Metrodome roof springs another leak

Though it’s not really relevant unless the repairs won’t be finished until August 2011, it’s worth pointing out that the roof of the Metrodome has developed another hole.

According to the Associated Press, a fourth panel in the inflatable lid ripped open at 5:30 p.m. local time.  The incident dumped snow and ice onto the field.

No injuries occurred, and all workers have been removed from the floor of the stadium.

21 responses to “Metrodome roof springs another leak

  1. “Damn it Paulo, always grab the small snow cart. I’m too ****ing old to be lifting buckets over my head.”.

  2. This is how you fix it: YOU RIP THE WHOLE FREAKING ROOF OFF. You should relish being a cold-weather team, yet you have a dome; and not just any dome, but a wimpy, collapsible dome.

    Being a cold-weather team, and playing outside in December and January is an advantage, yet you negate that by putting a puffy shirt (Seinfeld reference) over your roof. It is just plain stupid.

  3. Imagine that. Another hole. Yet some of the locals flip out if anyone dares question why the architects chose an inflatable roof. 🙄

  4. What the hell Minnesota? Can’t you all design anything to stand up to the elements up there? Domes, Bridges. Its like winter is a giant surprise to you people.

  5. @Deb
    Since you seem to be so knowledgeable of inflated roofs, the architecture and such, you better contact Syracuse University and get them up to speed on the Carrier Dome right away. I’m sure they could use your help, especially since that one is in a snow-blizzard belt as well!

  6. I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t all one big metaphor to sum up the Vikes this year. First, Rice is hurt. Then, we start losing. Next Favre is hurt. And now the stadium is falling apart. The whole season has gone to $hit.

  7. jimmy you are right on one thing, the Metrodome is a dump. But to answer your question about building in Minnesota, we have probably the nicest NHL facility and the nicest baseball park, which by the way, is LEED Certified.GFY Moron.

  8. Dear jimmy1smith:

    Your obsessive hatred for Minnesota amuses me. Are you pro-anything or are you just a flat out hater? You follow the Vikings far closer than I do, and I’m a diehard fan. I don’t have time to monitor, read, and comment on Packers/Bears posts… are you still laid-off?

    Does your mom know you’re still on the internet after the AOL incident?

    I love the rivalries with Green Bay and Chicago, but I don’t like fans like you. Ask someone to read Tony Robbins to you this Christmas.

  9. It’s fine in all to make fun of the Dome but to make a comment on the 35w bridge is UNCALLED for! People died and also got seriously hurt!

  10. All i have to say is jimmy is a tool and carma will come and bite you in th a$$-people died on that bridge-what a d-bag–get a life move out of your moms basement-f-n loser

  11. @unimportant ….

    You just flip out anytime I make a comment on any subject. Don’t know what your problem is, but shove it. From what you’ve demonstrated so far, the only thing you’re knowledgeable about is being an obnoxious cow.

  12. @Deb

    If you feel the need to reply in a Vikings blog, on a subject you obviously know nothing about, you should be able to handle one of your betters showing you the error of your ways.

    If you can’t do that, just stick to the Steelers blogs!

  13. unimportant,

    Despite the name you’ve chosen for yourself, you’re not better than anyone else on PFT. That’s a delusion, like your feud with me. Like I said, I don’t know what your problem is or why you’ve been harassing me on every thread since you registered, but it’s your problem. And I’ll post where I please.

    Now head back to the pasture and enjoy your cud.

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