The Week 13 hot seat watch

Three coaches already have been fired.

Plenty more could come soon.

So which of the coaches are perched closest to the flame?

We’ve got them all, in our weekly look at the hot seat.

Names you won’t find on the list include Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin, John Harbaugh, and Mike Smith.  As to the ones who made the cut, there’s only one way to find out.

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19 responses to “The Week 13 hot seat watch

  1. “As to the ones who made the cut, there’s only one way to find out.”

    Actually there are two ways.

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  2. Let me add a surprise name. John Harbaugh. The Ravens were supposed to contend for the SB. They have spent the entire season barely beating teams they should have smashed. The OC Cameron plays not to lose and sits on one score leads in the second half of games. Almost all of Baltimore including the players are blaming the Steeler loss on his passivity in the second half of that game. The DC is a career college coach who runs a very passive defense which is not the style that Bmore is used to. Both of his coordinators are personal friends and he may get told that those guys need to be changed. Harbs is very hard headed and a loyalist. I could see him falling on his sword if Ozzie or Steve B says Cam has to go given that our offense has way way underperformed with the talent that they assembled for him this year.

    The other issue is his temper and treatment of the media. He has had a number of dustups with the media which are out in the open and seems to be very thin skinned. All of that if fine when you are winning, but if your team under performs that kind of stuff can make the head shed take a second look.

    While I don’t think this is going to happen, I would not be surprised if it did.

  3. Florio is such an NFL genius. A true “expert”. He just took all the coaches who’s teams are awful or just underachieving and said they are on the hot seat. Simply amazing, Florio. You must have some great team insider connections.

  4. some of u guys should not be allowed to write.
    1) The guy who says that Cable should be on the hot seat. Really? they are 6-6 & in the playoff race for the 1st time since 02 and u think he should be on the hot seat?
    2)The guy who thinks Harbaugh should be there. I know many people think highly of baltimore, but I never have. They are what they are. & thats a decent team that makes the playoffs but cant win it all. Again, Baltimore has had a very good season & has beaten a few good teams. no reason to be on this list.
    3) the guy who says that Florio just picked the bottom dwellers & made a list of them. totally untrue. He didnt list Buf, Clev, Cinn, Ariz, Was, Det, or Car.

    In fact Miami & SD are both .500 teams.
    guys get your fact straight b4 u write something dumb.

  5. @nationalmediacansuckit

    Hey Florio, next week throw BB on there as well as Andy Reid and Mike McCarthey… Your an idiot, when a team sucks usually the coach gets fired, unless he is an interm or in the first year of his contract. Yea, its not rocket science to figure it out, but come on you make it sound like he just copied your kindergarten test.

  6. @ol5174
    I said Florio picked “teams that are awful or just underachieving” not bottom dwellers like you wrote. So since you need clarification on the list you made with Buf, Clev, Cinn, Ariz, Was, Det, or Car, let me help you out on why they are not on the list.

    Buf- 1st year coach playing good despite record.
    Clev-also playing good despite record
    Cinn-obviously fired, why mention it.
    Arz-one year removed from Kurt Warner, playoff run and SB a couple year ago , he’s safe
    Was-1st year, Mike Shanahan obviously safe
    Det-playing good despite record and Shwartz is a good coach.
    Car- obviuosly fired, why mention it.
    See that was pretty simple.

    My point is if you are an NFL fan we all know the coaches he mentioned are on the hot seat. It’s not breaking news.

  7. Marvin Lewis turned down an extension before the season, so this was going to be his last year anyway. No slam dunk there, just obvious.

    And if he was fired now, all that does is put more work on Mike Zimmer, who already needs 100% of his time to get the defense straightened out. (Nobody has mentioned the OC as a head coach possibility, which probably isn’t a very good sign for him, either.)

  8. @ol5174 – clean the junk out of your eyes. I didn’t say Harbs should be on the list. I am a Ravens fan and like Harbs. I liked him from his days as an Iggles ST coach.

    What I said was that it would not surprise me if he ends up on the list or ends up out of a job and then went on to explain why.

    You really ought to read what is written before you comment. Your stupidity wouldn’t shine through as easily.

  9. I would be okay with Chargers firing Norv and the Ravens picking him up as O Cord.

    Too bad Bills are going to get suckered into keeping Chan because of their “hard play”. Go get Rob Ryan as your HC in Buffalo.

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