Chargers make statement in 31-0 win

Matt Cassel isn’t this good, is he?

The Chargers destroyed the Chiefs 31-0 Sunday in a game that tightened up the AFC West race, just like the NFC West.  Just as the Raiders dominated San Diego in the trenches last week, the Chargers won this game by pushing Kansas City around up front.

The Chiefs’ top-ranked running game rushed for only 48 yards on 17 carries.  Cassel’s backup Brodie Croyle threw for only 40 yards on 17 attempts, completing seven passes.

This was a beatdown of the highest order.  The Chargers out-gained the Chiefs 426-67.  San Diego got contributions from rookie running back Ryan Mathews and Vincent Jackson.   San Diego now has to turn around and face the 49ers on a short week.

The Chiefs close with a game in St. Louis, then home games against the Titans and Raiders.   For the Chargers to make the playoffs, they need the Chiefs to slip up at least one more time.

They will certainly be rooting for Croyle to start another game next week.

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  1. KC will finish better than 8-8. I do believe KC will take the West, either way, whoever does will not do well in the playoffs.

  2. No, Cassel doesn’t make that much of a difference. The line in Vegas moved 1 point…..ONE POINT…..once they learned Cassel was going to miss the game.

    The Chiefs have won 2 games against teams with a winning record… against the team that beat them 31-0 today. The other against Jax when they started a QB they had to pick up off the street the Tuesday before the game.

    This is the worst 8-5 team in the history of the NFL.

    Whether they make the playoffs or not, this will be the 18th straight year for KC without a playoff win.

  3. Fattening up on a soft schedule doesn’t make you a world beater. Is it that hard for the media to do a little fact checking, as in taking a look at a team’s schedule? Pretty easy to see the Chiefs have beaten up on nobodies all year long. This isn’t like the Patriots schedule and list of wins against playoff contenders.

    Steelers went 3 and 1 without their QB, including a win against one of the best teams in the NFL and playing it close to another. What do the Chiefs do? Put up 67 yards! Yeah. That’s a Super Bowl bound team right there.

  4. whats funny about the Raiders scored 31, too. They just couldnt stop Jacksonville…it was strength against strength…400 yards total offense, and 200 of it was Darren McFadden. Raiders needed that defense it played v. San Diego to come back…

  5. Yeah, the Chargers made a statement alright… That they can get the job done against a soft schedule about once every other game. One of the NFL’s most disappointing teams this season. Yes, I know the Vikings and Cowboys are up there as well, but at least they played a tough schedule.

  6. Chargers didn’t really make a statement….they are still going nowhere this year, and my Chiefs will still win the division

  7. The best part of being at the game was that I wore a t-shirt and shorts. Watching the rest of the country in coats freezing their asses off makes me realize that life is just better here in 60 degree weather.

    The Raiders game woke them up.

    The Chargers are going into the playoffs ready to take guys heads off.

    We are Booker T and the rest of the league is Hulk Hogan (Look it up on youtube if you don’t get the reference.)

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