Snyder “unhappy” with McNabb benching

Jay Glazer of FOX is bringing the heat.  On a Sunday morning that’s light on heavy-duty scoop (then again, they’d all be reporting that Jenn Sterger met with Roger Goodell on Thursday is that particular cat hadn’t shimmied out of the bag on Saturday), Glazer started with the Tyler Brayton sideline video, and he chased it with a report that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is “unhappy” with the benching of quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Per Glazer, Snyder was out of the country while it all went down.  Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan had to push repeatedly to get his way.

One source jokingly (we think) told Glazer that, if the switch to Grossman doesn’t go well, Snyder may change the locks on the coaches.

We think it’s not a joke.  No owner falls out of love with head coaches faster than Daniel Snyder, and with Jon Gruden ready and willing to coach again, it’s only a matter of time before Snyder persuades himself that Gruden is the latest the guy to finally turn things around in D.C.

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  1. Only in America could someone as stupid as Dan Snyder become a billionaire. If ever there were a poster boy for reinstating the estate tax, it would be this buffoon.

  2. @jwil444 amen. it also means, sadly, that Shanahan may be out the door. I’ve heard that Snyder must be conferred on all significant roster moves. So while Shanny has final say, not letting Snyder know about the move may be enough to fire with cause…

  3. Snyder isn’t mad about it. He’s playing the card he has to play to make sure other big name “stars” will still want him to open the checkbook without the fear of being benched on a whim. Shanahan isn’t getting fired this season, and the Redskins will play better next year.

  4. So far, Shanahan has scored a zero when it comes down to ‘what has he done’ to improve the Skins this year. Who would have thought that it would have come down to this so quickly. Mike, time has passed you by so face up to it and move on. Millen is chomping at the bit and groveling at Snyders heels to take over….somehow, those two were meant for each other.

  5. Gruden is the most over-rated coach in history. He should thank Tony Dungy for his career…..because once Dungy’s players and staff all left Tampa Gruden’s teams looked pretty awful.

  6. What should Snyder do? Everyone was screaming he was involved to much so he backs off and gives control to Shanahan and he has run the team in the ground this year. But its still Snyders fault right?


    Yeah Snyder is the idiot. Hes the one with a billion dollar company, what do you have????

  7. That’s why Shanahan is going to get Schottenheimered. While that was the wrong move 10 years ago, it’ll be the right move this year because Shanahan jumped the shark a loooooong time ago.

  8. ‘Lil Danny won’t truly be unhappy until the fans speak loudly with their wallets.

    ‘Skins fans want the team straightened out?

    Stop over-paying for a substandard product!

    ‘Lil Dan measures his personal success by how much money he makes. Cut off his money and you’ll see big changes at Redskins Park.

  9. Shanahan is getting senile in his old age. Benching McNabb was pretty stupid, and if the Redskins want a probowl quarterback to take snaps for them next year, Snyder has to fix things by firing Shanahan in the off-season.

    Shanahan flexed his muscles and tried to make power grab. If Snyder has a backbone (I have my doubts), he needs to bite back.

    Gruden or Cowher are potential candidates to HC this team next ear.

  10. whoa whoa whoa…same old 4skins…..lmfao.

    where are the htrs that talked trash to me all yr? another beatdown and in last place.


  11. When was the last time McNabb threw four touchdown passes and threw over 300 yards???? Oh, and two 2 point coinversions……. No really.

    Maybe, just maybe Shanny knows a bit more then people want to admit.



  13. “it also means, sadly, that Shanahan may be out the door”


    Let me introduce you to the record of Michael Shanahan, the twice-fired NFL head coach whose main success occurred with one of the greatest quarterbacks who ever played the game.

    Actually, let me talk about the portion of his career since Elway retired. It’s not such a great story.

    Shanahan has coached eleven NFL seasons since Elway played his last game in early 1999. Out of those eleven Shanahan-coached teams, SEVEN of them didn’t even make the playoffs. Seven out of eleven. 63% of the time.

    To put it in an even more blunt perspective for fellow Skins fans … Dan Snyder’s teams have won more playoff games since Snyder bought the team than Shanahan’s teams have won since Elway retired.

    Out of the four seasons that Shanahan’s teams made the playoffs, three of them involved brutal wipeouts in the wild card games. Shanahan’s teams lost by a combined total of 111-37.

    The forth season, Shanahan’s best post-Elway season in 2005, the Broncos won their first and only playoff game since Elway retired. Good job, Shanny. Except that the next week, in the AFC Championship, they got wiped out at home by the score of 34-7.

    So, for the Redskins looking for a savior, Shanny is not the guy. He may be an upgrade over Jim Zorn (although some of the recent clock management and timeout debacles make it look like it’s not so much different). But just because your kid improves from an “F” grade to a “D+” doesn’t mean it’s time to break out the applications to Harvard just yet.

    Lombardi he is not. But unfortunately, both he and his son think they are.

  14. @ grandpoopah
    @ cubano76

    if you guys don’t like this country than you can just get the F out, how bout them apples?

  15. airic31 says:Dec 20, 2010 11:08 PM @ grandpoopah

    @ cubano76
    if you guys don’t like this country than you can just get the F out, how bout them apples?
    Born and raised in San Diego (no, not of Mexican decent), and I for one can’t wait to get the Hell out of this crappy country. I’m not a rich man (maybe that’s why I hate it here) but once I can save a few bucks, I’ll be leaving smoke trails on my way to Europe, where people are much more free.

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