now, he plans to hang up his cleats.

“We throw nothing out the window and we hold all options available,” he said.

16 responses to “Ellis Hobbs indicates that he plans to retire

  1. “Hobbsy” says:

    “I’ve enjoyed [the game] just as much watching it as I did playing it.”

    Uhhh…yeah, Ellis. All too often, it looked as if you were watching the game *while* you were *on the field,* playing the game.

  2. If only the “malicious hit crackdown” had been implemented before this game, then maybe this hit wouldn’t have happened and he wouldn’t be considering retirement and would…

    Oh, wait. It was after the fines started.

    Well, at least it drew a 15 yard penalty….

    Oh, no penalty either.

    Well, at least Tollefson got a hefty fine and will think twice about….

    Hmm. No fine either.

    Can someone please explain to me how this crackdown is implemented again?

    Let’s face it. The crackdown is a mid-season knee-jerk reaction, and are working about as well as any hastily-implemented, half-thought-out solutions work. Lots of drama, lots of controversy, and no perceivable effect on actually fixing the problem of concussions and early retirements.

  3. Hey, retirement is a smart move. You wanted to walk off the field but at least you are still able to walk period !!!
    It’s probably a very difficult decision, leaving something you love. But don’t sacrafice your overall health for this game …
    Good Luck with your future endeavours !!!

  4. @luvthatdirtywatah

    As a fellow member of Patriots Nation…Uh, we are better fans than that, don’t be such a dick. Hobbs is showing some intelligence and at least won’t be broke like most because they blow it on bling bling and “making it rain.” Credit the guy for playing hurt during 2007.

  5. Mborz, a huge part of the rule that you, along with many other people are missing is the fact that the player has to be defenseless in order for it to be illegal… Hobbs put his own head down on a punt return… Vicious? Yes. Illegal? No.

  6. @theonlycush: You’re missing my point, which is that if the league is really so serious about eliminating devastating hits, why isn’t the kind that apparently ended Hobbs career accounted for?

  7. You can’t punish a tackler because a ball carrier lowers his head. If that were the case, d-linemen would be screwed everytime a running back went through the lime.

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