Dolphins’ Nolan Carroll tripped while running on Jets’ sideline

The Dolphins and Jets are playing a hard-hitting game today at the Meadowlands, but someone on the Jets sideline went way beyond “hard-hitting” and took a dirty cheap shot at the Dolphins’ Nolan Carroll.

Carroll was running down the Jets’ sideline when someone wearing Jets gear stuck out his knee and knocked Carroll down. Photographic evidence is here and video is here.

Carroll was shaken up on the play, but he was later able to return to the game.

There’s not much to be said about what happened, other than that it was a dirty play, and the NFL needs to identify the offender and suspend him.

Image courtesy CBS.

75 responses to “Dolphins’ Nolan Carroll tripped while running on Jets’ sideline

  1. Jets are dirty and cheap. Once the Jets lose this game we will hear Rex “jaba the hut” Ryan talk about he will play them again right now.

  2. Disgusting move by the Jets. Is this what Jets football is or is someone going to severely punish that jerk?

    Jets season is obviously falling apart if they have to stoop so low. I’ll wait for Rex to punish that guy before I make judgement but that was criminal. Jets still can’t beat a team with a win.

  3. Absolute coward…Players are fined each week for playing hard, and some gutless turd in team-issued street clothes takes the dirtiest shot at anyone we’ve seen this season.

    He should be fined and suspended, but I’m sure we’ll hear all about how he didn’t try to, and how he was just moving, blah blah blah. It was deliberate, and he better pay for it.

  4. This is when Bart Scott comments after the game about how dirty the Dolphins are.

    What a joke. NFL probably wont do anything about this either.

  5. Suspend him? But is he a player? He should be suspended if he’s a player, but if he’s some other kind of employee, he should be fired. That’s scary ridiculous.


    Man I am so happy to be a pats fan. I hope all 30 teams plus Patriots remain in good health with no injuries for the rest of the season.

    I hope the jets players get injured. They deserve it for the ignorant a$$holes they are. This is pathetic, but then again, its no surprise new yorker did it.

    I’d rather have a daughter in a whorehouse then a son of the yankees

  7. Haven’t been watching since they turned away from the teeth-clinching drama in Chicago….

    Did I miss something?

    Go Patriots!

  8. Whats the point of suspending a practice squad player on the sidelines….He doesnt play anyways. Just fine him his small game check for the rest of the season

  9. If the Pats did this, it would the 1st story on tonight’s “60 Minutes”.

    But seeing it is the media darling known as Rex Ryan and his New York Jets, it will be swept under the rug.

    Classless truly classless. Wonder what the Jet’s fans defense will be? You know they wont fess up.

  10. Rex will pretend that he has no idea who it is and then say something like “we’ll find out” then just wait for it to blow over. The team takes after it’s coach and Rex is great big turd with a small mind and a giant mouth.

  11. the Patriots shocked the loser jets out of their shoes..they blasted them so hard that they are stil shocked. sancheezy- 17/44 throwing the pigskin…like sexyrexy said, the jets are a SB contender “bcuz” of sanchezIT. hahaha

  12. I have to admit that I love to see the Jets lose because of their slob of a head coach. The man has no class and he did a great job of illustrating it on “Hard Knocks” when he repeatedly told anyone within shouting distance that Vernon Golston’s “nuts dropped” on the practice field.

    Now we see one of his players, or staff members, etc. taking the worst cheap shot possible in football. This guy should be suspended by the league and fired by the Jets.

    Hey Rex….Reality check time. You limped into the playoffs last year at 8-8 because the Colts quit and benched all of their starters. Yes, you have a good defense and they won a couple of playoff games for you. Your “franchise” quarterback is terrible. As a Vikings fan, I’m happy to say that our back up makes your starter look like a child among men. Sanchez is truly embarrassing. You should have lost to….the Lions, the Browns, and the Texans.

    Last week you played a truly elite team and couldn’t even compete. Stop spouting off at the mouth and humble yourself. Then maybe you will realize that your offense is putrid and you will be lucky to make the playoffs.

  13. Remember when Bart Scott called the LIons the dirtiest team in the NFL? What a bunch of bush league bitches.

  14. They showed on Monday night that they are gutless quitters. This is more evidence. Their coach wrote a check that they haven’t cashed and now we see the result. P-U-N-K-S, Punks, Punks, Punks, Punks.

  15. Classless move by a classless organization.

    Everyone now knows what type of team the Jets really are – a mediocre team who built up a good record by scraping together some last-second wins against sub-par teams. Definitely not the elite team that they think they are.

  16. i was hoping all game after that they’d run a pitch to his side of field and just let ronnie/ricky just run him over for being such a coward. no room in nfl for this, there is no excuse for him not being fired. glad we could hold them off and give them 2nd straight L. but he needs to be out of the NFL for life. classless. sickening.

  17. Jets are going to be 9-6 in two weeks after they travel to Pittsburgh and Chicago. Rex better learn to coach the team or they’ll be missing the playoffs, but no doubt still talking about how they are the Super Bowl favorites.

  18. That person should be fired. Outrageous. He should be easily identified by the team from the pic and video. And frankly, the team should be fined, like several hundred grand at least, to get them to pay attention. They need to control their employees.

    The Steelers will take care of this team next week.


  19. Here come the excuses: he wasn’t on the white strip; he is not required to move out of the way, etc. Whatever. That’s bush-league garbage. The meltdown has begun…too bad the dolphins screwed up their opportunity last week although this offense is an embarassment right now

  20. Jets prove themselves to be a disgraceful organization through and through once again.

    Super Bowl hangover strikes again…oh wait…

  21. Dirty Bigmouth Frauds. That’s the culture at the Jets. That’s the change that Rex brought to New York, but maybe that’s better than the old culture which was Perennially Underachieving Losers.

    By the way, where are all the Jets fans that were talking smack last week, seems like they’ve all disappeared suddenly.

  22. Cheap, cheap, cheap B.S. ….. absolutely bush league crap, and this typifies the entire Jets organization.

    I don’t know who this guy is, a player, a coach, a staff member or what, but the Yets need to publicly identify this a-hole and the league needs to step in and deal with this thuggery.

    I can’t believe anyone would stoop so far as to do something as cheesey as this, he could have neded somebody’sa career for God’s sakes.

    Of course it was a Jet, if anyone was going to pull this crap, it would have to be the Yets. They’re not handling losing very well.

  23. A team will only play as dirty as the Head Coach lets them….here’s proof.
    Dirty coach = dirty team!

  24. Minimum $100,000 fine against the team and the guy who threw out the knee gets fired (or suspended for four games, though I doubt he was a player). Unbelievably classless, but indicative of what the Jets are all about. Last time I saw anything that weird was when Woody Hayes ran out onto the field and smacked that Clemson player in 1978.

  25. Falling apart at the seams…..going to lose against Pittsburgh then Chicago…..good luck making the playoffs, maybe you can trip Hines Ward or Mike Wallace next week.

  26. The guy is a cinch to win the “Woody Hayes Award” and maybe (how’s this for trivia?) the “Tommy Lewis Award”.

  27. “You limped into the playoffs last year at 8-8 because the Colts quit and benched all of their starters…”
    No they didn’t. They were 9-7. Had they been 8-8 the Steelers or Texans would have made the playoffs at 9-7.
    Other than that, I agree with everything you said!

  28. I hope the NFL comes down very hard on ‘soon to be champs’. You already have to worry about opposition players making illegal hits on you and now you have got guys on the sidelines doing this!

  29. I remember when Ohio St. coach Woody Hayes punched the Clemson player in the 1978 Gator Bowl,Hayes was fired the next day,same needs to happen to this idiot from the classless Jets.

  30. CBS switched from the Pats-Bears to the Jets-Dolphins on my local station. It was just in time to see that stunt pulled by whatever Jets employee that was. Normally, I’m pretty indifferent to the Jets, but all I have to say is : Stay classy, Jets. Stay classy.
    That was a b.s. move by that guy.

  31. Wait a minute. The guy could have been bracing himself in case he got hit by the Miami player. With an NFL player barrelling down the sideline at high speed, no one is just going to stand there without reacting in some way. It’s not like he stuck his foot out to trip him – his feet never moved.

  32. Is anyone really surprised? These kind of tactics were condoned by Ryan going back to his days in Baltimore. His cash bounties for game-ending injuries to opposing players are not the paranoid delusions of Steelers fans.

    The more he talks, the more he has to win at any cost.

  33. OMG! Cheaters! Cheaters!………One can only wonder how long this filthy cheating has been going on. I mean, how many other guys have the Jets flunky sideline guys intentionally tripped???

    The is an outrage! This effects whether or not guys get a tackle or not! They should be stripped of Draft picks!!! Someone call Arlen Specter….because this is obviously effecting the integrity of America’s favorite sport!

    The New York Che(a)ts are up to dirty cheating tricks!

    lol…sounds ridiculous huh? Keep talking Jets! Nice way to show up at home after the Pats SMASHED you on national TV! Haha.

  34. hooterdawg:

    I don’t know who’s worse, that SOB or you for defending him.

    That’s low, really low.

  35. Most overrated team in the NFL. The Jets are so far from a “professional” team. Maybe they should become a UFL team. No, that would be to high a title for them. They are garbage!

  36. nevermind..i just watched it again..he was looking at him. looks like a practice squad player. he’ll probably be cut tomorrow depending on how big of deal this is

  37. said:
    hooterdawg says: Dec 12, 2010 8:14 PM

    Wait a minute. The guy could have been bracing himself in case he got hit by the Miami player. With an NFL player barrelling down the sideline at high speed, no one is just going to stand there without reacting in some way. It’s not like he stuck his foot out to trip him – his feet never moved.
    you negate your own argument!!! if he was scared, then he would have moved his feet by getting out of the way, not leaning his knee forward which leaves your body off balance when someone comes at you from the side.

    you are either dumb or a jets fan…which is about the same thing.

  38. Look, moron…I didn’t say he was scared. I said he ‘reacted’ to someone running toward him at high speed. Observers on the sideline don’t get scared , but they do have to be prepared to react. I wonder what people would say if the Miami player barrelled into him and he was injured…and from your stupid comments. my guess is you must be a Cheatriot fan.

  39. The NYJ should be fined and have a draft pick taken, just to ensure the rest of the league understands this won’t be tolerated.

  40. Hooterdawg watch the video, look at the pics, it’s obvious what he was trying to do and it definitely wasn’t a gut or any other kind of ‘reaction’. The guy can’t help it though, like mom always said, “you are who you associate with.” Therefore, he’s a classless dirtbag just like the organization he works for. The Jets should give him an obligatory snack, make him dig the hole for the gameball and kick him to the curb.

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