Brett Favre sounds resigned to watching Joe Webb

A headline from the St. Paul Pioneer Press Vikings blog Thursday: “Favre drama dissipates as Vikings quarterback sounds doubtful, defeated”

These are strange days in the Twin Cities.  The Vikings still have hope Favre can return to play this season, possibly this week. Favre sounded a lot less hopeful on Thursday.  He said he was excited to see what Joe Webb can do.

“Being a nerve or whatever there’s not a whole lot you can do,” Favre said. “So I don’t think it would even be wise to go out and throw and reaggravate it.”

Favre has already transitioned into contemplative mode, reflecting on his 10 touchdown, 18 interception final season.

“Twenty great years, good and bad,” Favre said. “Good plays, bad plays. Last second finishes, great ones, almost finishes. Bad hits, barely escaped another. I knew going in, as with any season, there are no guarantees, and things may not go as you would have hoped . . . If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’m not going to beat myself up over it one way or the other.”

If nothing else, Favre can be comforted by the fact that his absence could help knock the Packers out of the playoffs.

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27 responses to “Brett Favre sounds resigned to watching Joe Webb

  1. As soon as the Vikings were Mathmatically eliminated from the playoffs, playing Favre no longer made any sence. It is not so important to play the guy who gives you the best opportunity to win a specific game. Instead, the Vikes need to be focusing on the future of the franchise, and Favre is not part of that future. Thanks for 2009, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  2. crazy how fast things can change in life, eh Brent? you could’ve gone out close to the top twice (after ’07 or after ’09), but you just couldn’t let go. Instead, your last memories of the game of football will be of the worst season in your career.

    Have fun wrastlin’ gators down in hattiesburg, bud.

  3. Don’t think that last line isn’t a small part of the reason he’s not going this weekend.

    The streak is ended, they’re out of contention, and the o line sucks. I wouldn’t play either.

  4. “Twenty great years, good and bad,” Favre said. “Good plays, bad plays. Last second finishes, great ones, almost finishes, terrible decision making, horrible interceptions in the playoffs that cost my teams chances to go to the Super Bowl, embarassing off field behavior, and lots of excuses.”

  5. One never knows, and miracle do happen but Rodgers playing would have little impact on the Pack losing to the Pats. It might only reduce the margin.

  6. So let me get this straight? You paid 16 million for this? Ouch….Should’ve spent the money on the roof at the Metrodome….

  7. Mike McCarthy’s passive, finesse, one-dimensional offense and equally soft o-line are the reasons GB is once again a tease.

    Five years of that clown’s tenure – in a sad-sack, weak NFC North –have produced two playoff births. He learned nothing from the 2007 title game mauling the Giants dealt his team. They dominated possession (40 – 20) and the LOS.

    He’s 5-15 in games decided by four points or less.

    He’s a glorified OC / QB coach. He belongs upstairs in a booth.

  8. Favre can’t you-know-what with a bad right hand and you know he hasn’t got any at home since the whole Sterger thing. That’s the real reason he look so sad.

  9. Ha Ha brett favre. Everbody sees you as the scrub you really are now. Even your wife. Shoulda stayed on the tractor dawg. Saints are still the champs and you ain’t and you ain’t never gonna be. Ha Ha. In fact Diana will be living in the Mississippi Farm house in hattisburg with her new boyfriend and you’ll be in a house trailer in Kiln Mississippi. Ha Ha. Geaux Saints!

  10. salmen76 is a dumba$$. “Saints are still the champs and you ain’t and you ain’t never gonna be. ” Hey dummy, he already was the champ, long before your vrappy Aints finally luckboxed into a ring. Favre has a superbowl.

  11. Here’s another star athlete who stayed around too long and reminded everyone just how mediocre one could be if they really tried.

    I’m not a baseball schoaler but I read somewhere years ago that the great Willie Mays ended up embarrassing himself and baseball by staying too long.

    Favre is just another example of an athletes ego over riding common sense. Boxing full of these guys.

    I learned to have less respect for him now and and his records are just that, records of someone who played a long time.

  12. artbymarilyn says:
    Dec 17, 2010 12:11 PM
    Leave the man alone. He brought a lot of monies to the game and everyone is such drama fanatics. Deanna has status and a name and monies something she never had. Go play in the snow Brett haters. He who is without sin cast the first stone. Marilyn of looped to etsy


  13. BrINT Favre was really a secret conspiracy hatched up by the Packers to set the Viking franchise back for 5 years. They pretended to not want him to play of the BiQueens by trading BrINT to the Jets. After one season there, Childress jumped on the bait and signed Favre and thereby avoided developing any other QB on their roster.

    Now we have no idea if Webb is the “Guy”, he may or may not be. But we do know that Favre prevented the Vikings from going to the Superbowl last year and single handedly ruin this season, all part of the master plan. Now, even if Webb is the guy, he missed all this year so he will need to develop next year, another season wasted. If he isn’t the guy, then the Vikings will flounder for another 5 years searching for a starting QB.

  14. Injured or not, as soon as the game was announced it would be played outside, in sub zero temps, favre was out. He has not been a cold weather QB in a long, long time. Think 2007 NFC Championship Green Bay….

  15. Favre actually said he was looking forward to watching Jack Webb. He loved Joe Friday when he was a kid, and he found out Deanna bought him the entire boxed set for Christmas.

  16. You sure didn’t mind all the monies and fun games he brought to Wisconsin. Even Trent DIlfer says he’ll miss Brett’s love of the game. You all have short-term memory problems.

    Why don’t you Brett haters go out and play in the snow. He doesn’t really need you, you know. You sound like a bunch of immature teenagers. I wonder what you really would do if you met Brett, face-too-face.

    Marilyn of looped to etsy

  17. artbymarilyn
    If I did meet Favre face to face, I’d try to teach him to pronounce his own name correctly. It is FavRay, not FAR-ve.

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