Vikings could be kicking tires on Patrick Ramsey

With Brett Favre possibly heading to injured reserve and his top reserve possibly injured on Monday night, the Vikings could be adding another quarterback to the depth chart.

We’re told that one candidate is veteran Patrick Ramsey, a one-time first-round pick who could be getting a workout with the Vikings soon.

It would be the ninth team for which Ramsey has played since entering the league with the Redskins in 2002.  He also has spent time with the Jets, Broncos, Titans, Lions, Saints, Jaguars, and Dolphins.

Minnesota would also be Ramsey’s fourth team in 2010.

The former Tulane starter hasn’t played in a regular-season game since 2008.  He has a career passer rating of 74.9, with 913 attempts, 511 completions, 5,930 yards, a 6.5-yard average per attempt, 35 touchdowns, and 30 interceptions.

14 responses to “Vikings could be kicking tires on Patrick Ramsey

  1. When the Vikes receivers heard there was a guy in town with a 74.9 passer rating, their eyes got as big as saucers, and they started high fiving each other all around.

  2. Why not just let Webb play to see what he can do? Cause you know once we draft another one he won’t get a fair shot at seeing the feild.

  3. Also please get contracts signed for Adrian Peterson, Chad Greenway and Sidney Rice at the very least!! They are the core of this team, and really all that has been fun to watch aside from Percy Harvin. Though Lorenzo Booker looks very promising!

  4. Are you people idiots??? They’re bringing him in because they need QB’s. Favre is done, T Jack is hurt and Webb has a bad hamstring. Did any of you read the post???? Webb will play, but he needs a backup. God!

  5. Wow. As a fan of football, enough is enough. I have enjoyed watching Favre reap everything he has sown and more this year, I’ll admit. However, the fans of the Vikings deserve better than what they got this year.

  6. ditkaditkaditka – funny… like the way your bear cubs got repeatedly slapped in the face by the Pats? LMAO! Your team is a joke, Cutler is a wuss and in the end, they’ll choke again.

  7. fan555 says:
    Dec 14, 2010 4:49 PM
    Ramsey is not that bad of a QB.

    Better sign him fast.


    He got beat out by Chase Daniel for the Saints’ back-up position this preseason. He is OK, but “sign him fast”? Take your time, he’ll still be available.

  8. Why is everyone acting like the 2010 Vikings are the worst team that has ever been fielded? We’re mediocre this year, leave us alone and go pick on teams that matter.

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