NFL’s top lawyer cites “shared responsibility” to fans on labor front

Jeff Pash, the league’s top in-house lawyer, addressed the status of the labor talks between the NFL and the players’ union in an interview with the Associated Press.  Pash acknowledged that the teams and the players have a “shared responsibility” to the fans to work out a new deal.

Timing remains the issue.  Will a deal be done before the current one expires?  Or will it come in June or July, well in advance of the start of the season but at a time that infringes significantly upon the offseason program?

Pash provided nothing concrete in this regard.

“We have every incentive to get an agreement as soon as we can,” Pash said. “We’ve said, we’ve told the union, it’s been public — if there is extended uncertainty, it’s costly for both sides.  It’s costly for us, and it’s costly for the players.  So there is every incentive to try to reach an agreement sooner rather than later, and that’s what our focus is.   Are we going to do it?  I can’t guarantee that.”

Pash also made it abundantly clear that an 18-game season is coming, since two extra games apparently will help solve the financial side of the CBA conundrum.

“It’s something that both sides recognize the value of, and so both sides will work hard to incorporate it into the new agreement,” Pash said.  “It’s a season that would deliver more value to the fans.  It would allow a lot of growth opportunities that don’t exist with the current structure, and those growth opportunities would be beneficial for the players as well as for the clubs.  There is a recognition that it is realistically an easier agreement to reach in the context of an 18-game regular season.”

In other words, it’ll help the NFL achieve its goal of feeding the players a smaller slice of a much larger pie.  Even if playing two extra games per year ultimately compels the players to eat their piece of the pie through a straw.

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  1. Florio, STFU about the “poor” players – you are just a liberal, union suck up. They are players, NOT owners. They make more in one week then most of us in one year. If they don’t like it, they can join the rest of us schmucks in the regular every day grind.

  2. I find the last comment about expanding to an 18 game schedule “compels the players to eat their piece of the pie through a straw” complete BS! The players are very, very well paid. Guys on the practice squad make far more then the average fan. Nobody is forced to play in the NFL. If you think it is too dangerous, go get a regular job where you don’t need to worry about injuries.

    All that said, I do believe that the NFL needs a better diaability/retirement system for former players who are now suffering. From everything I have read and seen, it’s been the active players who are against upping the retirement money because they basically don’t care about the old timers that built this game. The old timers were ripped off the worst and deserve our compasion. The current players are spoiled brats, gang bangers, and criminals who would rather buy a 14th car then throw a few bucks to the guys who played back in the day for 10K a year.

    I’ll agree most of the owners are greedy bastards but at least they (or their parents) had to go out into the world and make their fortunes in business. 75% of these players basically just won the genetic lottery and have never worked a real job in their lives, can barely read, and only care about bling, bit@hes, and jewelry.

  3. 18 games is a big mistake. These guuys can’t stay healthy ffor 16 games and are too beat up. Keep the 16 game season and add an extra bye for them so they get more rest and the greedy owners and players can stretch the season out longer for more TV money.

  4. Me thinks this ‘Goose that lays the golden eggs’ for the nfl, nflpa and the players and coaches had better find a medium ground and NOT have a work stoppage. With unemployment around 10%, the huge salaries they all make it would be wise to settle this thing and before it gets to a work stoppage issue. They, as the article says, all OWE it to the fans, period…end of story…

  5. 18 games will guarantee more blackouts in late season when teams are out of playoff contention with 4 weeks left instead of 2 weeks left.

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