Geno Hayes will play Sunday

Bucs linebacker Geno Hayes is slated to play for the team this week despite his arrest Monday morning, Bucs coach Raheem Morris confirmed. notes that the Bucs will wait for the league response to the issue.

Perhaps the team’s leniency has something to do with their situation.   Tampa’s defense is badly short on players after losing two more starters on Sunday.

At 8-5, the Bucs have a great opportunity to win their next two games (at home for the Seahawks and Lions) before heading to New Orleans in Week 17.

3 responses to “Geno Hayes will play Sunday

  1. If that is all he was charged with, [no rape,nothing lewd, no firearms , no dog fighting , no dui, nobody hurt] what is the issue with the league getting involved? I am sure it is an in house issue and he will get plenty of razzing from his team mates about being stupid. As a Buc fan , I do not want him sitting on the bench for something as silly as this. If anything Gino may represent the the tough we take no crap off anybody attitude that this young team shows on the field. GO BUCS!

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