Cowher not a candidate for the Cowboys

Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher recently has made known his willingness to listen to “opportunities” for 2011.

There will be no such “opportunity” for him in Dallas.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that Cowher is not, and will not be, a candidate to coach the Cowboys.

There has been little if any buzz connecting Cowher to Dallas, despite the wishes of some of the team’s fans.  The lack of interest in Cowher confirms that, despite the team’s recent struggles, owner Jerry Jones is not yet ready to cede some or all of his power to a head coach, like he did in 2003 when bringing in Bill Parcells.

And that’s very good news for interim coach Jason Garrett, who has won three of four games since replacing Wade Phillips, and who remains the favorite for the job.

Garrett will try to push his record to 4-1 against the Eagles on Sunday night.

21 responses to “Cowher not a candidate for the Cowboys

  1. Cowher is not that good of a coach, he won 1 superbowl in like 20 years, or however long hes been with the steelers and the only reason why they won that one was becuase the NFL was weak that year.. They played the seahawks! that seahawks team this year would of won 3 games.

    Not to mention the stellers paid off the refs that game too….

    PFT i have visual evidence pats cheat remember….. its been 3 weeks and I only got 1 media source who wants to buy it… They seen it and they said the tape would blow the roof out out of the NFL

  2. What in the HECK are y’all doing all day while “real” games are going on? Did you all now just see the Jets asst strip(with his knee) a Dolphins player? You’re talking about OFF-SEASON stuff while there are real topics happening real time??? Do you all have all the games playing in real time in a “control center”? If not, NBC is getting robbed. Wake up!

  3. @raidersteve413 … On the count of three, I will snap my fingers and you will awaken and be back in the real world and out of the world of ‘mamby-pamby.’ Ready? One … two … thr ….. never mind. Stay where you are. lol.

  4. Cowher not a candidate for the Cowboys.

    Pope not converting to Scientology.

    Stephen Colbert not replacing Sean Hannity on Fox News.

    Angelina Jolie not leaving Brad Pitt for Zach Galifianakis.

    Sarah Palin not being named under secretary of state to Hillary Clinton.

    Gee, Mike … want to tell us anything else we already knew? 😉

  5. that’s funny all the cowgirl fans keep talking and talking about how cowher or gruden will lead them to glory lol at least wade beat the snot out of the worst team in the nfc east the only one that will never win a bowl, beat the stinkbait disgusting fat city of philly 3 time yes the FeAGles suck suck suck!! Lmao lmao philly winning a bowl lmao lmao never gonna happen! That city reeks lmao

  6. “Why anyone would go work for this organization is beyond me. ”

    Any coach would give his left nut to get the Dallas gig. It’s the most high profile coaching position in professional sports. Not to mention we have no state income tax.

  7. Dallas is a grease fire .
    All Coach Bill had to do is see how Jerry Jones so disrespected Bill Parcells that he shoved T.O. down his throat.
    Any coach that takes the Cowboys job better understand that they only coach who Jones feeds them.
    That is no way to live.
    Two letters sum it all up.
    Jimmy Johnson.
    Why he walked away from Jerry Jones speak volumes.
    Barry Swietzer won a title anyone could have pulled off.
    Buyer be ware when you take that Cowboys job.
    Garrett isn’t going anywhere anyway.
    He was in the “system” for years anyway.

  8. raider(idiot)steve,

    Let’s just say that the Steelers “paid” off the refs…how do you:
    A) Explain the rumor that the league is TARGETING the Steelers, this season?? Did they bounce their bribe check to the league?

    B) The other FIVE(5) Superbowl wins?

    Stevie, I’ll give you some free advice that almost everyone else automatically knows:

    When you’re living in your Mom’s basement, don’t….and I repeat DON’T log on to message boards! Now go feed your pet iguana!

  9. Of course he’s not. He will never be a pawn or lackey or yes man for that bleary eyed, wooden toothed, walking corpse of an owner down there.

  10. @raidersteve413…is that the same guy you said was interviewing you for that high paying raiders insider job? Take your meds dude

  11. @raidersteve413 – if you have it – sell it, get it out there. Everyone knows they cheat, they were caught cheating! People just don’t really know the extent of it, and they should know.

  12. Garrett was still in charge of the offense when Wade was here. We got rid one, now get rid of Garrett. Just because he was sandbagging it while Wade was here makes no never mind.

  13. @boysroll …

    Yeah … good luck with that. Your owner forced out the only coach he ever had capable of building that caliber team. LOL

  14. No crap. Only a desperate person who doesn’t mind dealing with a bumbling billionaire messing up the team will take the job. Jerry Jones got rid of the 2 people who built the Cowboys: Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcels (he also booted Laundry disgracefully). And guess what? After Johnson and Parcels left, the cowboys started to suck.

    Jones is a slightly better Dan Synder but he’s got some Mike Brown in him. Cowboy fans deserve him.

  15. Anyone in Pittsburgh knows Cowher wanted more cash from the Rooneys – that’s why he left. If the Cowgirls show enough coin, Cowher will listen, believe me.

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