Cardinals ownership now getting blamed for quarterback mess

The Cardinals quarterback situation has been a disaster since training camp started through Friday’s announcement that John Skelton would start Sunday against the Broncos.

Ken Whisenhunt has rightfully taken a lot of blame for the situation, but an article in the Arizona Republic Friday tried to re-direct some of the mess to Cardinals ownership.  Whisenhunt reportedly wanted Marc Bulger brought aboard.

“According to some whispers, the pleading took place over several days,” Dan Bickley writes.   “But Whisenhunt simply couldn’t convince the hierarchy to purchase another quarterback, no matter how hard he tried.”
Bulger appeared to be a nice fit for the Cardinals system, but it’s hardly a guarantee he would have helped much.  (The ’09 Rams agree.)  The interest in Bulger is hardly a newsflash, but the timing of this story is eyebrow-raising.
“These are the sorts of stories that trickle out when teams lose and people in power scramble to protect their reputations,” ESPN’s Mike Sando wrote Friday.
Bingo.  Bickley, who once caddied for Whisenhunt at a celebrity golf event, basically provides cover for the Cardinals coach.  It’s a timeless Cardinals story: The Bidwells didn’t provide the coach everything he needed.
It’s the type of story that is probably better off kept in-house; the type of story this Cardinals organization had avoided since Whisenhunt took over.

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  1. Of course they should be blamed. For a 2nd round pick or so, they could have had Vick or McNabb. They would have clinched division by now for just a 2nd round pick. DA!

  2. It may be an irrelevant point now, but I wonder, given how bad that quarterback situation is in Arizona now, if Whisenhunt regrets giving away Leinart at the beginning of the season. Derek Anderson is garbage and everyone knew that going into this year. To go into the year with him as your starter and 2 rookies backing him up was a huge mistake on Whisenhunts part.

    Clearly Leinart was never a Whisenhunt guy and that’s why he got shown the door. But I don’t believe that the turnovers and consistently poor play would’ve been as apparent with Leinart under QB over Anderson. He me be “Captain Checkdown” but there are enough relevant weapons on that team to be struggling this badly offensively.

  3. @bristerfan
    Leinart was awful is every appearance I saw of his. At best, he is marginally better than Anderson, but with a much higher price tag. That was still the right decision.

  4. @bristerfan
    I never understood why they didn’t give Leinart a chance. Every NFL team needs 2 quarterbacks and they got rid of Leinart? Did they believe Anderson was the answer? Whisenhunt, or the owner, sabotaged the season before it ever began. What a mess.

  5. bristerfan, Leinart hasn’t been able to move past Dan Orlovsky for the second spot on Houston’s depth chart. That says a lot.

    He didn’t fail in Arizona because of Whiz, he failed because he didn’t put in the work and isn’t good enough to play it this level.

  6. I think that Whisenhunt just wrote his ticket out of town. If you want to keep your job, you don’t point your fingers at your boss, even if it is true. He should know that just because you get the mob angry at the owner, THIS owner isn’t going to knuckle under. The Ken Whisenhunt Error is about to come to an end.

  7. yea blame the owner for not wasting another million or 2 for a guy who is past his prime like’s all their fault that whisenhunt never liked or gave leinart a fair shot. and if you call pulling him after any mistake or reducing him to checking down on every pass play because he would be taken out of the game if it was an incomplete pass or a pick,then yea he had a fair shot. as for leinart in houston how is going to move past any qb who has been the system a year and he has been there 3 months? since schaub has not missed a start how does he getting reps? face it if it wasn’t for the 1 great year warner put in then whisenhunt isn’t the great coach everybody thought he was after that superbowl appearance.

  8. Brett Favres new home!!!! Seriously though I could see them trading for Leftwich, Vince Young, or signing Vick in the offseason. Trading up for Cam Newton wouldn’t be a bad pick either.

  9. Cards fans, you can now go back to doing what ever it was you did before kurt Warner came along. think of those years like the time when Yoda threw away his walking stick and put a beat down on count Dooku, but then went back to limping along afterwards. Whisenhunt is complaining because he knows what he and the fans are in for. Honestly, when your options are Leinart or Anderson, you know you are screwed as a coach!

  10. Florio, it’s Bidwill. Not Bidwell… I’ll forgive the tools who like to rag on this franchise for the hell of it for not being able to spell, but you should know better. Writing about the NFL is, after all, what you do for a living.

    The rest of you commenting about the story and thinking it is Whisenhunt complaining now (nard100, metalhead65, edgy…) need to re-read the article. There is no attribute to any quote associated with Whisenhunt crying foul. He wanted Bulger, didn’t get him. But he’s not now saying blaming ownership for the Cardinals QB problems now…

  11. It’s the type of story that is probably better off kept in-house; the type of story this Cardinals organization had avoided since Whisenhunt took over.


    Yeah, they should have kept it “in house.” That way, we wouldn’t have known that Anderson sucks ……………….

    Get a real writer ………………………………..

  12. & how exactly does that explain why the coach waited until right before the start of the season to cut Lienart?

  13. I’ll bet Derek Anderson laughed when he read this…… I’m just not asking him what he thought was so funny.

  14. superfbfan says:
    Dec 10, 2010 4:16 PM
    I never understood why they didn’t give Leinart a chance. Every NFL team needs 2 quarterbacks and they got rid of Leinart? Did they believe Anderson was the answer? Whisenhunt, or the owner, sabotaged the season before it ever began. What a mess.

    —You don’t understand because you don’t realize how much Leinart blows.

  15. I’m in awe that people are saying Leinart is better than Anderson. He is just as bad…seriously. I blame this on ownership, the coaching staff for not establishing a good run game knowing your QB situation. People have high expectations for Leinart because of Carson Palmer. Both USC grads one right after the other. I’ve also heard reports that Leinart is not coachable at all, due to his attitude and work ethic. One thing we all know for sure….Damn Kurt Warner was good!! LOL

  16. Cards are in a pickle finanacially due to speculative real estate holdings around the stadium.

    That is the core of the problem, the team is stretched too thin, then ate Leinart’s contract for years before giving up on him right or wrong.

    But, what coach dumps a QB without another QB in the fold?

  17. This is OLD news….we knew all about this in preseason. I’m fine with the Cards letting Leinart go and rolling the dice on Anderson. We’ll see how Skelton goes and will still most likely end up with one of the top QB’s in the draft.


  18. Its almost laughable to think that Ken Whizenhunt, would have thought Marc Bulger was the guy to solve all the Cardinals problems this season. There is such a long list of things that went wrong in the desert this year, that it would be hard to focus in on just one aspect.
    I think Ken may have lost some of his team before the season even started, when he cut Matt Leinart in favor of Derek Anderson. I understand there were a core of players on the team that wanted to see Leinart finally get his shot after Warner retired. He’d been with the team four seasons, and developed a good relationship with alot of his teammates. He knew the system inside out and improved his footwork every year he was there. He was being smart with the football in the 2010 preseason by not trying to force anything that wasn’t open. He didn’t make any serious mistakes and because there were no throws downfield, he was forced to check down alot. This was all to the dismay of his Head Coach. The next thing you know, Leinart has one average game and chop, he gets the axe! It didn’t shock me when Ken cut Matt because he never liked him in the first place. Leinart’s footwork nauseated Whizenhunt since day one and I think Ken never got over it. He wasn’t the coach when Matt got drafted, so he had no emotional ties with him. After Leinart spoke out against his demotion to the media, it pretty much sealed his fate, ultimately ending the marriage between the Cards and Leinart. So what happens next?
    Well, let me tell you happened next to Arizona. Their lack of a running game. Beanie Wells could never get healthy enough to make any kind of impact. Tim Hightower, the other option, is more of a 3rd down and short yardage back. He’s not the type of horse that can carry the load, week in and week out. So far, here’s how it breaks down. The Cards cut the best QB they had for a wild and inaccurate gunslinger in Derek Anderson, the exact opposite of what they had in Warner. This move completely backfires on them. Next their promising young RB Beanie Wells continues his long spell, with the notorious injury bug. It’s a stigma he’s carried since his days as a Buckeye at Ohio State University. His inability to stay healthy gave the Cards no choice but to sling it, creating a great imbalance on offense. There were too many three and outs by the offense, which left the defense on the field far to long for them to be effective. Early in the season the “D” held up well when it was fresh, even scoring several touchdowns. But recently they’ve faded badly in the stretch. Sprinkle in the slow start from WR Larry Fitzgerald due to injury, along with the loss of the heart and soul of the club Anquan Boldin to free-agency, and now you have the recipe for a complete meltdown!
    Whizenhunt should be given another year to clean up this mess, but if he thinks Marc Bulger is the guy to fix the leak, then maybe he should be let go?

  19. So Penny-wise the Clown has struck again. I have no doubt the story transpired as presented. I still don’t understand why the Cardinals picked up Anderson. I can only assume the price was right.

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