Ryan would consider benching Sanchez, or any other Jet

Jets coach Rex Ryan admitted that he considered benching quarterback Mark Sanchez during Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins.

But Ryan now says that makes Sanchez no different than any other player.

“If he really has struggled for whatever reason, would I make a move? Yes, if I thought it was the best thing for our team,” Ryan said of Sanchez.

But Ryan says he feels that way about everyone on the Jets’ roster.

“That’s with any player. There has been times when we’ve had to pull our starting corner out,” Ryan said. “Maybe this wasn’t his day or maybe he needs to watch for a little bit. That’s really [the case] with anybody. I’ll always do what’s in the best interests of the football team.”

Ultimately, Ryan said, he’s just keeping his options open when he talks about benching Sanchez.

“Do I think that’s a real possibility?” Ryan said. “I think Mark Sanchez is our quarterback.”

32 responses to “Ryan would consider benching Sanchez, or any other Jet

  1. Sometimes I get bored and annoyed with the silence and stonewalling of Belichick.

    And then I hear Ryan shoot off his mouth about benching his franchise quarterback or Shanahan mumble unintelligbly about his $120 defensive lineman who doesn’t play, and I’m grateful to be a Patriots fan.

    They are both idiots. They should shut up, support their players in public, and stop shooting from the hip when talking with the media.

  2. dont worry rex, your team will have all of january to be benched.

    and the implosion keeps going

    hey jets fans remember when you were so excited about your team, remember when you loved your coaching yabbing to anyone and everyone he could, remember when you were superbowl bound before you hadnt even played a sinbgle game?

    i bet you wish rex would just shut his fat mouth for one day.

  3. Good…then Sanchez can join the Westhoff Wall on the sidelines and trip people the rest of the game…Rexy Ryacheat and Mike Cheathoff could always sue an extra CHEATER on the sidelines…

  4. Mark Sanchez is worthless in bad weather. They were lucky to play the playoffs in San Diego and then indoors in Indy. The Jets should be trying to line up any possible playoff run with teams that don’t play in bad weather.

    After watching Hard Knocks it really showed how immature Sanchez is. Yes he is very young still, but he is getting paid way too much money.

  5. He’s thought about benching Sanchez a couple of times this year. Stop talking you loud mouthed baffoon and do it. Sanchez is a warm weather QB. He was good as a rookie last year until November and then stunk it up. In the playoffs he got bailed out by a monster running game vs Cincy & good weather in San Diego.

    Is it a coincidence that as November came again, Sanchez has stunk it up? If I were a Jet fan, I’d get used to subpar performances in the fall/winter.

  6. I benched him, actually I put him on waviers and picked up the kid from Tampa Bay to start if Aaron Rodgers can’t go for my fantasy team.

    Rex, maybe you should do the same. The Sanchize has no confidence in himself at the moment. I don’t either!

  7. Bench Edwards.

    Although he is ‘a legend in his own mind’, Hands of Stone has done little this year to help the cause.

    Sanchez needs someone in the line up that he can count on to run the right routes and to catch the ball. Doesn’t sound like the Braylon we all know (and the Braylon that loves Braylon).

  8. I could understand benching Sanchez in the abstract but for Mark Brunell? I can’t believe he’s still in the league.

  9. ahhh, Flabby Rex. So many donuts, so little time….

    Well, whatever happens, JETS fans still have the hard knocks reruns.

    Now that Tripgate is winding down, I wonder what Rex is working on now?

  10. The Meadowlands Morons…..thank god I’m a Patriots fan because I would be embareassed if I had to rrot for these freaking DRAMA QUEENS!

  11. 17-1…..super bowl champion giants!!! remember that patriots fans? man did they blow it!!! comparing the patriots to the 72 dolphins, come on, really guys? you lost. many teams have 1 loss, just means youre the 1st loser.

    and comparing the 27 time world series champion yankees to the “sawx!!” is just stupid; typical of the general new englander, intellect ain’t that high

  12. ugh even with 6 states comprising 1 region, you new englanders never fail to show how empty-headed you really are.

    bill belichik records jets practice; josh mcdaniels (yet another former patriot coach failure) records 49ers practice. everyone in the league took notes on cheating from the scumbag that is belichik. just because he lacks a personality and has a BUTT UGLY daughter doesnt mean hes not a scummy, classless, cheater. but he does live in new england, scummy, classless and cheater are synonymous with that region.

  13. @newenglandlol says:
    Wow, you should be the last person criticizing someones intelligence? Get used to being dominated by New England! 45-3 not impressive enough for you? How about when the Patriots win the SuperBowl???
    Celtics beat Knicks……Sawks sign some really good players and will compete for the Pennant!
    Cliff Lee too, just as a Phil..

    Maybe you shouldn’t be spitting on potentail Free Agents wives. Talk about disgusting…still have the show me your ta tas line at the Meadowlands?….Classy!

  14. Rex is a baffoon…Still waiting for that ass kicking… Rex placing “bounties on special team players?”
    Pathetic…Rex isn’t a pimple on a real Head Coaches ass clown!

  15. so let me get this straight…youre theoretically saying that the patriots are going to win the super bowl, the celtics beat the knicks in 1 game out of a long, strung out nba season, and the red sox signed some “really good” players and that they will compete for the pennant (just like every other team in baseball) and somehow thinking cliff lee is relevant in this discussion, questions my intellect…? you realize nothing you said actually happened yet.

    and maybe youre pathetic baseball organization should stop getting third in the division and missing the playoffs. and if you dont like tits i guess youre gay. to each his own.

  16. Having gone to college in the Boston area, I witnessed the transition of Pats fans firsthand. I once went to a Pats vs. Bengals game at the old Foxboro and it felt like the state fair. The intensity was lacking, the facility was second rate, and the fans were rather indifferent with everything. Next thing you know, Tom Brady shows up, owner Bob Kraft gets his team a new stadium, the team wins a Super Bowl, and everything spirals downhill for the rest of us. The first title wasn’t as bad as the second because that came with a load of arrogance that you never would’ve expected. Suddenly there were pink Patriots hats everywhere. Talk about being fair weather. I can’t wait until Brady and Bellichick retire and we see how many Pats fans are left over. The worst was when they went undefeated in the regular season of ’07 and they wouldn’t shut up. Fortunately you don’t win titles for regular season play and all the Pats fans had to eat crow after losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl. My dad to this day still talks about watching our friend sitting on the floor in the corner of the room after the game, weeping to his own father on the phone. It was tremendous.

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