Report: Favre’s streak likely ends tonight

As it turns out, Brett Favre may have made a worthless trip to Detroit.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that Favre’s streak of 297 straight regular-season starts likely will end tonight, due to a shoulder injury that Favre suffered eight days ago.

On Sunday, reports emerged that Favre couldn’t have played if the game had proceeded as originally scheduled, and then that Favre doubted he’d be able to play after the game was moved to Monday night in Michigan due to a snowstorm that collapsed the roof of the Metrodome like an inverted container of Jiffy Pop.  Coach Leslie Frazier refuted the notion that Favre wouldn’t play, telling Peter King as of Sunday afternoon that Favre was more questionable (i.e., 50-50 chance of playing) than doubtful (25 percent chance).

We’ve been through enough drama with Brett over the years to realize that the notion that he’s not playing is yet the latest chapter of As the Favre Turns.  Thus, we won’t believe he’s not starting his 298th straight until he doesn’t start his 298th straight game.

50 responses to “Report: Favre’s streak likely ends tonight

  1. Good. The worlds biggest phoney can finally go away….. for a night. Bet he’ll be all teary eyed and talk about the “courage” it took to make this “decision”.

  2. Anybody else catch Tom Jackson saying “Let’s talk about the biggest issue which is BrettFavre.”
    After the Metrodome collapsed? WHO CARES!?!?! If all Vikings fans are rooting for is Brett Favre’s start streak, that is very sad.

  3. we have all had enough of that attention whore, let thh streak end! the sooner i stop hearing about that over rated qb, the better.

    he has had one great year in the last ten years. anyone other qb in in that situation would be laughed at when talking about the hall of fame. but favre knows that and has excelled at keeping his name in the media for any and everything he could.

    in ten years from now he will have one ring to his name, and one record to his name, the most interceptions.

  4. 4 weeks and this thing is over for good. Ive been waiting for this for a long time. Just remember ViQueen fans….. thats a Green Bay QB you are rooting for.

  5. Given Jackson’s performance last week and how banged up Favre is, Jackson is the Vikings best chance to win this game.

    And I wouldn’t be suprised if they did. These obstacles and traumatic events can sometimes have a galvanizing effect. We’ll see what the Vikes are made of tonight.

  6. NOOO…if his streak ends tonight…we will never hear the end of it.

    ESPN is going to roll out the top ten most memorial Fav-Ruh moments again for the 100th time!!

    The world will come to a halt…Superman himself may reappear and fly around the world to reverse time so he can prevent that sack on Fav-Ruh from ever happening!

    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!

  7. i hope he plays. if he doesn’t play, then we will have to hear about the end of the streak for the next two weeks.

  8. If Favre can’t start we are all witnessing the end of the greatest Iron Man streak in major sports history. Football maims and injuries players with never ending regularity.Favre took the pain like Ali and kept on playing.
    I imagine breaking his streak will be emotional and painful for Brett.He is wired different than all the rest,has to be. Takes more than narcissism or greed to start that many games leading his team .Takes a man. Watch the beginning. Tell your kids that you are witnessing the end of the greatest record in sports.

    Thanks for the ride Brett.

  9. Deb says: Dec 13, 2010 3:03 PM

    Play, Brett, play. Love those Rocky movies.
    Hell yah Favre, come out with a sling and throw left handed! Throw for 300 yards and 4 td’s and keep shoving the legend down your haters throats! Rocky lives!

  10. In ten years he’ll still have the streak; he’ll maintain a certain notoriety for his career TD’s as well, considering once the league “enhances” the season, he’ll still be talked about as having the best career numbers from the “16-game era”, and while 30 years from now that fact won’t matter when people discuss the “greatest of all time”, it will still be a relevant conversation piece for HOF voters when Favre is on the ballot.

    That being said, I agree with the notion he’ll play, but disagree with anybody who says this attention helps his HOF chances. Considering OJ Simpson won’t be removed, and the party line clearly states “only on-field achievements” are considered, Favre is a lock, regardless of media attention.

  11. I said before that this is the season Brett Favre will “walk on water”…

    Could tonight be that time?

    Too dramatic for me, makes me want to puke.

  12. Brett does not strike me as a selfish guy. His whole purpose of playing this season was to help out the guys. He’ll only play if he’s capable of helping the team win and not if he is a liability. That’s just what kind of guy he is.

  13. As much as I respect Brett Farve for what he’s done in his career, his indecision about retiring the past couple years has made me less and less of a fan of him. I think if he had sat out earlier this year the Vikings would have done better this year.

  14. I hope he doesn’t play, but their way we’re going to hear about either:

    1. The streak continues.
    2. The streak ended.

    For at least 4 weeks.

  15. While I’ve been for benching Favre in favor of TJack, I’d like to see Favre get to 300.

    Hate the man for his indecisiveness, selfishness all you want but he’s still a HOF and one of the greatest when all said and done.

    It was exciting to see him almost pull off every last competitive athletes dream of going out on top last year and I can’t blame him for trying again this year. Football is/was the mans life and people overlook his passion, simply because they’ve never had passion or strived for greatness in their ever-critiqueing lives.

    I’d have no bad things to say of him or the Vikings if he simply went in for first snap in these last games just to top the 300.

  16. Brett does not strike me as a selfish guy. His whole purpose of playing this season was to help out the guys. He’ll only play if he’s capable of helping the team win and not if he is a liability. That’s just what kind of guy he is.


    If this were true he would have yanked himself at the bye week. He’s hurt this team more than he’s helped this year.

  17. If only ESPN could cover this game, they could sniff Favre’s jock one last time. Plus, now the NFL can suspend him. It would have embarrassed the league for years to come if every time they mentioned the streak, they had to add the disclaimer that the streak ended because Favre flashed his junk and not because of injury.

  18. Favre has been a liability all year. The reason he’ll play is because his huge ego tells him that he is the man and no one is capable of doing what he can do. Apparently he hasn’t been watching the game tapes this year. Brett is a selfish guy, he does what is good for Favre.

  19. Let TJ play already. The Vikes have no chance of going anywhere, Favre isn’t coming back next year, let TJ get some practice for #*($ sake.

    Favre has held every team he’s played with hostage like this, and he hasn’t been good in 7 years.

    Hate to break it to you, but he’s an above average qb at best, he was never and will never be an elite qb.

  20. theytukrjobs says:
    Brett does not strike me as a selfish guy. His whole purpose of playing this season was to help out the guys. He’ll only play if he’s capable of helping the team win and not if he is a liability. That’s just what kind of guy he is.

    This is why they should screen some of you posters who are crack addicts.

    Brett Favre not a selfish guy? I’d laugh my a$$ off at this, but this idiot BELIEVES this!

  21. Lou Gehrig’s streak of 2,130 consecutive games played ended in Detroit 71 years ago. Just wait for the Favre/Gehrig stories tonight until we all throw up!

  22. Favres puropse for playing this season was/is (1)to continue be the center of attention and (2) to delay further the time that he has to face up to the fact that he can not play forever. He knows that he probably will have a tough time in dealing with ‘retirement’ so he continues to fool himself as being indespensible and immortal. You’re right, Favre…its all about you, at lest to you. Maybe you can team-up with the Millan and Theisman crew?

  23. For all you ridiculous Favre sycophants – How many games throughout his career did he play with an injury that should’ve prevented him from playing, only to go out and throw a bunch of INTs because he selfishly played to keep his streak alive? He’ll be in the HOF, but no HOF QB has had more horrible games than this idiot. He’s mostly been terrible in big games. The Philly playoff game, the Giants NFC championship, the Saints game last year. The only thing his teams were missing in those games is a good QB. And let’s not forget the playoff game against the Rams……how many picks in that one? 6? He’s a great QB when his team has a comfortable lead, but in big games he’s a loser. I know he’s a like kid out there but take a look at what he’s really done.

  24. acmepacker…..prove that favre does only what is good for favre. oh thats right, you’re not favre so its pure speculation and opinion on your part. how bout you talk about what you know instead b.s.

    i tell you what i know…..favre WAS infinitely better than the options on the team when the Vikings signed him. Everyone saw that crap playoff game against the eagles in which tjack blew after frerotte went down.

    everyone declines and it certainly looks like favre has done so but don’t pretend to know the motivations behind favre’s decisions because it makes you look like an idiot.

  25. How about putting the blame squarely where it belongs. I listen to the experts, I listen to the masses and it’s as if you people never watch football but just the commercials. You people have been ripping Favre and I’m not even a Favre booster. The trouble is that the offensive line coach and the defensive backfield coach should be called out for doing lousy jobs. Even the 49ers had three rookies in the secondary when they won their first Superbowl. Let’s stop making excuses and coach up. The offensive line needs to lose weight around those tubby guts and get low and drive block and knock some people around instead of eating all that food Randy Moss doesn’t like (it is delicious by the way).

  26. tjacks7 says:
    Dec 13, 2010 3:50 PM
    Brett does not strike me as a selfish guy. His whole purpose of playing this season was to help out the guys. He’ll only play if he’s capable of helping the team win and not if he is a liability. That’s just what kind of guy he is.


    If this were true he would have yanked himself at the bye week. He’s hurt this team more than he’s helped this year.


    When you say “yanked himself” I’m assuming you mean “yanked himself” as in little Favre….what kind of athlete/competitor actually would pull themself out of a game/season??? Can’t really see Kobe pulling himself after a 4 for 20 night shooting….nope, keep on firing baby

  27. ‘As it turns out, Brett Favre may have made a worthless trip to Detroit.’

    I have always beleived if your on the team you come to the games and support your teammates and give them encouragement

    How is his trip worthless? Just wondering…

  28. Bret Favre’s legacy is tainted by his diva-esque, media-whoring, waffling attitude. Favre could easily be the most hated person in sports right now. Even Roger Clemens and LeBron James didn’t fall so far and so fast. I give him credit for being a tough guy, but not being so selfish as to hurt his team just to keep the almighty streak alive.

    Rumor has it a gimpy armed man wearing crappy Wranglers in his early 40s was seen on the roof of a Minneapolis sporting complex with a pickaxe late Saturday night!

  29. So you guys think Favre decided to come back at 40, after ankle surgery, despite being all beaten up and knowing he couldn’t possibly recreate last year’s magic … just to get more attention from you, his “adoring” public?

    And you say he has an ego? ROFL

    Favre is no different than Parcells, who has announced his retirement how many times? Some people live for their work, and find it hard to let go. As for him playing hurt, that was common for players in the 50s, 60s, 70s. He’s old school, and we’ll probably never again see an NFL player with that kind of moxie.

    Selfish? Maybe. But he really believes he can do it–the way your dad thinks he can do the same amount of yard work at 70 that he did at 40. You’ll be the same when you’re that age. The difference is that Favre has made magic more often than not, and I get a kick out of watching no matter who he’s playing for. So do a lot of other fans who aren’t whining because he left their team or didn’t win them a Super Bowl.

  30. Why wouldn’t he just suit up, hand the ball off 3 times on the first drive, and then come out of the game?

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